We Fill Out A Questionnaire In Tinder And Are Looking For A Partner

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We Fill Out A Questionnaire In Tinder And Are Looking For A Partner
We Fill Out A Questionnaire In Tinder And Are Looking For A Partner

Video: We Fill Out A Questionnaire In Tinder And Are Looking For A Partner

Video: We Fill Out A Questionnaire In Tinder And Are Looking For A Partner
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Dating In Tinder
Dating In Tinder

More and more modern guys and girls are trying to make acquaintances in Tinder, but in order not to screw up, it is worth finding out how this site works and what features it has. There are many reasons why people sign up on this platform, but the most common one is to find a beautiful, sexy and smart partner.

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  • 1 What You Need to Know About Tinder?
  • 2 Tinder - for the frivolous?
  • 3 How to get acquainted on the site?
  • 4 How to use the site?
  • 5 How to communicate correctly and interest the interlocutor?
  • 6 How to fill out a questionnaire to hook?
  • 7 Which photo to choose to conquer everyone?
  • 8 What's next?

What you need to know about Tinder? __ Tinder

Before trying to make acquaintances on Tinder, you should figure out what this platform is and how it works. On store shelves, you can find books on how to get acquainted on this site, but in reality everything is much simpler and in this case the same rules apply as for any other social network.

At first glance, it may seem that dating in Tinder is preferred by pickup artists, but this is not entirely true. If you carefully disassemble the questionnaires and fill out your own profile well, you can find very interesting pages and meet a respectable man or an interesting, beautiful woman.

In many ways, this site is very unique. Tinder for dating is a social network created specifically for dating. Some features are paid. The application is used on mobile phones and is very popular among women who, in the hope of finding a good partner, fill out questionnaires.

The uniqueness of the application is that the main action that can be performed in it is swipe. A person leafs through a selection of questionnaires, raises his finger up the screen on the candidate he likes and reads more detailed information about him. Two users can start a conversation only if each of them marks "successful match".

Despite the fact that the application was created in 2012, it still appears to be very popular. Many users later unsubscribed due to forced monetization, but others saw this as their advantage, because those who are willing to pay to view the profiles are probably not bad.

A detailed overview of all dating sites with the application is available in our article at the link.

Tinder - for the frivolous? I

In recent years, it has become very common that people are looking for partners for one night through this application. Someone even accused the corporation of contributing to the growth of sexually transmitted diseases, however, no one forces the lady to go to bed with a new acquaintance. Each person decides for himself what to do.

However, when communicating in Tinder, it is much easier to win the attention of a girl you like than in a cafe or a nightclub, because you just need to write a message and you can continue the conversation in any convenient direction. On social networks, people are open to communication, which means that it is much easier to convince a girl by sending her beautiful messages, small online gifts, rather than trying to make a good impression face to face.

Dating In Tinder
Dating In Tinder

Tinder is a great option for shy, insecure people, or for those who want to know more about the person before going out with them. Online dating is not unusual in the 21st century. This is a common thing, and it is really easier for men and women to find an interlocutor or partner on the Internet.

How to get acquainted on the site? 2

The first rule that many people forget about getting on the platform is setting the range. For real meetings, it is worth looking for a person living in one city, well, or in extreme cases, in a neighboring one. The site has a range setting function, where you can indicate the country and city for searching profiles.

The second rule, which should also be remembered, is the choice of a suitable photo when filling out a profile. It is not recommended to post a smeared photo with poor color correction or out of focus on a social network. Also, photos where only a close-up of a face is shown, or a person is standing so far away that it is completely impossible to see him, are not suitable for this platform.

Black and white photographs, with glasses, or those showing two people are not welcome, since it is difficult to immediately understand who exactly is the holder of the questionnaire.

To quickly find a partner and get a large number of responses to the questionnaire, you can add to the site those photos that were taken in a photo studio by a professional, or just bright, light pictures without visible flaws.

You can use some photo editors to fix bad light or wipe out annoying pimples, however, do not overdo it so as not to get the opposite effect and ruin the cute photo. It is better if the feed contains 2-3 photographs of a different plan.


How to use the site? 3

In order not to spend a huge amount of time looking through all the profiles, you should just flip through all the photos, and not put hearts and crosses on them. Many people prefer to use swipe, however, this method has significant drawbacks. By pure coincidence, you can dislike the person you like and the conversation will not start, and also, flipping too quickly, you can simply skip an interesting profile.

Many users visit social networks too often, but this is not recommended. The more time a man or woman spends on Tinder, the more the eyes become blurred and very soon all questionnaires in their thoughts will be categorized as “this blonde again” or “what are they all the same”. To really carefully study the questionnaires and choose the right candidate for communication, you should devote 1-2 hours a day to searching.

It also pays to be realistic. Tinder is not exclusively for porn magazine models and Forbes cover businessmen in expensive suits. This is a common platform on which real, living people communicate. Evaluating your appearance too meticulously, you may not find a single suitable questionnaire, and time will be wasted.

There is a certain prime time, which is the best time to visit Tinder. On weekdays, this is the period when people are released from work duties and until the moment they go to bed - from 19.00 to 24.00.

On weekends, people visit the site starting at 3 pm and ending late at night.

Dating In Tinder
Dating In Tinder

How to communicate correctly and interest the interlocutor? 4

Most men who visit dating sites with women for sex make the same mistake - almost from the first message they try to ask a lady about her sexual predilections or make an appointment for any next date.

It is very important for girls to have a little chat with a man, to understand what he is like, therefore a message in the spirit of "Hey, beauty", alarms the girl and can even scare. The following should definitely not be written:

  • “Hello beauty, I see no reason to waste time here, let's get straight to the point. Will we meet tomorrow at 18.00? "
  • "Hello. You are beautiful. I was wondering what's under your dress. "

Interestingly, spicy images on the Tinder platform are welcome, but you shouldn't post photos that are too revealing. For girls, a pretty mini-dress or even a photo in a swimsuit is enough, and a guy with an athletic figure can post a photo with a naked torso.

To start dating, you need to download the application to your phone in the Google Market. The Tinder website today is more popular than Mamba or Love Planets, which were heard a few years ago. It is important to use trending apps not so much for the sake of fashion, but in order to find the right conversation partner. All modern people following trends will not stay on outdated platforms, they strive to discover something new for themselves.


How to fill out a questionnaire to hook? 5

When compiling a questionnaire, the first thing that should be “included” is creativity. After registering for Tinder, it is worth setting aside an hour or two to enter all the necessary data in a calm atmosphere. It is better to make sure that the questionnaire is really tasty and interesting. It depends on how many people will respond to it.

The main sections are the text part with information "about myself" and photos. By choosing original, unbroken footage, you can interest a man or woman even without a questionnaire, but correctly filled out information about yourself does wonders. A guy can arouse the girl's sincere interest by indicating his hobbies, type of activity, some brief facts from life.

Smiling is recommended when taking a profile photo. It is easier to make contact with smiling and cheerful people, even if the person is “hiding” behind a profile on a dating site.

The block about yourself is the third and no less important point. The questionnaire is divided into two parts - questions to which it is worth giving short answers and an empty field. When filling it out, you should include all the creative and create something really interesting.

It is important to make it clear to the potential interlocutor that on the other side of the screen sits a really interesting, versatile person who wants communication and acquaintances. It is recommended to use a pinch of humor, but the main thing is not to overdo it.

The most important point for girls when filling out a profile is to arouse interest, but at the same time give concise information in order to leave a mystery. Even in the modern age, a man remains a hunter, and he becomes completely uninterested when all the information is dumped in a lump on his head, as when hiring.


A questionnaire is a filter through which certain people are attracted. To find like-minded people and pleasant interlocutors, you should talk about your hobbies, be it photography, writing books, playing sports or drawing.

At the stage of filling out the questionnaire, you should very succinctly hint at your expectations, but at the same time write something like:

“I am looking for a reliable and faithful husband who will propose on the very first day after meeting, and then we will have children.” This should be left to women's novels. For a dating site, a simple option is suitable: "I am looking for a serious relationship." The man will understand everything

Guys should follow the same rules. A man who indicates that he wants to have some fun and is looking for a lady who will happily agree to anything and at the same time will not count on dates, serious relationships and the birth of children, will most likely find himself alone even on Tinder. The maximum that he can expect is offers of sex services from ladies of a certain profession.

A girl pouring out her soul in the column "about herself" and telling that she is looking for love like her parents, so that "from the age of 18 together until the grave" can receive offers, but most likely, she will be considered infantile and too "vanilla", which means that only pick-ups and those wishing to breed "all such an unapproachable" lady will not write to her sex.

What photo to choose to conquer everyone? 6

On a dating site, as in life, the rule is that the first impression takes up to three seconds. In order for a man to start reading the questionnaire, he must become interested in a woman, want to get to know her. For the avatar and home page, choose the best photo available.


Since no one person can fully and fully appreciate themselves, an outside perspective is required. You can enlist the support of a friend and ask him to evaluate the options, choose the most attractive, intriguing avatar.

Men, exposing a photo, make one of the most common mistakes - they absolutely do not “worry” about what will be in the profile. They choose cropped photographs that seem to scream that the beloved's face was cut from a family portrait.

What's next? 7

When all the basic steps are completed and registration is completed, you can finally send a message in a bottle, that is, the first message. Everyone loves to talk about themselves, so the best first message is one of the following:

  • “Hi, I liked your profile very much. Let's talk? "
  • “You seemed like an interesting girl to me. I wanted to meet you. Will you tell us about yourself? "

Sometimes, trying to keep the attention of the interlocutor, the man does not answer for a long time, or even leaves the chat until the next day. At the initial stage, this is not the right step. Without waiting for the message, a girl who is not yet interested in a guy will simply delete the conversation and find another candidate for her hand and heart.

And last but not least, when the interlocutor asks to tell about himself, you do not need to write that “what are you, I'm not such an interesting person” or “come on, are you better? Only a lively and cheerful conversation can turn into reality.

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