Review Of The Dating Site Tabor. All The Pros And Cons

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Review Of The Dating Site Tabor. All The Pros And Cons
Review Of The Dating Site Tabor. All The Pros And Cons
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dating site "Tabor"
dating site "Tabor"

Many young people and girls want to start a relationship with members of the opposite sex, but for some reason they cannot find the “right person” at all. Some of them turn to dating sites. And most remain shocked and discouraged by how difficult it is nowadays to find a life partner on the Tabor dating site.

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Why this particular site? It is one of the oldest and largest platforms for finding relationships and communication between people and is head and shoulders above all its main competitors, although in recent years there have been many successful analogues of this service. It will be sad to find out that finding a woman or a man for a serious relationship in this place is even more difficult than in real life. But it's still possible.

Tabor overview i

This dating site was created back in 2007, and the fact that it still functions today and has a large audience in the CIS suggests that it has, in a sense, taken place in its life. This service started its work on a variety of mobile devices - smartphones, phones and tablets.

Only in 2014 did the developers create a full-fledged website for personal computers. Today the site's audience is more than ten million people from Russia and neighboring countries.

Any user, especially an inexperienced and unprepared user, should know that such sites exist only thanks to the built-in systems of voluntary donations. For the fact that a person pays a certain amount to the developers of the service, he will get access to various “special” functions that will allow him to more efficiently and effectively manage his page and communicate with other people.

On some sites, the payment function is imposed on users at every step, but Tabor is an exception. With millions of people buying from their website every month, there is no need for creators to force people to pay at every turn.

At Tabor there are quite loyal conditions for new users, although the paid features allow you to significantly stand out from the rest. But without any payment, you can create profiles, search for people, communicate with them, show various activities.

Without restrictions, you can participate in various competitions and discussions, create a feed with entries of interest. In this sense, a dating site is very similar to social networks. In addition, the site provides an opportunity to pass psychological tests of various kinds and learn something new about yourself and your views on a potential partner.

Dating site Tabor
Dating site Tabor

Of course, one cannot fail to mention some of the paid features of the Tabor dating site:

  1. VIP-status, which contains a whole lot of functions and services, for example - an accurate search for partners with numerous filters or the ability to "raise" the page to the first place once every couple of days.
  2. Ability to place your profile in the top lines of search results for the specified city and the general list of users.
  3. "Invisible", a function that allows you not to appear online and visit the pages of other people without leaving traces on them.
  4. "Duels" between popular people, as a way to earn more attention and popularity among users.

Generally speaking, more than free functions are enough to find people and ordinary communication, but those who want to have fun on this site will have to share their hard-earned money with the administration.

Dangers of Tabor for the Common Man2

Any dating site is fraught with a huge number of problems and obstacles on the way to finding your ideal partner. "Tabor" is no exception - among its users there are a lot of people you need to know about and who need to be avoided in order not to experience disappointment in people and not be left with an empty wallet. These "unwanted persons" are present in such a number and variety that they had to be divided into several categories.

Women with whom nothing will work3

You can start with those that need to be ignored in any scenario. And the first on the list will be ladies from 35 to 55 years old of an unkempt, even sloppy and not at all feminine appearance. A man who stumbles upon the profiles of such persons will be extremely puzzled by what they are doing on this site. After all, they never respond to the initiative from the male side, do not read the information in the questionnaire and behave extremely rude and impolite.

Dating on the Tabor website
Dating on the Tabor website

Such women themselves write first, their speech is replete with curses and jargon, they are ways to become attached to a person and pester him for a long time. As one of the users of this site, who came across such persons, put it, they look like "gopniks in skirts." They should be avoided in any case, no communication and relationship will work with them.

The next category is girls and women, who, apparently, have a poorly developed ability to communicate with other people. Judging by the correspondence with them, they, in principle, are not able to connect even two or three words. To any message from the man's side, the answer will be either one word or a simple smiley.

The most interesting thing is that this is not a devil-may-care attitude to communication. In some of these individuals, we managed to find out that they communicate in this way with almost all people. A man will not be able to find among such persons not only partners for relationships, but even simple interlocutors who can keep up the conversation. Therefore, they should be avoided both on the Tabor dating site and on any other.

The largest category of girls on dating sites are those who "just talk." They cannot be identified by their appearance, but by communication it will immediately become clear what they are. They are not looking for anyone, or they have a partner, or they are on the site "just like that". Such girls would remain innocent and adequate, if not for one thing: their actions completely contradict their goals.

Which women you shouldn't meet at Tabor
Which women you shouldn't meet at Tabor

They signed up on a dating site, where people mostly want to get to know each other in order to start a relationship. But at the same time, they repel all those who do not want to “just talk”, put them on black lists or are simply rude. If a man is looking for at least some kind of relationship, and not simple chatter, then he better pass by.

A rather unpleasant category for men who are looking for a life partner is “rich girls”. Moreover, there are two types of them. The first kind is really rich ladies. They come on a date in expensive foreign cars with their own drivers. They have expensive jewelry and smartphones. And they behave like real princesses - arrogant, arrogant and self-confident.

It is not known what they look for on dating sites for "mere mortals", but it can be assumed that in this way they satisfy their ego and engage in self-affirmation. With such a serious relationship will never work, even communication with them can be unbearable, so men should also ignore such profiles on "Tabor".

The second type of "rich girls" are those ladies who disguise themselves as girls of the first type. For them, the first place is the illusion of their rich and high life, which they support in every way. They are very often the "queens of the local hangout", a lot of people on the dating site know about them, they spend a considerable amount of time and money on maintaining their "elite" image.

girl on site
girl on site

In fact, these girls are ordinary, often uneducated employees in service positions: nannies, manicurists, baristas, barmaids, make-up masters, cosmetologists, hairdressers. For them, a man is not a partner, but a means to achieve their goal - wealth and popularity. As you might guess, there will be no relationship with them either.

Girls who are not sure. There are also many such ladies on dating sites. Some people even experimented and found out that women in this category have been sitting on these sites for years, but never went on a single date. Well, or at best one or two. Simply because they are not sure of anything, constantly in doubt, unable to make decisions.

They are constantly not ready for a serious relationship, not ready to transfer communication into real life, not sure that a partner is right for them. It can be assumed that they are looking for those who will take care of them like little children, make them do something, cook for them, clean up after them, in general, weak-willed and socially immature people. You can forget about relationships with such.

Men Who Can't Do It4

It's not just guys and men who are looking for happiness on dating sites unsuccessfully. Lonely and often desperate women can also look for a permanent partner in these places. And they, too, have someone to fear on the dating site "Tabor". First of all, girls should be wary of hot oriental lovers who write on women's pages created just five minutes ago.

Which women you shouldn't communicate with on a dating site
Which women you shouldn't communicate with on a dating site

And usually they "attack" by dozens, offering mountains of gold, love to the grave, a strong family, if "you come to me in the evening and we make a sekz." It is useless to communicate with them, they do not understand refusals, they behave like obsessed and anxious, or like programmed bots. It is useless to even think about communication and relationships with such people, so women should simply put them on a black list.

Perverts. There are just a huge number of them on all platforms for communication and dating. They immediately offer the girl to show some intimate photos, in exchange offering to top up the balance on the phone. Or they will play the role of skillful flatterers and sycophants, bombarding the girl with compliments and begging for "well, one more photo."

Moreover, there are also individuals who visit the pages of women of age who have children and admire them. It is easy to guess that they are attracted not by the woman herself, but by her daughters or, worse, sons. If a woman meets such persons (and they will definitely meet), then even a simple black list will not be enough - you need to complain about them to the moderators.

Do not forget about married men who are looking for mistresses. For one reason or another, they are not satisfied with their current relationship, but they do not want to leave it due to fear of the consequences. They may be cheating and not admit they are married. And when this fact becomes clear, they will begin to maneuver and play around, trying to get out of the water dry.

Which men to avoid on a dating site
Which men to avoid on a dating site

They can also openly say that they are unhappy with their wife and are looking for a girlfriend just for carnal entertainment. Most often, such men are not of great intelligence, and it is simply unacceptable for a free and adequate girl to meet and communicate with them.

Unpleasant personalities are also men who are too serious, who have an impressive list of requirements for girls and treat them downrightly. Such personnel usually need a faithful, devoted hostess who will perform the functions of cleaning the house, regularly cooking borscht, high-quality upbringing of children and stable sex.

They are not interested in the girl's feelings or desires, they are convinced that women only need material goods, and they are in all seriousness ready to offer these very benefits in exchange for the girl to serve them and their home. Communication with such men is very difficult, as well as attempts to build normal relationships.

Among the men there are also their own "rich boys", whose accounts are full of photos of cool cars, yachts, beaches, skyscrapers and various attractions. And they behave in accordance with their "status" - arrogant, arrogant, but sometimes they condescend to communicate with ordinary girls and even write to them first.

What kind of men you shouldn't meet on Tabor
What kind of men you shouldn't meet on Tabor

In fact, they very diligently disguise their real personality, because in life they live much less luxuriously and only material values ​​prevail in their minds. As you might guess, a decent woman cannot build any relationship with such deceivers.

And, of course, professional whiners. Everything is constantly bad with them, depression is everywhere, decay in life, the refrigerator is empty, the kitten has died and so on. They will do anything in order to get a portion of pity from the woman who attracts them. Moreover, many seriously hope that someone will sooner or later appreciate their rich inner world, a vulnerable soul, or, in other words, will have sex with them out of pity. They can be placed next to the perverts and simply blacklisted.

One might get the impression that there are no normal people among these cadres. But this is not the case. It is rather difficult to find them, but it will immediately become clear that the person is adequate. The pages of such men and women look simple and "usual", they have photographs, interests are indicated, communication with them is fascinating and without notes of superiority on their part.

They do not demonstrate mercantile interests and do not try to create an image for themselves of those people that they are not. Such people can be found at Tabor, but you have to spend a lot of time, effort, nerves. But a lot of hilarious stories from acquaintances with representatives of the above categories will certainly accumulate.

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