Dating A Girl Online Is A Step Towards Happiness In A Relationship

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Dating A Girl Online Is A Step Towards Happiness In A Relationship
Dating A Girl Online Is A Step Towards Happiness In A Relationship

Video: Dating A Girl Online Is A Step Towards Happiness In A Relationship

Video: Dating A Girl Online Is A Step Towards Happiness In A Relationship
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Dating a girl on the Internet
Dating a girl on the Internet

“Man is born to be happy” is a topical aphorism at all times. Each of us dreams of happiness. Our ancestors believed that they would find happiness on the stove. But is it worth waiting for the weather by the sea? Maybe you should take the initiative in your own hands and take advantage of the possibilities of the World Wide Web? In our high-speed age, meeting a girl on the Internet is a very real procedure that helps many get rid of loneliness. And although Internet dating is gaining more and more popularity, there are pitfalls and secrets here. Our today's conversation is about them.

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  • 1 Benefits of Online Dating
  • 2 Disadvantages of dating through the Internet portal
  • 3 What to do, where to start
  • 4 Looking for the best dating site
  • 5 Competently design a page on social networks
  • 6 Let's use the advice of "experienced"
  • 7 Learning to write the first message
  • 8 Step by step instructions
  • 9 Basic approaches for online dating
  • 10 We met. So, what is next?

Benefits of Online Datingi

Internet dating undoubtedly has its advantages:

  • Substantial time savings.
  • Implementation of online communication within your apartment.
  • The opportunity to communicate with the fair sex, living in other cities and even countries.
  • Lack of material costs.
  • The ability to communicate with several candidates at the same time.
  • For shy guys, this form of communication allows you to be more relaxed, and much faster to find answers to tricky questions of the interlocutor.
  • The Internet conversation does not impose any obligations, it can be stopped at any time without giving any reason.

Disadvantages of dating through the Internet portal2

Despite the apparent advantages, this form of dating also has disadvantages:

  • The likelihood is that the girl, most likely, also has options, and she may not make her choice in your favor.
  • Lack of objective information about the external data of the damsel.
  • Lack of a reliable assessment of the girl's behavior.
  • The opportunity to fall for the bait of the entertainer, who decided to just pass the time for a "joke conversation."

What to do, where to start3

How to meet a girl on the Internet? First of all, you should think carefully about what this acquaintance is for. There are several reasons prompting a young person to use the Internet for such a sensitive purpose:

  • An opportunity to get rid of the burdensome loneliness.
  • The fulfillment of the dream of a lifetime is to find a life partner.
  • Finding a partner for intimate relationships.
  • Hone communication skills in relationships with the beautiful half of humanity.
Dating a girl on the Internet
Dating a girl on the Internet

Looking for the best dating site4

So the goal is there. Desires - more than enough. What's next? And then, having carefully studied the reviews of those who already had the opportunity to communicate on dating sites, determine the resources that you can use to find a girlfriend. When filling out the questionnaire, try to avoid stereotyped phrases and give the answers originality and individuality. When choosing your best photo, listen to the opinions of friends and family.

Competently design a page on social networks5

Dating sites are undeniably a good thing. But you can not rush to register for them. After all, you probably have your own page Vkontakte, Facebook, Odnoklassniki? It is quite realistic to take advantage of these resources. The main thing is to design the page correctly. The first thing to look out for are photographs. They should present your life in a favorable light. Therefore, feel free to delete (or hide) all photos of friendly drinking and love affairs. But leave the pictures that reflect the positive aspects of your life. Let there be more photos where you are captured with family, friends, at work, outdoors, with pets, playing sports.

These pictures will add an informational component to the relationship with the girl. And this is already good, because at the initial stage of the relationship there will be something to talk about. Referring to a series of photos, feel free to talk about your travels, leisure time, friends, etc.

Dating a woman on the Internet
Dating a woman on the Internet

And do not forget to give a worthy place to your person in the story, focusing on such personal qualities as sociability, politeness, courage, decency and reliability. That is, everything that most women love and value men for.

If you have a penchant for posting statuses, analyze them. They should not contain vulgarity, hypocrisy, dishonesty and tediousness. Otherwise, these qualities can be projected onto you.

Try to keep your page information truthful and reliable. After all, if an acquaintance with a girl takes place and pretends to continue, the lies revealed in the course of communication can hurt the girl's vanity and, as a result, your relationship.

Let's use the advice of "experienced" _171187

Remember the phrase "learn from mistakes"? But why bump it when you can take advantage of the experience of brothers in mind? So, having analyzed the experience of those who happened to find out what it is like to meet a girl on the Internet, we have prepared a number of tips. Using these tips, it is quite possible to avoid your own mistakes:

To avoid leaking unnecessary, unnecessary information, try to speak as little as possible, it is better to ask more

Dating a girl online
Dating a girl online
  • In order to avoid the possibility of showing your ignorance, watch your speech and the content of what is written, do not make mistakes in oral and written speech.
  • Think carefully about your message text. Eliminate the use of words with diminutive suffixes. At the beginning of an acquaintance, this is not entirely appropriate. Avoid rude and familiar treatment.
  • Do not commit plagiarism: do not use strangers, even beautiful, words and phrases from books and films. If you think the words fit the situation perfectly, it is better to voice the source. So you will kill two birds with one stone: do not appropriate someone else's, and show your cultural and educational level.
  • Avoid intrusiveness. Don't be annoying. Everything should be in moderation. If the interlocutor suddenly fell silent, try to pause and not get messages like "Where have you gone?", "Why are you silent?"
  • If you received a message, please reply to it. Just do not do this immediately, because your friend may suspect that you are sitting at the computer day and night, waiting for her letter. Nobody canceled the intrigue.
  • If your sense of humor is not your forte, joke with caution. Although healthy and appropriate humor can defuse the atmosphere and help in communication.

Learning to write the first message6

Before you write your first message, "visit" her page in the social. networks. This information can be very helpful.

Dating a girl over the Internet
Dating a girl over the Internet

Have you noticed the multiple photos with dogs? You're in luck - the first topic of conversation is there. A message like "what adorable puppies you have on your page" would be inappropriate. Better to write: “I noticed you have a brindle boxer. I was planning to get this breed, but I read that puppies require great subtleties in their care. I would be grateful if you could give me some advice on their content. " It is likely that this will intrigue the girl and will be able to continue online communication.

The message should harbor respect for the interlocutor, therefore, in no case poke. Only you".

Step by step instructions7

For those who believe that dating a girl on the Internet is a good idea, we will present the options for such acquaintances and tell you how, step by step, to master this difficult science.

Step one

After analyzing the sites of public communication, pay attention to whether the girl you like is on them. If so, try to establish an acquaintance within the framework of this site. And when the acquaintance takes place, you can come up with a proposal to switch to private messages.

Step two

Meeting a woman online
Meeting a woman online

Think over the questions with the help of which you can get comprehensive information. But remember that the questions should be tactful and could set the interlocutor into a casual dialogue.

Step three

Don't start your acquaintance with the phrase “Hi, how are you? Would you like to meet a nice young man? ". It's gone and beaten. And there are no guarantees that you will be answered to such a message. Try to come up with a more original way. For example, this:

“It can be seen that you are a very interesting girl. But something in your life needs to be corrected. " The girl, most likely, will be intrigued by the situation, what is wrong in her life and what should be corrected. Your answer "You are not familiar with a person who wants to make your life brighter and more interesting" may well serve as an excuse for dating.

Alternatively, you can write the following “On the forum of indoor flower lovers, you talked very interestingly about orchids. My mom's birthday is coming soon and I would like to give her this wonderful flower. But the trouble is, there are so many of them and I don't know which variety to give preference to. Could you help me? " The fact that you treat your mother with attention and love and you are interested in the same as her will play a role in the girl's desire to meet a gallant young man.

Step four

By the way, community of interests is a decisive factor when you first meet. Therefore, try to first look for an object for acquaintance on those forums, the subject of which coincides with your preferences.

meet a woman on the internet
meet a woman on the internet

Step five

Everyone knows that women love with their ears. Given this fact, the compliment method can be successfully applied. The object of a compliment can be an extraordinary hairstyle or unusual hair color, an expressive look with beautiful eyes or a charming smile. But don't overdo it. A compliment should be simple, tactful (it is better to keep silent about a beautiful bust) and not vulgar.

Step six

If the acquaintance took place, do not rush to take the bull by the horns and ask questions about the place of work, address of residence, and the social status of the parents. Better to find a neutral topic that interests both of you.

Step seven

If you feel that there is nothing more to talk about, tactfully interrupt the conversation, referring to objective reasons, and suggest continuing it in person, for example, in a cafe. Give the girl the opportunity to choose an institution, the date and time of the meeting.

Basic approaches for Internet dating8

Each of us is individual and has his own opinion on the development of relationships via the Internet and his own approach to dating. They can be conditionally divided into active and passive.


Proactive approach

I came. Had seen. Won. In short, I chose an object for acquaintance and immediately wrote a message. And then … you wait. It is clear that not indefinitely. This approach is characteristic of people who are determined and purposeful.

Passive approach

I chose the girl I liked on the corresponding site. I looked through all the photos. I put it under some comments. The next day I attached a heart. A day later, having decided to write a message, I postponed the decision for a couple of days. Then he put comments under the remaining photos. How can? Where is the decisive action? Do you expect the girl to write herself after reacting to the coma? Unlikely.

A typical scheme of an indecisive and insecure person. Do not rely on chance and follow this approach.

We met. What's next? 9

So, the acquaintance took place. Correspondence has been established. Everything that is customary to talk about at this stage has been discussed. What's next? We develop themes further. Tell about yourself. Find out all about the girl. Identify common interests and talk about them. Weather. Music. Movie. Travels. Childhood memories. Talk not talk. Here, the main thing is not to overdo it with conversations and put the relationship on a new track in time. It's time to make a personal meeting, otherwise you can forever remain a virtual friend and write messages forever. But remember that the lady chooses the place and time.

meet a girl on the internet
meet a girl on the internet

It is done. You have made an appointment. But you may not recognize each other. Telling what you will be wearing and in which hand you will hold the magazine is routine and routine. And if so: “I am glad of the upcoming meeting, but I want to warn you that I will not come alone. A cute yellow bear cub will be with me. You can easily find us in the crowd. " Most likely, the girl will appreciate your humor and will come to the meeting in a good mood. The first date, which starts with positive moments, is destined to be lucky.

So we met a girl on the Internet. Let it grow into a light and mutual feeling that will make you happy. After all, everyone has the right to happiness.

But if you want to know how to make dating with girls without obligation, follow the link further. We know everything about it!

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