How To Find Your Love On A Dating Site? TOP 8 Tips For Men

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How To Find Your Love On A Dating Site? TOP 8 Tips For Men
How To Find Your Love On A Dating Site? TOP 8 Tips For Men

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Dating websites
Dating websites

Often, when a man or woman wants to find love, they register on dating sites. But these resources were created not only to move from virtual communication to real. A lot has already been written about dating sites, but men need to know about the psychological aspect of online communication.

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  • 1 Top 8 Tips for Men
  • 2 Is it possible to find "the same" on dating sites
  • 3 Common mistakes during registration
  • 4 And what is correct?
  • 5 Laws of dating on the Internet
  • 6 Why don't men meet on the street
  • 7 How to start a correspondence with a woman
  • 8 Which dating sites should you choose?

Newbies in this business (as well as experienced ones) may encounter unexpected phenomena on dating sites that can confuse them, confuse them, or pose a real threat to published personal data. Therefore, no matter at what stage a man or a woman is in the development of online relationships, everyone needs to know about the rules of behavior on dating sites and what may await them in reality.

Top 8 Tips for Men-8

  • Do not expect a stream of girls who will want to chat with you immediately after registration. You yourself need to slowly flip through the questionnaires, set the search criteria. Do not be afraid to do something wrong, mark the ones you like - and you can safely start the conversation first.
  • Do not sit idly by: even if you didn’t find the only one, all the same, those girls to whom you visited the page will see it and may be interested in you, and then write themselves.
  • If you are a beginner, look for your friends on this site so that your page is not empty, be active.
  • You can and even need to register on several dating sites at once, this will help you get new communication as quickly as possible.
  • If the first time you can't find love, don't stop. Even in the case when you liked the girl, but she does not like you, do not lose heart and do not despair. So it wasn't her. Your love is still waiting.
  • There are times when it’s scary to go on your first real date. You are afraid that you will stutter and look stupid. Do not be nervous. To do this, you can offer to go online for the first time via Skype or another source of video communication. There is nothing terrible in this, and do not be alarmed if it was offered to you. Don't wind yourself up right away, just get into the position of a girl.
Dating websites
Dating websites
  • Write the truth always and everywhere, and it doesn't matter where: in the questionnaire or in the correspondence itself, because, as they say, “everything always becomes clear”. Do not be ashamed of yourself, because you will definitely be liked by someone more than the person you invented.
  • Do not use the dating site for purposes not intended for this, because at any time the administration of the site may complain about you. Your acanthus will simply be removed, and you will never be able to restore it.

Is it possible to find "the one" on dating sites

Psychologists, researching the general topic of dating sites, argue that in general it is a very effective method to get acquainted. The most important thing is that the acquaintance occurs regarding the request - the man himself scores the necessary search criteria.

Naturally, this is a very easy way to get to know each other. Nowadays, dating in a cafe or in a movie happens less and less often, because people began to pay more attention to the Internet. More and more often there are acquaintances on Vkontakte, other social networks or on special sites.

You can build a serious relationship on such sites, but if you register there with the intention of getting married as soon as possible, then this is not the place. You need to understand that they are getting to know each other there, and only then decide what to do with it next. And the purpose of dating determines your result: if a woman wants only money from you, then she can lie that she loves you or wants children from you, and will do everything to get hers.

Is it possible to find love on a dating site
Is it possible to find love on a dating site

Therefore, here you need a minimum knowledge of the psychology of communication: how to say, what to say, about what and when. And this knowledge can be used both on a dating site and in real life. Here are some secrets:

  • Do not explain in the correspondence on the dating site who you really are, do not delve into the details.
  • Clearly, confidently state your purpose of dating.
  • Do not communicate with those who do not share with your goal, and then the choice will be of better quality.
  • And the most important thing is not to make grandiose plans at once, do not “marry” on the Internet. This really very often leads to troubles and some very complex communications, to focus on real meetings, and already based on this, plan further actions.

Many people who decide to search for their soul mate on the Internet make the most common mistakes.

Typical registration errors2

Photos - the first mistake people make is that they add a lot of photos, and a bunch of photos where one is similar to the other. Or vice versa: there are very few photos (one or two), and the person is not visible

Before posting any photos, ask yourself a question: what do I want the person sitting on the other side of the screen to understand?

Filling out the questionnaire - there are many options, but if you did not fill out the questionnaire, but just posted a photo, what should people understand about you? Help yourself, because only from the photo it is difficult to understand what kind of person you are, as without a questionnaire, you should learn something about you

Is it possible to find a girl on dating sites
Is it possible to find a girl on dating sites

And there is no need to overwhelm your entire page with quotes from the Internet or hysteria about how people and the world around them have deteriorated.

  • Long correspondence is also a common mistake. Many people believe that the more they correspond, the more they recognize each other, and only then decide to meet. Very often, because of this, the correspondence is delayed for a long time, and then you ask yourself: why have we not met yet?
  • This is due to the fact that you yourself have attracted such opponents, scribes, and they are more than capable of correspondence.

What is right? 3

  • PHOTOS - the most correct number - 4, and these photos should fully reveal your personality, they should radiate positive. Yes, during the conversation, the partner will ask for more, but for a dating site this is enough.
  • Photos should be of high quality, but this does not mean that they need to be photoshopped to the point that the face in the photo and you will not be alike. After all, when you meet, you may not like the real ones.
  • Questionnaire - here you should be as sincere as possible and tell about yourself so that it is clear what kind of person you are, what hobbies you have, and most importantly, what kind of partner you would like to find here.
  • But these should not be requirements on the topic of what a partner should, but write something like: I will be glad to meet such or such, write what you want from this meeting. And this way you will save your time, because those who do not fit your description will not write to you.
  • Correspondence - many say that “normal people” do not sit on dating sites. And this is partly true. There are normal people there, but they do not sit there, do not constantly monitor the situation, and those who want something serious (and this is normal) will not offer a meeting in ten minutes of correspondence. Since the purpose of a dating site is not to get married in correspondence, but to GO to the next stage of the relationship.
Is it possible to start a relationship on dating sitesfs
Is it possible to start a relationship on dating sitesfs

A list of the very best dating sites for serious relationships, further in our article!

Online dating laws4

  • Do not fall in love until you meet in person. Very often in the very correspondence you are already head over heels in love with your “phone screen”, you write your beloved poem, send hearts, and at the very meeting you understand that this person is not interesting to you or even disgusting.
  • Buy a separate SIM card, so to speak for "dating", so that you can leave your phone number without fear of being annoyingly called. As a last resort, it can simply be thrown away.

Why men don't meet on the street5

Psychologists have identified the main reasons why men do not meet on the street:

  • The very first thing is FEAR. 80% of fear is the cause of almost all men's mistakes. Even if a man is successful and has his own business, he will be most afraid of refusal, because at work he is respected, but here he can be refused, even in public.
  • Fear of the environment - it is similar to the first, but here it plays the role of winding up the man himself. In my head, a picture instantly appears that if he refuses, he will be laughed at, they will begin to point fingers.
  • The man doesn't know how to start dating. For example, he tried once, it didn't work out, the girl refused, and that's it - he looks for problems in himself and does not understand what to do next.
  • Many men have a myth in their heads that when a woman is beautiful, it means that she has a lover or husband in her life. After all, a very pretty woman will not be alone.

How to start a chat with a woman6

  • Be original. Think about a strategy to make her laugh and think about you. Do whatever you want to make the girl think you're special and want her to keep chatting with you.
  • Ask an accurate question so that the interlocutor understands that an answer is expected from her. There is no need to ask some super-difficult question, after which your interlocutor will be forced to spend the whole evening looking for an answer to it. The simpler the question, the better.
  • Check all correspondence for errors. Do not be lazy to spend time checking the offer. Few people want to communicate with an ignoramus.

Don't try too much. When you try a lot and write feverishly, a woman instantly understands this. It is not worthwhile to behave in communication the way you would not do it in real life. Relax, don't write long messages - one will be enough. Don't joke with old jokes from the internet. If you have your own sense of humor, then use it

Relationships on dating sites
Relationships on dating sites
  • Look for common interests. You do not need to communicate on "generally forbidden" topics. Find something in common. It can even be watching one movie, TV series or hobby of a group. This will help you keep communicating. Be sure to mention your hobbies, for example, football or fishing, tell how much time you devote to your hobby and how. You will be more interesting when the girl finds out that you have an active life and hobbies.
  • Don't forget about flirting. He will not only force you to wait for a meeting with a "virtual friend", but also give a hint to the girl that you are not indifferent to her. It is important to "tune" it so that the interlocutor is sure of your interest. But do not overdo it, know when to stop.
  • Tell us what you think of her. There are many ways to do this in a subtle way. A message sent on time (like “bon appetit, don't forget to eat” at lunchtime) will show that the girl is important to you.
  • Ask about her, but they should not be very personal questions, ask how she spent her vacation. Make it clear to the interlocutor that you have not forgotten all your correspondence. If she said that she had an important conference or something else, then just wish her luck and good mood the night before.
  • Do not overdo it, otherwise you will seem intrusive. You must be sure that your feelings with the girl are mutual, and the letters you fill her with are pleasant to her. Also, move away from the whiner. You should receive the same number of messages and send. If you wrote a large number of messages, and you did not receive anything in return, then you better back off.
  • Don't answer right away, mirror your opponent. When the interlocutor answers you the next day after your message, take your time even more. Do not answer after a few minutes after the interlocutor deigned to answer. Stay calm, stay confident, and celebrate yourself as comfortable.
  • Know when to end the conversation. If you want the interlocutor to be pleasant to communicate with you, stop constantly writing to her, otherwise she will get tired of your prolonged correspondence. When she's busy or you just have nothing to say, you need to know when to end the conversation in time and try again next time.
  • Always end the conversation in a good, pleasant mood, on a positive note. You need to end the conversation so that the girl then has something to continue to communicate with you.
  • You can say that you want to talk more or talk about what you will do before bed, so that you have a reason to discuss it next time. Say what you think she had fun with you and end your conversation on a good note.
Find a girl on a dating site
Find a girl on a dating site

Which dating sites should you choose? 7

Before choosing a site for dating, you must first find a decent platform. Before registering, consult with your friends. Find out if someone you know is already registered there and ask for their opinion on this site. Well, if this is not possible, then just look at the reviews and comments.

When you have already decided to find your love on social networks, it is worth registering only on the most famous dating sites with women and men. After all, if you want to quickly find your love, then you need to try and carefully search for such a site. Of course, the best thing in this case would be to look at the statistics. As they say, the Internet won't let you lie.

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