TOP 5 Best Dating Sites For Serious Relationships

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TOP 5 Best Dating Sites For Serious Relationships
TOP 5 Best Dating Sites For Serious Relationships
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Dating sites for serious relationships
Dating sites for serious relationships

The most terrible thing for a person is loneliness. After all, it is so important for each of us that someone was waiting for him, someone loved. Correcting this situation is not difficult at all. It is important to want. Dating sites for serious relationships, about which we are talking today, will be able to help in this.

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  • 1 Reasons for the popularity of sites
  • 2 Site first EDARLING
  • 3 Site of the second LOVEPLANET
  • 4 Third site BADOO
  • 5 Site four LOVEME
  • 6 Site 5 ONEAMOUR
  • 7 Little tricks for great results

Reasons for the popularity of sites i

There is an opinion that dating sites are most in demand by those who, due to their shyness and insecurity, cannot find happiness in any other way.

Everyone has different goals. Some dream of finding their soul mate, others are an object for extraordinary communication.

The popularity of such sites is growing due to the possibility:

  • meet people with similar interests,
  • develop linguistic skills by meeting foreigners,
  • significantly save time looking for a serious relationship,
  • overcome natural shyness due to the lack of the need for direct interpersonal contact,
  • study as many questionnaires as there is enough time and effort, and select "worthy" candidates

By registering on the site, and by clicking on the link "dating site for serious relationship" that is relevant to you, you will find many suitable options for online communication.

A huge number of sites offer their services both in Russia and abroad. However, not every one of them can declare quality and reliability. And the proper content is not available to all of these sites.

After analyzing the sites, sorting the services by groups, examining all the positive and negative user reviews, we made a rating of the 5 best sites for serious relationships.


Leading site. Offers users free registration. The services of the site are used by millions of people who want to find their soul mate, living in all corners of the world.

Positive aspects of the site:

  • In the course of a full check of the questionnaires, extremely reliable data are received on the site. The need to verify your identity prevents the spread of fake accounts.
  • The detailed information contained in the test enables the site to select a person who meets all the stated parameters. Most sites do not have such an innovation.
  • EDARLING is the owner of its own Internet magazine, on the pages of which you can find useful information on how to conduct a dialogue at the initial stage of acquaintance, advice on positive interpersonal communication.
  • A convenient mobile version of the site, as well as applications for iOS and Android will help, regardless of the location of the client, to be in touch at any time.
best dating sites
best dating sites

Negative sides of the site:

  • Some users complain about the abundance of questions in the test. However, in order to obtain the most complete and reliable information, it makes sense to pass the test.
  • The lack of an application for WindowsPhone on the site. It is being successfully replaced by a mobile web site.

We also recommend reading our article on the most popular dating sites for serious relationships.


A site that works with clients of all ages. Provides ample opportunities for dialogue and monologue communication with users, evaluate photos.

Positive aspects of the site:

  • The ability to stay connected without being tied to a computer, thanks to a high-quality mobile version of the application for Android and iOS.
  • The site has a series of options for dating: marriage, communication, or love.
  • The ability to make a gift to the user you like and thereby draw his attention to yourself.
  • The ability to keep a personal diary and read the diaries of other users.
  • The site makes it possible to find fellow travelers for joint travel.

Negative sides of the site:

  • The presence of an account such as anti-spam.
  • Lack of application for WindowsPhone.

Third site BADOO_BADOO

The site contains excellent services for those wishing to find a life partner. According to the characteristics of the user, using 17 search options, you can make the right and worthy choice.

Positive aspects of the site:

  • The presence of the "people nearby" function, which makes it possible to identify the user who is within walking distance.
  • Equipping the site with a mobile version and phone applications for iOS, Android and WindowsPhone.
  • The use of innovative technologies in the site.
  • The inability to stumble upon a divorce thanks to anti - spam, which quickly removes spam - accounts.

Negative sides of the site:

Isolated cases of spam on the site, which are immediately eliminated



A site that meets many requirements and expectations of users in search of a worthy partner.

Positive aspects of the site:

  • The presence of the smart - selection function, which, based on the information of the questionnaires about the physical and psychological characteristics of users, will help to make a worthy choice.
  • Using two-factor identification when checking profiles.
  • Free and no problem registration.
  • The presence of the "assistant" function, which provides invaluable assistance to those who have difficulties in communication.
  • Resolving controversial issues by contacting the round-the-clock support service.

Negative sides of the site:

The periodic appearance of spam, which is promptly eliminated.



Representatives of different nationalities are looking for their ideal on the site. Simple design, demanded functions will become assistants in the world of new acquaintances.

Positive aspects of the site:

  • A well-designed psychological test, taking into account all the characteristics of each user, will help you make the right choice and find a person who will become the meaning of your life.
  • The “assistant” will be a companion in communication, teach you how to build a conversation correctly, select topics, and answer tricky questions of the interlocutor.
  • Free registration will facilitate the path to finding a worthy candidate.
  • The use of modern methods to protect personal data.
  • Prompt response of the website technical support service.

Negative sides of the site:

  • Numerous questionnaire questions.
  • Spam from time to time.

Little tricks for great results2

In order not to end up with a broken trough, and achieve your goal, you should use the current tips:

  • Before using the services of dating sites, try to find information about them, read both positive and negative reviews.
  • It is better to extend the time of correspondence with the user you like to a half moon. This will increase the chances of getting more information about each other useful for further communication.
  • In order not to be mistaken when choosing a partner, write as much as possible about yourself: hobbies, work, leisure, friends, travel, favorite books and films. Perhaps someone is looking for a person with just such preferences and outlooks on life.
  • Do not forget about the confidentiality of information that you post on the site. Do not give the opportunity for not entirely honest people to harm you.
online dating
online dating

Having received information about the five best sites for serious relationships, feel free to start searching for "your" person who will walk with you along the thorny path of human existence.

To find out about the most popular dating sites in Moscow for a serious relationship, you can find out in our article further!

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