Free Online Dating - How To Find Your Love?

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Free Online Dating - How To Find Your Love?
Free Online Dating - How To Find Your Love?

Video: Free Online Dating - How To Find Your Love?

Video: Free Online Dating - How To Find Your Love?
Video: 8 Steps How To Find Love Online | Online Dating Guide For People Looking For Love 2023, March
Free online dating
Free online dating

A dynamic lifestyle, lack of free time and active pastime on the Internet makes dating people incredibly popular and familiar. Free online dating is an excellent solution for those who have a small social circle, who live in a small village or who are not brave enough for the first step.

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  • 1 Step by step instructions for dating on the Internet
  • 2 Determining the purpose of dating
  • 3 Choosing a dating service
  • 4 Filling out the questionnaire
  • 5 Pictures
  • 6 Communication
  • 7 Selection of a candidate
  • 8 Literacy
  • 9 Marital status
  • 10 Invalid things
  • 11 Be careful
  • 12 Personal meetings

Step-by-step instructions for dating on the Internet

However, virtual communication has its own characteristics in order to recognize a real person, and not a fake account hiding behind someone else's photo. To find a worthy partner, you need to consider important points.

The first electronic databases with questionnaires wishing to find a match appeared in the 60s. And internet sites in the 90s.

Determining the purpose of dating2

People can have completely different goals for making contact. All online dating is divided into four groups:

  • finding friends, chatting with new people;
  • interaction with people of the same mind on any issues;
  • sex without obligation;
  • serious relationship and marriage.

The manager of the social network Photostrana published the results of a survey of women, among whom there was not a single girl who prefers only sex. There were 14% of men who wanted to find a girlfriend for sex. Serious intentions were accompanied by 40% of the guys and 48% of the ladies.

Choosing a dating service3

Of course, acquaintance with Vkontakte or other social networks occurs more often. As a rule, users who are inclined to expand their social circle put in the column "Marital status" in an active search. What does a call to action mean. But this is only a share of users, not everyone is ready to announce this to all their acquaintances who are their friends.

Free online dating
Free online dating

The best option would be to use a dating site, where users apply specifically to find a person to continue communication in different areas. To find the best service, there are some points to consider:

Free dating in social networks

Serious sites do not charge registration fees, leaving the opportunity to publish profiles and communicate with applicants absolutely free. Additional options may apply. Popular, proven services are LovePlanet, Mamba, Badoo. Fraud sites often offer some kind of secret databases, but for a fee.

Personal data protection

In order to find out how the site can dispose of information, you just need to check the box. Read the privacy terms, read important documents, which should indicate that the resource does not transfer personal information to third parties, does not have access to your correspondence. The option to restrict access is also welcomed so that only registered users of this site can view the profile.

Quantity and quality of questionnaires

The site provides a large number of people with real profiles. To identify fake accounts, you just need to look at a few of them and see template information. Please note the real data and photos. Serious services do not allow the display of pictures, photographs of stars, intimate photos, what is prohibited by law.

User filtering

The portal should be equipped with functionality to improve the search for a suitable applicant, many services specialize in certain relationships, for example, for marriage, so they come with a specific purpose.

Dating websites
Dating websites

Filling out the questionnaire 4

After the photo, this is the most important information that increases the chances of finding your soul mate. You can tell in detail about the purpose of your acquaintance and yourself. But you should stick to the golden mean, do not speak pretentious phrases and too long sentences. So that it is not boring to read your profile, write sincerely and from the bottom of your heart so that the person you met will like the way you are.

Photos 5

The first thing that dating site visitors look at is, of course, a photograph. It should be open, without glasses. Girls who are looking for a serious relationship should not post candid photos. You can use the services of a professional photographer, but do not take too glossy pictures, so as not to raise doubts in him that this is a real person.

Communication 6

A dating site is a place where each user can take initiative and this fosters the interest of the opposite sex. The girl can freely enter the page, view the profile, which will be saved in history. Thus, attract attention. It also turns on when a woman ignores questions a little, answers for a long time. There is nothing shameful to write to a man first.

Selection of a candidate7

You need to be careful in order to find the right person. The following feature will help to calculate the deceiver and the liar. A person brags too much, talks about his achievements, finances and a successful life. So he strives to quickly get into trust. A successful person will not highlight this.

Meet for free on the Internet
Meet for free on the Internet


If you prefer someone who is at least a little educated, pay attention to the mistakes. They are simply unacceptable to do. If you yourself do not have sufficient literacy, then use the spell check services before sending messages.

Marital status 9

If a person's profile indicates that he is single / not married, this does not mean at all that in fact he is, therefore, before believing in true love, you should clarify the information, or even better check the presence of a stamp in the passport.

Invalid things 10

If, while communicating, a person does the following: asks to transfer money, inclines to extreme sex, sends intimate photos without a request, is jealous, rude, offers a personal meeting in the first message, do not continue the conversation.

Be careful11

When communicating on dating sites, you do not trust people with their home address, account number, do not stop them copies of documents, even if you really like the person and have rich prospects. Do not settle for a first date in the dark or in a remote, deserted place, rather choose popular places with a large number of people.

Personal meetings 12

A lot of people who correspond for a long time and fall in love with another virtual life, stretch out the correspondence and do not dare to meet live. There is a chance that face-to-face meetings will not disappoint and the relationship will continue. Therefore, it is better to make an appointment as soon as possible and make sure that this person is suitable for you, at least in person, so as not to waste time.

500 days of Summer
500 days of Summer

If you expect that on a dating site you will definitely meet your life partner or future spouse, then you may be disappointed. Only 25% of dating ends in a serious relationship, which is 5% lower than in real life. According to statistics, 75% of couples get divorced in the first five years, but the union concluded after meeting on the network breaks up less often - in 42% of cases. The likelihood of finding a life partner through free online dating is even higher.

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