What To Write To A Girl On A Dating Site? 7 Tips

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What To Write To A Girl On A Dating Site? 7 Tips
What To Write To A Girl On A Dating Site? 7 Tips

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ostrich Emu

With the ubiquitous development of the World Wide Web, the opportunity to meet has increased significantly, and all thanks to dating sites. But what to write to a girl on a dating site in order to attract her attention and not scare away from the first word.

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  • 1 What is taboo
  • 2 What can you write - the basics of communication
  • 3 Helpful Tips

What is taboo

It is with this that it is worth starting in order to avoid mistakes.

  1. We intend to write first - do not use stereotyped and general phrases. This will not attract a lady and she will simply pass you by in the vastness of the site. Where to start - start with a joke, and even if it does not turn out beautifully, at least it will not be stereotyped and bland.
  2. Don't ask for a mobile number right away. And even if she gives it to you, it should already alert you.

Everything is quite simple and clear, then we will consider where to start acquaintance on the vastness of the world wide web.

What can you write - the basics of communication2

First of all, study her profile - so you will have a general idea of ​​where to start communication, what to write and in which direction to move. Interests and personal preferences, especially it is worth paying attention to those columns that she filled in in her own words, but not with templates from the site. It is in them that a woman writes what she is really interested in.

After reviewing the questionnaire, having studied and taking into account the information received, you can form your own question. For example, if a girl has a favorite group on her page, for example, in the first message, you can specify which song she likes the most. But advice from experienced ones - listen to at least a few songs of this group.

how to meet online
how to meet online

It is also worth doing with literature - what books, styles and genres she likes, and after studying you can be advised to read this or that author. This will make you a plus, show how well-read the young man is, and girls are especially supportive of such.

Praise and compliment her correctly - these words are especially appreciated by the girl, even from a stranger. What to write to a girl on a dating site - start with them. The main thing is to think it over well - it should not only be original, but most importantly truthful. Having caught in the word a lie, even an elementary falsity, she will simply pass by and will not want to continue the virtual acquaintance further. Look at what is written in her profile and think about what she can compliment.

Gym or travel are win-win themes. With regard to natural beauty, there is no need to say beautiful words here, because she got it from nature. But if a girl, so to speak, improved her in a natural way - by a gym, proper nutrition or correct makeup, then these efforts and skills should be emphasized. And the compliments themselves should be laconic, without pathos, more simplicity. And a minimum of poetry - this is moderate in poetry, rather than virtual communication.

Next, look at her photo - where she was, and if you recognize a city or architectural monument known to you in the pictures, then you can start a conversation with him. Ask how she is about Rome or Egypt, how hot the sand is in the desert, or something like that.

what to write to a girl
what to write to a girl

If you want to hook a girl so that she would pay close attention, you can ask her a provocative question. Which one? For example, to say that the dress she is wearing is beautiful, but her purse is out of place. And accordingly, the girl will definitely want to answer you for such a provocation. The main thing, remember - if your provocative statement is perceived as a provocation, met with aggression, then you should not count on the subsequent acquaintance and relationship.

Starting an acquaintance, albeit a virtual one, show a certain note of humor. Many girls value this most of all in the interlocutor. And therefore, if you manage to joke successfully, so to speak in the topic, she will definitely appreciate it. But the text does not always convey the subtlety of humor. Therefore, avoid vulgar messages or those that may affect her honor, religion or other points.

Useful tips3

What to write to a girl on a dating site? Helpful tips will help you

You should not be too persistent in messages - this will only alienate the girl. And although in reality ladies love stubborn and persistent - exclude this in communication over the network. Therefore, you should not bother her with messages, this will only turn her away from you

tips on how to write to a girl
tips on how to write to a girl

You should not bombard the lady with compliments - you should not do them too often, focus on what you should not do. A girl may think that such excessive compliments are too pretended and untrue, and just show how crazy you are about her. And it is precisely the latter that can play against you. After all, even the great Pushkin wrote - if you want to please a lady, then you should not too often demonstrate excessive feelings

A well-delivered speech is also a significant component of success. Even a witty message, written with grammatical errors, can ruin even the most beautiful message

As you can see, everything is simple - simplicity, truthfulness and absence of mistakes.

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