International Dating Sites: Where To Look For A Foreign Husband?

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International Dating Sites: Where To Look For A Foreign Husband?
International Dating Sites: Where To Look For A Foreign Husband?

Video: International Dating Sites: Where To Look For A Foreign Husband?

Video: International Dating Sites: Where To Look For A Foreign Husband?
International dating sites
International dating sites

Today you will not surprise anyone with the dream of a hot foreign husband. Moreover, lovely ladies from Russia and the former CIS countries know many ways to meet the coveted foreign prince and find love both abroad, traveling, and in a large city of Russia, walking along crowded streets. But the most common way of dating is the worldwide network, which is replete with assorted international dating sites and single future husbands.

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  • 1 Why do Russian women want to marry a foreigner?
  • 2 Why do foreigners prefer Russian women?
  • 3 Paid and free sites
  • 4 What sites should you avoid?
  • 5 How do dating sites work?
  • 6 Features of sites
  • 7 Free online dating
  • 8 Agency sites
  • 9 Russian Women
  • 10 International Dating Sites
  • 11 Local social networks

Why do Russian women want to marry a foreigner? I

For most girls, in order to be happy, it is necessary to feel loved in a relationship, a strong friendly family, a faithful man, is behind him like a stone wall. There are various reasons to look for a groom abroad, but most often they boil down to three main points: there are not enough men in the CIS countries, most free men do not seduce girls to create relationships and families for various reasons, for example, alcoholism, the inability to support a family, unbearable character and infidelity.

The low standard of living, the unstable economic situation, low wages and the high cost of food and housing play an important role. Like any person, girls are looking for the best conditions for life, for their future family and children.

For these reasons, compatriots dream of going to the West, to America or Europe, in order to find their love and their place in the sun there. With the thought that they are destined to meet the very same, they go to international dating sites. On most sites, registration is paid for guys, for girls it is free.

Why do foreigners prefer Russian women? 2

And why are men so willing to marry Russian women? Foreign husbands have heard not only about the beauty of Russian nesting dolls, but also about their fame as good, caring housewives, for most of our girls the family comes first, they are ready to give birth and raise children, they know how to maintain a cozy and comfortable atmosphere in the house. They are kind, loyal wives and wonderful mothers.

Potential suitors note that most Russian women are not feminized, they do not mind being behind a man, they are pleased when the husband in the family cares, earns money. At the same time, they are not housewives, they themselves are ready to take on the upbringing of children and for work, making their own small monetary contribution to the family budget. Foreign grooms like that Russian girls know how to take care of themselves, they know how to look stunning despite their small income, they know how to be modest and attractive.

The grooms believe that a typical Russian woman is the standard; by their standards, she outwardly corresponds to the models, flexible in character, a good hostess and only wonder how Russian men do not appreciate their most important wealth - women.

what are the international dating sites
what are the international dating sites

Men register on international dating sites for different reasons, but with one goal. You can meet older men online who dream of finding a girl 10-15 years younger in order to create a new family, have a child, especially they want children if there is no heir. Some men come for acquaintances, having a clear example of marriage with a Russian woman from friends or colleagues. Having envied such a treasure, they are inspired to search for their Russian bride, dreaming of finding the same love and care.

What can we say, Western men have heard a lot about the beauty and ingenuity of Russian girls, they believe that local men cannot appreciate the beauty of these qualities. Men who married Russian nesting dolls say that they are an indispensable head in a difficult situation and while the guy is puzzling over the problem, the girl's head already has a clear exit plan.

Based on this, we can conclude that marriage with a foreigner is beneficial for both a Russian girl and a guy who married. Envious people say that women are striving for the West following mercantile impulses. Leaving home, they remain as active and do not sit around, but look for work, receive additional education, learn languages and take a great interest in new hobbies - they live rich and full.

Paid and free sites3

You can divide sites for dating with foreigners into two categories: paid and free. If everything is clear with the latter, then paid conditions may be different:

International dating sites
International dating sites
  • For women, registration is free, for men, access to the site opens only after subscribing.
  • After registration, the ability to view pages and communicate in a general chat is open, personal dialogues only after payment.
  • Women can only reply in private chats to those who have paid for the subscription.
  • The first few days after registration, the site is fully open, all functions are available, after the set time, the site asks to buy a subscription.

There are many options for paid dating sites with roughly similar conditions. The most profitable ones are for girls with free registration and trial sites.

What sites should you avoid? 4

Don't look for your betrothed on a dating site where a man must pay to send you a letter. Most often, the price for one message is too high, ranging from 3 to 10 euros. Such sites do not work for your happiness, but for the owner's wallet, their main task is to keep the man in dialogue as long as possible in order to receive money from him, for the same reason, sites prohibit leaving numbers and links to continue communication outside the service.

International dating sites what is it
International dating sites what is it

Give preference to those sites where there is a paid registration only with a few days of trial use, with free messages and the ability to exchange phones, skype and other social networks.

How do dating sites work? 5

  1. A prerequisite for communicating with a foreigner is your personal photo, filled in personal information, the site will not accept an empty questionnaire or a questionnaire with an avatar picture downloaded from the Internet.
  2. Most of the pages need to be confirmed, often sites ask you to take a photo in the background of their page or send a scan of documents to confirm your identity. After activating your account, your page will appear in the public gallery. And the longer you sit on the site, the higher your profile will hang in the lists.
  3. Chat is the only way to get to know each other better in order to switch to more convenient ones in the future - calls and video chats. Therefore, having found an interlocutor, try to interest him by telling about yourself, about your work, study or entertainment, hobbies, in order to find common ground.

Features of sites6

Sites are generally similar to each other and have the same auxiliary functions for a comfortable dialogue and simplified search for profiles to your liking.

what are the international dating sites
what are the international dating sites
  1. Most sites are in English, where the first correspondence takes place. If you do not speak a foreign language well enough to communicate fluently, an automatic translator will be built into your correspondence.
  2. It's easy to start a conversation, if you don't know how to greet a person, send him a picture, a sticker, an interactive postcard with a universal phrase. There are enough of them on the site. If your sympathy is mutual, the interlocutor will definitely answer you.
  3. The dating site offers to take a test, it is not difficult, so be sure to go through to simplify the task of finding your betrothed. The test will ask questions about you and your preferences, based on the results, you can quickly find the type that suits you.

And also fill out the questionnaire in as much detail as possible and read the questionnaires of men to understand what kind of person is on the other side of the screen.

Free online datingFree_online_dating

If you are just mastering online dating, then try your hand at free sites. They seem to be the most attractive, here after registration the questionnaire is placed on a separate page with uploaded photos and filled in information, and men do not need to pay to start an active conversation with you. Here you can exchange contacts to talk by phone or video call.

where are foreign grooms
where are foreign grooms

Site owners mainly make money from advertising, so it is in their best interest to attract a large number of active visitors. Perhaps that's why the most popular dating sites are free.

You can also find your love on free sites, because like any other person who starts his search for a Russian bride, a man first of all ends up on free sites. But more often you will come across men on such sites who have been sitting there for years in search of the next beauties.

Nevertheless, you should not close the tab of the site, if it is free, here you can also find a serious young man.

Agency sites7

Similar sites specialize in finding a groom abroad for a Russian beauty. Often such sites have an office in a large city, which foreign guys turn to with a specific goal of finding a Russian bride. This is a good chance to find your happiness, because men come to agencies with an active formed goal, they are ready to pay agencies for the fact that they will pick up a good girl for a long-term serious relationship. The mere fact that men give money for such a trifling matter speaks of his serious intentions.

where are foreign men
where are foreign men

The most frequent clients in such marriage agencies are educated men from English-speaking countries, French, Germans. They belong to the middle class, who are ready to pay for quality services, have stable incomes and good jobs. Among them are small business owners, doctors, lawyers, programmers and technicians.

Such agencies work for the result and most often look for a partner for the customer until they find the very ideal match. To maintain the face of such a business, they are trying in every way to please both, having achieved marriage, because the number of happy couples create statistics and reputation for them.

Russian WomenRussian_Women

If you are still the same newbie in dating with foreign grooms, but do not want to contact a marriage agency, try sites specializing in dating foreigners with girls from the CIS countries. These sites have many advantages over others. Typically, the pages are oriented and have several familiar languages. Girls, for example, fill out a questionnaire in Russian, and it is translated into English for potential husbands.

site for finding a husband of a foreigner
site for finding a husband of a foreigner

The sites are full of tips on how to communicate, how to meet and how to please. The services of the site for girls are provided free of charge, and the rules and user agreement are written in Russian.

International Dating Sites_International_Dating

The next category of international dating sites is available to the whole world, these are large sites with a huge audience. On such sites, participants can video chat, call or text messages. But most of them require proof of identity and a small fee of around $ 50. Similar sites are actively used not only for finding a partner, but also for entertainment, communication and live practice of a spoken foreign language.

Local social networks8

The internet is full of social networks, both international, global and local. For example, Instagram is an international network that has been translated into a huge number of languages. VKontakte, a social network for Russian speakers, is another matter. If you know a foreign language well, you do not need to register on special sites for international dating, you just need to find a local popular network and look for a groom there.

where to find the husband of a foreigner
where to find the husband of a foreigner

If you are an interesting conversationalist, you can easily find yourself a couple of new friends abroad and, possibly, your future fiancé. If you set out to marry a foreigner, do not lose hope, actively communicate on websites and practice the language, exchange messages and photos, call and send real letters and one day you will receive the cherished invitation to move to a man abroad.

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