What Does The Science Say About Online Dating Or The Effective Search For A Couple?

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What Does The Science Say About Online Dating Or The Effective Search For A Couple?
What Does The Science Say About Online Dating Or The Effective Search For A Couple?

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love on the net
love on the net

Online dating is quite popular today. At the same time, many people believe that relationships transferred from virtual life to real life have a low chance of being successful. How are things really? How many users of websites and applications will be able to find a match with them? What information can attract a potential partner, and which one repels? What do people most often lie about in their profiles? Psychologists and sociologists answer these questions about internet dating, armed with statistics.

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  • 2 What are the chances of finding a match on apps and dating sites?
  • 3 What information in the profile attracts potential partners?

Pros and cons of internet datingi

Modern society is used to a variety of goods. A person makes many choices every day, from what cereal to put in the shopping cart to more serious things like buying a car. Manufacturers try to satisfy the most sophisticated customer needs, and this affects the behavior of the whole society. People value their desires and choice.

It also affects how many demands are made on a potential partner today. Dating sites and apps save users time by avoiding dating partners who will definitely not work out because of the difference in views and tastes. The constant lack of time is one of the main problems of modern society. In such circumstances, the ability to quickly weed out unsuitable partners that online dating provides is especially valuable.

The time it takes a user to view the profile of a potential partner is simply incomparable to the resources that go on one date in real life. Meeting people in person is expensive and difficult: it takes money, time, preparation, and the likelihood that the date will go wrong. Sites and applications in one day allow you to consider hundreds of possible partners without interrupting current affairs.

Summarizing the above, we can highlight the following advantages of online dating:

  • saving time and money;
  • a higher chance of meeting a partner who meets at least the minimum established requirements.

Online dating also has its drawbacks. When meeting in person for the first time, users often feel frustrated by unreasonable expectations. There are several reasons for this.

How to find a pair on the Internet
How to find a pair on the Internet

First, most people who fill out a profile on dating networks are lying about something. Usually these are minor little things: people embellish reality to appear more attractive, but avoid outright lies that are easy to reveal. According to the results of research in 2014, 81% of users distort information about their weight, height and age. Men more often add themselves a couple of centimeters of height, and women - subtract a couple of kilograms. People lie less often about age than about height and weight. In addition, a third of the photos people upload to their profile do not reflect reality. Women are more likely than men to pre-process photos (for example, to hide skin imperfections), and also resort to professional photographers to get attractive pictures.

Secondly, the algorithms of sites and applications that select potential partners for users are imperfect. The coincidence of political views and income level does not mean that people will be interested in each other.

Websites and applications offer a primitive system of attributes by which potential partners are filtered. Usually these are such common parameters as gender and orientation, race, material status, appearance, religiosity and beliefs. People hope to find a soul mate on the other side of the earth via the Internet, but the rough algorithms of dating sites do not help this. Although they will improve over time: future matchmaking platforms will undoubtedly become more flexible and responsive to user personalities.

How to find a soul mate on the Internet
How to find a soul mate on the Internet

Thus, we can talk about the following disadvantages of online dating:

  • a meeting in reality can turn into disappointment;
  • the criteria by which the list of potential partners is formed are very simple and cannot fully reflect user requests.

What are the chances of finding a match on apps and dating sites?

In 2005, scientists at the British University of Bath teamed up with specialists from the University of the West of England to investigate relationships that were tied to people on the Internet, and then flowed into real life. Doctors interviewed 229 people between the ages of 18 and 65 who used dating sites.

According to the results of the study, it turned out that:

94% of users on the Internet have met at least one person who was assigned a second date after the first successful meeting in person

Online dating relationships lasted an average of seven months

Relationships 18% of couples who meet online lasted a year or more

The longer the correspondence between partners lasted, the better they later understood each other when communicating live. The long messaging also formed a strong emotional bond between the couple

Phone calls had a similar effect. If partners called regularly before meeting for the first time, their chances of liking each other and starting dating increased

Couples who exchanged gifts before or during their first meeting more often found a common language and decided to start a relationship

Men who corresponded with their partners for a long time before they first met ultimately treasured the new relationship more than women and showed deeper emotional attachment

Finding a couple on the Internet
Finding a couple on the Internet

Scientists have suggested that men form a strong emotional bond when texting because of the anonymity that messaging provides. It is probably easier for them to express their emotions in writing than in real life.

According to the results of the study, it was also noted that a significant part of people who meet on the Internet avoid going out with a partner on video. In interviews, survey participants admitted that there is a special romance in texting and not being able to see their partner.

Summing up the results of the survey, one of the author-scientists says about Internet dating the following: "It is a much more effective way to find a match than we used to think."

What information in the profile attracts potential partners? 3

Scientists from Oxford, together with specialists from the Alan Turing Institute in London, investigated which parameters men and women are most likely to pay attention to by looking at profiles of potential partners in apps and on dating sites.

Women have shown impressive discrimination compared to men. For them, criteria such as education, income level, religious views and the presence of bad habits played an important role.

How to make an Internet acquaintance
How to make an Internet acquaintance

Men who called themselves altruists in their profile and also mentioned giving up alcohol were very popular among women. At the same time, women were repulsed by aggressive men prone to conflict, as well as men with whom they had a large age difference.

The mention of sports was popular for women. The interest of men decreased because of the same qualities as the interest of women, that is, because of the age difference, rudeness and conflict.

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