The Complex Nature Of Red-haired Girls: Myth Or Reality?

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The Complex Nature Of Red-haired Girls: Myth Or Reality?
The Complex Nature Of Red-haired Girls: Myth Or Reality?

Video: The Complex Nature Of Red-haired Girls: Myth Or Reality?

Video: The Complex Nature Of Red-haired Girls: Myth Or Reality?
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Every person is unique. Height, weight, hair color are all due to genetics. It is believed that the rarest gene is red hair. It occurs in only 21% of people. Basically, these are the indigenous people of Scotland and Ireland. However, is it true that the nature of red-haired girls is very complex and unpredictable?

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Attitude towards redheads at different times

Beautiful red-haired girls have always attracted attention. Against the background of brunettes and blondes, they look bright, radiate vital energy. It is believed that the character of red-haired girls is as fiery as the color of their hair. Playful, self-confident, cheerful, adventurous - these are not all the qualities of goldilocks.

They are pleasant to look at and very difficult to take your eyes off. As a rule, it is red-haired girls who are more attractive to the opposite sex. However, has it always been so?

In the Middle Ages, fire women were feared. Due to their bright unconventional appearance, they were credited with magical abilities. It was believed that if a woman has red hair, green eyes, pale skin and weight does not exceed 50 kg, then she is definitely a witch. Unfortunately, many of them were burned by the Inquisition for suspicion of witchcraft.

Undoubtedly, many at that time knew how to heal with herbs, decoctions, but it was the "golden" girls who got it. According to modern historians, this is due to the nature of women. Redheads never wanted to obey the system and always publicly expressed their opinions. This arrangement of things was not in the hands of the government, so they came up with a legend about witches, in which people willingly believed.

Researchers also believe that so many executions were due to the incredible sexuality of the golden-haired women. Many men wanted to have an intimate relationship with such representatives of the fair sex. However, the obstinate girls were in no hurry to share their bed with just anyone. This terribly offended the opposite sex, and in order to somehow take revenge on the offender, she was accused of witchcraft and was publicly burned.

How true this is is not known for certain, but it is impossible to deny that cute sunny girls have a special sexual magnetism. Modern men also lose their heads from bright beauties and try to achieve them at any cost.

The nature of redheads
The nature of redheads

Unfortunately, their work is not always appreciated, because the character of red-haired girls implies a love of freedom and adventure. That is why red-haired ladies are in no hurry to tie the knot.

Read more about how to subdue a girl's complex character in the article.

Sexual life of redhead girls2

The opinion has long been entrenched in society that girls with fiery hair color are just goddesses in bed. Their irrepressible energy paired with sexuality simply amazes the partner. Red-haired beasts are considered the hottest mistresses. Due to the special sensitivity of the body, they usually have a very high libido. Thanks to this, sex with such a girl becomes unforgettable. And perhaps the best in life.

However, not all men are in a hurry to enter into an intimate relationship with such a hot representative of the weaker sex. And the main reason for this is the fear of failure. It is very difficult to satisfy a red-haired girl in bed. As a rule, the process is not limited to one call and the partner requires more and more. This scares some men, because such a situation casts doubt on their masculine strength and skills. Perhaps this is the reason why the red-haired mischievous woman finds it so difficult to choose the right sexual partner.

Ginger girls
Ginger girls

Change of image3

Every girl sooner or later comes to what is called a change of image. Psychologists are sure that the chosen hair color will reflect on the character over time. So dyed blondes become softer, more agreeable and calmer over time. On the contrary, brunettes turn into purposeful young ladies with a strong character. The character of red-haired girls also undergoes strong changes. Even despite the fact that this hair color was acquired, and not bestowed by nature.

Scientists have found that by dyeing her hair in a fiery shade, the girl is trying to radically change her life. This color makes a woman more confident in herself. And this is not surprising, because now she receives more attention. Also, many women noted that after such a change, their careers were confidently going uphill, and all plans were being implemented in the near future. Psychologists associate these metamorphoses with a hidden potential that spills out when a girl begins to feel “at ease”.

However, there are those who were not comfortable with the fiery hair. According to them, those around them expected much more from them than they could give. As a result, the girls closed in on themselves and subsequently everyone returned to their original hair color.

Girls with red hair
Girls with red hair

Girls with fiery hair color have always been at the peak of popularity. And this is not surprising, because they always stand out from the crowd. Despite the complex nature of red-haired girls, they have always attracted men, enchanting with their beauty. The modern world gives every girl the opportunity to feel like a red-haired beast. And who knows, maybe just such a change will be the first step to a happy and successful life.

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