Dating Site With Rich Men: Pros And Cons Of Each

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Dating Site With Rich Men: Pros And Cons Of Each
Dating Site With Rich Men: Pros And Cons Of Each
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Dating site with rich men
Dating site with rich men

A beautiful and rich life is the dream of millions of women. Moreover, most women in achieving this cherished desire do not rely on themselves, but dream of meeting a man who will become their guide to a luxurious life. Gone are the days when beauties caught wealthy men in clubs and social gatherings, or turned to specialized agencies for help.

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Today "princes" have become much closer and more accessible to brides. A dating site with rich men is a chance for a girl to quickly and radically change her life for the better and find a man who will provide. That's exactly what the girls think when registering on the sites. However, the reality is far from expectations.

Dating rich meni

Luxurious houses, luxury yachts, vacations on the most expensive islands in the world, exclusive outfits from the best fashion houses - perhaps every girl's dream. And I want to make this dream come true right here and now, while she is young, beautiful and has “something to offer” to a wealthy gentleman. The easiest way to meet wealthy people is to register on dating sites with rich men.

If you believe the rule that demand generates supply, then the demand for such sites is incredibly high, since there are already more than a hundred of them. And they all promise that by registering on their website, you will definitely find your prince and arrange your personal life. And tactfully, they are silent about the fact that at least several hundred brides come to each groom.

But young girls, after reading love stories in which a beautiful hero pulls the main character out of poverty and poverty, naively assume that a fairy tale will also happen in their lives.

But life in general is a rather complicated thing and is not presented to any scenario. And as practice shows, out of a thousand girls, only one is lucky. But this does not bother or stop persons who dream of catching the victim in their nets.

Kept women2

It should be noted right away that the percentage of girls who met a rich man on a dating site and married him is very small. And the potential hunters themselves understand this very well, so there are more and more girls who dream of finding not a husband, but a sponsor, or, as it is commonly called by the people, "daddy".

"Daddy" is a respectable man who is ready to take on all the trouble of maintaining young beauties. Why have sex for free when you can get expensive gifts for it Fur coats, jewelry, cars, an unlimited credit card in exchange for the opportunity to have a beautiful and well-groomed body.

where to meet wealthy people
where to meet wealthy people

Previously, such girls would have been called "prostitutes", but now they are called kept women. Moreover, for kept women it is not important what the sponsor does and earns. The main thing is that he invests in it and fulfill all the whims. Such girls will not be embarrassed by the presence of a wife and children from a daddy. The main thing is to snatch a piece fatter, and then when she is retired, then return to the dating site again and hook a new rich daddy.

The competition for wealthy daddies is incredibly high. Tens of thousands of beauties of model appearance registered on a dating site hope to find and catch hold of a wealthy man.

In the fight for a rich groom, girls go under the knife of a plastic surgeon in order to bring their appearance to perfection. Rhinoplasty, breast and buttock augmentation surgeries, lip augmentation injections, removal of Bish's lumps - these are only a small part of the operations that seekers of a wealthy gentleman agree to.

What Rich Men Look For On Dating Sites3

Wealthy dating sites are looking for a woman for fun and easy relationships. Here are the most common phrases from the profiles of men registered on sites:

  • looking for a girl for a pleasant pastime;
  • looking for a girl to accompany;
  • a wealthy man does not mind spending an evening with a young and beautiful girl;
  • I will become a sponsor and pay for a joint trip;
  • looking for a girl to communicate without obligation.
she found a dating site with rich men
she found a dating site with rich men

As you can see, men are not interested in long-term relationships. This can be explained very simply. Representatives of the stronger sex do not want to associate their lives with selfish persons, who do not hide the fact that money comes first for them. However, they do not mind spending time getting to know and spending time with beauties.

How is registration on sites4

If you decide and want to register, then first you should decide and choose a dating site. It should be noted right away that there are just dating sites, and there are dating sites with rich men.

Dating sites with rich men are mostly paid. The moderators emphasize that there are no fake profiles on their sites, and each profile is carefully selected. If a girl really understands what she is doing, she will be ready to pay.

Dating sites with rich men guarantee the confidentiality of information. Moreover, when registering, you will have to pass a small test and answer questions. Among the main questions: your age, height, education, what are you looking for in a man, the age of a partner, a man with what level of income in a month you are interested in, will you agree to a meeting for one night, and so on.

Further, after answering all the questions, your profile is moderated, and then a letter for activation is sent to the specified e-mail. After you have activated your profile, you will need to fill it with personal information, as well as upload your photos.

Then your profile will be included in the general database, where the profiles of other applicants are also stored. Based on your wishes and answers to the test, the questionnaires of men who should interest you will be displayed for you.

I want to meet wealthy people
I want to meet wealthy people

Pros of Dating Rich Men5

Of course, the main motive that girls are guided by when registering on a dating site with rich men is the financial side. If a girl does not admit this, then she is simply disingenuous. The desire to improve their financial situation at the expense of the sponsor, to receive expensive gifts from him are the main reasons.

Another reason is useful connections and the opportunity to get into the circle of the elite. Sometimes wealthy men take girls with them to informal parties to the same rich. For girls, this is a chance to make useful contacts and acquaintances that she may need in the future.

Well, another plus is communication with an interesting person who can become a successful person for her. This plus is, perhaps, very important for ambitious women who are determined to build a successful career. For them, a rich man is not just a wallet to suck money out of, but a chance to make an equally successful career. Being next to an accomplished gentleman, they will try to learn and absorb all the useful information.

Cons of hanging out with rich men6

How quickly men will start texting you depends on how much the information in your profile was able to hook them. By the way, do not be shy and you can write the very first to the candidate you like. Still, remember that rich men are busy people and they do not have much free time. They do not have the opportunity to sit for hours on the site and go through the profiles, so it is better to take the initiative yourself.

Seeing your message, even purely out of curiosity, he will go to your page and read your profile. If he likes you, you might be able to get a date invitation. In the worst case, he will simply ignore your message.

how to meet wealthy people
how to meet wealthy people

Another disadvantage of communicating with a rich man is that there are a million people like you. Even if you entered into active correspondence with him, this does not mean that he is already in your hands. Most often, they correspond with several girls at once, choosing the most suitable from the applicants. So do not relax and be prepared for the fiercest competition.

So, I know all the pros and cons, girls should decide for themselves whether they should seek happiness and a successful life on dating sites with rich men. Perhaps someone, knowing about the pitfalls, will change their minds and decide to build their own way and achieve everything on their own and through work. Others, on the contrary, are not afraid of the upcoming difficulties. They still intend to register on dating sites with rich men and believe in their luck!

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