What Kind Of Girls Meet On Dating Sites? Unusual Persons

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What Kind Of Girls Meet On Dating Sites? Unusual Persons
What Kind Of Girls Meet On Dating Sites? Unusual Persons

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girl with phone
girl with phone

“Girls are different,” says a half-forgotten, but once popular song. And this is the most that neither is the truth! All the ladies are so different, as if from different planets. And not only in real life. Have you ever thought about ways to find a life partner using the Internet? Do you know which girls on dating sites can meet?

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Dating sites are essentially another planet whose inhabitants are just a mystery. Of course, they are not so unique that one could say that there are no others like that; there are individuals with similar interests and habits, they can even be classified into groups or categories. This applies to both women and men. But this time it will be about what kind of girls are found on dating sites.

The most interesting and unusual people from dating sitesi

Dating sites are an Internet resource created with a specific purpose, to help single people, and they bring each person here for completely different and sometimes very unexpected reasons. This probably explains why some individuals behave strangely, to say the least. And one could talk a lot and for a long time about the most common type of girls found on such sites, or, conversely, about the rarest types. But in this article, the focus will be on those who are most distinguished by men.

Cheater classic2

It's no secret that many ladies, before putting a certain photo on an avatar, take at least a couple of hundred shots. And they certainly exhibit the best. And those who use the Internet and Photoshop tools on the “you”, also actively use these skills.

And when the man managed to invite a pretty and brilliant doll on a date, an ordinary girl comes. Or even worse, a middle-aged woman or a person who does not correspond to the ideals of beauty accepted by society. As a result, the poor man is shocked and has no idea what to do.

Before you go on a date and even write to a girl whose photos you like so much, you should understand a tiny but important truth: the world is not perfect, everyone has their own advantages and disadvantages. And before you resent that you expected Angelina Jolie to come, take a closer look at your own reflection - most likely, you are also far from Brad Pitt. You should not demand from others what you yourself cannot provide.

what girls are on dating sites
what girls are on dating sites

Silent Passive3

Who do you think is most annoying for young people looking for their destiny on a dating site? Too open and accessible women? Those who have big requests and do not hide it? Ladies looking for fast, short-term adventures? No, no and NO! The most unbearable people are girls who are not particularly willing to respond to messages, do not seek to immediately send a phone number and go on a date.

Unfortunately, not everyone understands that a dating site is a site where people try to get to know each other before dating. If visitors were aiming to find a partner for one night, then this resource would be called a pickup site. Know that if the girl is not talkative, but does not ignore you, most likely, she is looking at you, decides whether to start communication with you. And if she does not give you her number and refuses to meet after one or two messages, then she prioritizes her own safety.

Sly seductress4

For the sake of fairness, it is worth saying that potential gentlemen on dating sites are not only unhappy with silent young ladies. There are ladies who are overly active. True, despite the fact that they sit on sites where most people are trying to find a life partner, these persons are looking for entertainment at once. Some kind of ladies' men in skirts. They get to know men, sometimes even the first, quickly agree to a meeting, but after a couple of such dates they disappear without a trace.

dating girl
dating girl

What drives them, only they can say. They probably do not want to burden themselves with obligations, but they cannot simply suppress elementary needs. Sounds awful, but ask yourself a question, men: are you better? Young people who believe that a man is supposed to be monogamous are far from being a model of chastity. And women also have the right to satisfy their own needs, the main thing is that it does not harm others.

The woman is "wrong" 5

It would be better to say "not as we would like." This means that any female person who does not have a unique model appearance is looking for a man for some kind of base goals of her own, or even has a number of disadvantages: too young or overripe age, divorced status, children, etc.

what girls are on dating sites
what girls are on dating sites

As already stated, no one is perfect. It is also worth adding that a woman does not exist in order to find herself someone to whom she will serve. And finally understand that everyone wants to get acquainted, both good and bad. A dating site is a public resource, it is not a closed community with face control restrictions, anyone who wants to have the right to seek their happiness here.

Now you know a little more about the kind of girls there are on dating sites. If you plan to register on such a site, then you will certainly come across such persons. However, do not rush to spit in their direction, so that you will not be spat back in your face. After all, as the biblical wisdom says: "Do not judge, that you will not be judged." Remember that you should not focus on those who are not worth it, and in search of a soul mate, just bypass them.

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