Most Popular Free Dating Sites

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Most Popular Free Dating Sites
Most Popular Free Dating Sites

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Video: Most Popular Free Dating Sites
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free dating sites
free dating sites

Wherever people do not find their love: in a cafe, cinema, with friends, at a wedding of mutual acquaintances or just on the street, accidentally glancing at each other. It is absolutely normal when important people meet just like that, completely unexpectedly, but this does not mean that you should not make new acquaintances intentionally.

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  • 1 Dating in past centuries
  • 2 Dating service
  • 3 Benefits of dating sites
  • 4 Availability of information
  • 5 Large selection and easy search
  • 6 Communication without borders
  • 7 A plus for the shy
  • 8 Opportunity for self-development
  • 9 Improving self-esteem
  • 10 "No" to boredom and loneliness
  • 11 Cons of Dating Site
  • 12 "Fake", or false information
  • 13 No presence
  • 14 Lack of trust
  • 15 Doubtful persons
  • 16 Far-fetched expectations
  • 17 Choice
  • 18 Best Free Online Dating Sites
  • 19 How to protect yourself while dating on sites?

If you go up to a person on the street and try to get to know him and immediately declare your intention to build a relationship or a strong friendship, this can frighten many. That is why an easy way to make acquaintances by common interests was developed - free dating sites. What are the most popular dating sites at the moment and what are they for?

Dating in the past centuries

People did not always get to know each other personally and even earlier published special articles and notes in newspapers from volunteers who want to find a friend or partner for themselves according to certain physical and spiritual parameters. In a polite manner, the aristocrats of that time described everything in the smallest detail, sometimes they did not even hesitate to notice that they needed "a lady with lush breasts and large calves." All of these are real-life articles that took place in the days of pre-revolutionary Russia, and even after.

Dating service2

This was the official name of the services on which you could create your own profile and find a person for specific purposes, whether it be creating a family or having sex at once. The first electronic databases of people wishing to get to know each other appeared in the 60s of the last century, in the 80s not only photo cards, but also video recordings with a person were attached to these questionnaires.

Dating sites in the sense that people are used to seeing now emerged already in the 90s and began to "flourish" at the beginning of the 21st century. Users could exchange any information, send audio messages through pagers and go on so-called "quick dates". In Russia, dating sites reached their peak in 2006. Until now, some of the services created then are actively operating to this day.

The benefits of dating sites3

Free dating sites have been around for a huge amount of time and are still evolving, turning from entire sites into simple and convenient instant messengers available right on your smartphone.

Availability of information4

A person can indicate any information about himself, of which there can be many: interests, tastes, life views, religious views, food preferences, dating, information about marital status, past relationships, marriage or children; phone number, mail, other instant messengers and communication channels. Having studied well the information provided by another user, you can study his personality in advance and draw a conclusion about what kind of life he leads, what he is fond of and whether he is suitable as a partner.

Large selection and easy search5

In life, it is much more difficult to meet the largest number of potential partners and choose one thing. On a dating site or in special applications, it is much easier to navigate and communicate in parallel with several people, identifying which of them is more suitable for the given parameters.

This may not necessarily be romantic communication, but simply a conversation on neutral topics to identify points of contact and common motives for acquaintance and further interaction. You can learn a lot from one correspondence, avoiding unnecessary acquaintance and sifting out the bulk.

Communication without borders6

People can communicate as much as they want until they understand whether they should start closer relationships. For this it is not necessary to meet and spend a lot of time together, you can meet when both deem it necessary.

internet acquaintance
internet acquaintance

A plus for the shy7

Online dating is a great way out for those who feel uncomfortable in the company of strangers. It is easier for such people to first get to know a person on social networks, and only after, imbued with trust in him, meet on the street. Social networks, including dating sites, make life easier for such people, and sometimes help to find people like them in spirit.

Self-development opportunity8

Communication skills develop when a person functions with different people of different interests and social status. In social dating networks, thanks to the built-in search criteria, each person can meet people of different professions, interests, learn new interesting information in acquaintance, or even make useful work contacts, for example, by writing to a good photographer, programmer or novice producer.

Dating sites allow you to establish not only personal but also business contacts. Of course, most of these sites are aimed at sex and short-term meetings, but there are different types of networks with their own capabilities and characteristics.

But whether there are meetings on dating sites, you can find out in detail in our article below the link.

Improving self-esteem9

One has only to create a page on a dating site, as many messages immediately come with a desire to meet - this is normal, since people come to dating sites with a specific purpose, and the servers have a huge traffic. Seeing how many people find a person attractive and want to get to know him exactly, he will clearly feel how confidence and self-love comes to him.

internet acquaintance
internet acquaintance

On the dating site, you can see which specific people have viewed the profile, liked the avatar, or even added a person "to favorites", thereby marking him as a possible interlocutor. Such signs of attention and interest are unlikely to be ignored by someone.

"No" to boredom and loneliness10

Dating sites are always full of visitors, so finding an interlocutor there will not be difficult - just write to any person and start a dialogue on a topic of interest. Having an account, it's hard to be left without communication on a dating site and attention - you can always find just an interlocutor or a new friend with whom it would be nice to take a walk or just discuss something interesting. Some may even share theirs to mutually share their problems, thus replacing real friends.

Cons of Dating Site11

But everything has a downside - so do free dating sites. Despite the large number of advantages, such servers have significant disadvantages that can completely change the attitude towards such sites.

"Fake" or false information12

On a page on social networks, you can blind any person: take someone else's photo, fill in personal information as beautifully and competently as possible - and now, a lot of people want to meet and take this bait, not suspecting that in real life a person can look completely different and be completely different from who he claims to be.

internet acquaintance
internet acquaintance

That is why it is better to make sure in advance that you are communicating with a real person by asking him for additional photos or by chatting over a video call. Fortunately, modern online dating services are equipped with user verification for the reality of the exposed photo and identity verification.

No presence13

There are people who do not trust personal communication with a person when they cannot see him. Sometimes it is inconvenient to trust some personal information about yourself in writing, to feel that communication is not with a person, but with a photo or just an account. Communication with such a person can change dramatically in real life, because his full image can be contrived and romanticized, and upon meeting he will turn out to be what he really is.

Lack of trust14

It's normal not to trust the first person you meet, let alone the interlocutor on a dating site. It is impossible to know exactly what the real character of the person hiding behind the telephone screen is. It's easy to hide information that can have a profound effect on a relationship: having a marriage on the side, having children, having serious sexual problems (if people want to meet for sex), and more.

Doubtful persons15

Much more often than adequate people, on a dating site you can find perverts looking only for sex and are ready to pay for it, kept women who provide this kind of services, just ill-mannered and suspicious people pursuing their goals, including such as possible maniacs and pedophiles …

internet acquaintance
internet acquaintance

Try to create an account for a 14-year-old girl - there are plenty of middle-aged men who won't even notice her age. Moderators are also working on this problem, so now many servers do not give people over 18 children under 18 years old in search.

Inflated expectations16

Someone dating via the Internet may seem very exciting, they pin a lot of unjustified hopes on those with whom they meet, but often such people disappoint with their frivolity in communication and attitude, since they pursued other goals.


It is unpleasant to realize, but without choosing one, a person can immediately find another, therefore acquaintance on social networks can become unpleasant from the point of view of insincerity of feelings. People literally choose each other as things, according to specific characteristics, appearance and purpose. Alas, there is no escape from the truth. We present to your attention the top 10 dating sites.

Best Free Online Dating Sites18

There are many services that have been established on the Internet for a long time and have great success among different age groups. Each of them has its own characteristics of registration, filling out information, interface and interaction with other people in general, but they have one thing in common - you do not need to pay for using the service.

  • Jolly is a great service with around 30,000 permanent online users. The site competently selects people by interests, determines geolocation, allows you to fill out a profile in detail and share your photos with users. Has a special assistant that new users of the site can use if they have difficulties while looking for new acquaintances
  • LovePlanet service is one of the most famous in Russia, as it exists and has been popular since 2005. Every day the number of his visits reaches 800,000, the service guarantees confirmation of information and users and communication with women online.
internet acquaintance
internet acquaintance
  • Mamba is an application popular on smartphones. In order to choose the partner you are interested in, just swipe to one of the sides. Quick filling of the profile, confirmation of photos for the safety of users, active online with many users, a convenient and intuitive interface, a system of popularity and account optimization - all this is equipped with the Mamba application to make communication even brighter and more colorful.
  • Badoo is a portal that gained its popularity at about the same time as Mamba. Every day, about 300,000 new profiles from people around the world are created on this service, so you can get acquainted not only with those who are nearby, but also with foreigners - the circle of communication is significantly expanding.
  • MyLove is a site for those who really want to find their soul mate. The speaking name indicates that people come here precisely to search for love and sincere feelings, so the service provides an opportunity to fill out a detailed questionnaire and find your love in just a couple of clicks.

How to protect yourself while dating on sites? 19

Online dating requires care and accuracy in communication, so you should follow some recommendations.

Check people

Before starting communication, examine the person's profile, check the availability of photos and detailed reliable information. Do not start communicating with empty profiles that do not say anything about yourself.

Don't date someone you don't trust

Quick meetings with untrustworthy personalities are unlikely to turn out to be something good, so it's always worth playing it safe.

Don't share personal information about yourself

internet acquaintance
internet acquaintance

Everything that gets on the Internet never disappears from there, so it's better not to talk about yourself that which is not worth knowing to strangers, including not sending your photos to just anyone.

When you want to find new friends, never forget about your safety and choose safe services for new acquaintances in order to enjoy communication, not problems.

And if you still prefer dating without the Internet, then you should read our article further on the link.

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