Real Dating Sites - Top 5 Best Sites

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Real Dating Sites - Top 5 Best Sites
Real Dating Sites - Top 5 Best Sites

Video: Real Dating Sites - Top 5 Best Sites

Video: Real Dating Sites - Top 5 Best Sites
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Real dating sites
Real dating sites

Nobody can be surprised by acquaintance on the Internet. All conditions for comfortable communication are created on real dating sites. The goals of registration on websites are different for everyone and not everyone wants a serious relationship, but in real life it is extremely difficult to tell a person directly about this. In the virtual world, it is enough to write a message.

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  • 1 Reasons for popularizing dating and communication through dating sites
  • 2 Classification of dating sites
  • 3 Tips for new users
  • 4 Types of Men and Women on Dating Sites
  • 5 Ranked Dating Sites

Reasons for popularizing dating and communication through dating sitesi

More and more people prefer to meet online. According to a recent anonymous survey, the reasons are very different and sometimes unusual. The most popular answers were:

  • As a way to find the other half. After communicating through the site for a while, you can understand whether you want personal communication or "not hooked". This even saves time and money to some extent, which would be spent in personal meetings.
  • Great embarrassment. To communicate with a person eye to eye is one of the main fears of humanity. Since the reaction of the interlocutor to personal opinion will be visible, and it may not always be positive. You don't have to worry about this when you correspond.
  • Stealth. Many married people are thus distracted from household chores and make penpals.
  • Treason. Virtual sex with a partner who is only familiar with the site can also be regarded as cheating. And it doesn't matter that there was no personal contact.
  • Fantasy. Many people come up with ideal relationships online and continue them for a long time. This way they feel more comfortable and protected.
  • "For fun". Just for the sake of interest, easy and fun pastime, without any obligation.
  • Too much free time. Many answered that they were sitting on dating sites with nothing to do. However, they do not take them seriously.
  • For pickup. Basically, men sin with this, but there are also women who immediately "head on" offer sex in return for any material benefits (money, rest, gifts).

Dating site classification2

In order not to get lost in the variety of real dating sites, they can be divided into several categories:

Websites for people with serious intentions. They can be paid, free, and shareware. The usual questionnaire on such resources is quite detailed and there is a strict moderator who monitors compliance with the rules of use and considers incoming complaints.

everything about real dating sites
everything about real dating sites

Websites for "frivolous" people. They need communication without consequences, without a hint of a meeting in real life. Basically, this is a free dating site or shareware, with a simple undemanding profile (or even without it), sometimes even without registration.

Sex partner search sites. This category of sites is also subdivided into paid, free and shareware. The profiles are designed in such a way that, having read it, it is immediately clear whether people are suitable for each other in the intimate sphere or not (after all, the site is purely for this). Registered users describe their capabilities, desires and conditions.

Video dating sites. For brave and liberated people who prefer to see what is called a "product face". Recently, such services are gaining more and more popularity.

Dating sites with foreigners. They are mainly popular among young and middle-aged women who speak foreign languages at a level sufficient for communication. They have the same goal - marriage with a wealthy citizen of any European country.

Tips for new users3

In order not to be disappointed with dating sites, new users should follow a few simple rules:

about real dating sites
about real dating sites

Rule 1 - for a serious relationship with paid sites. Of course, on free sites you can meet a person who is ready to start a serious relationship, but this is much more problematic. A certain contingent is registered on paid sites, ready to pay for personal happiness.

Rule 2 - identifying the basic human qualities that I would like to see in a partner. This is necessary so that, in a more detailed search, you do not get sprayed on people with whom, for personal reasons, relations cannot be established in any case.

Rule 3 - safety comes first. You should not share personal data with third parties until the moment when there is absolute confidence in the interlocutor (and better only after the wedding). When going to a personal meeting, you need to choose a crowded place (cafe, cinema, zoo, etc.) and be sure to inform relatives or friends of the details of the meeting.

Rule 4 - filling out a profile. It should be as informative and compact as possible, with decent quality photos. Empty profiles cannot interest a person, and a description with a large heap of text will quickly tire.

5 rule - the veracity of the information provided. The purpose of the acquaintance should be clearly stated so as not to reassure new acquaintances. So, usually men "want" a serious relationship (and in fact only a one-time intimacy), and women, on the contrary, declare ease of communication, in fact they want seriousness.

Real dating sites what they are
Real dating sites what they are

Also, you should not exaggerate your social status and existing material wealth. It is important not to be afraid to show honesty and then the “necessary” partner will appear by itself.

6 rule - you can and should be the first. You should not sit and wait until you manage to interest someone with your profile. You should write first (for both men and women) and possibly several people at once. Since in the process of communication on dating sites, most of them are eliminated in a natural way due to the mismatch in topics and outlook on the world.

Types of men and women on dating sites4

Most of the men visiting real dating sites can be divided into the following categories

The Gatherer is a man whose sole purpose is to replenish the collection of women he has been able to seduce. He is only interested in one-time meetings, a woman may not count on the fact that she is special and that he will love her.

Therefore, about how to meet on the Internet and not fall for the tricks of a pickup truck, we read further in our article at the link.

Real dating sites
Real dating sites

A virtual addict - such a man is online around the clock and answers almost instantly to messages. It will be problematic to meet with him in ordinary life, since he is dependent on the network and hardly has an adequate idea that there is life outside the monitor.

A bored "married man" is a man tired of family and real life, who writes on websites only for the sake of self-affirmation (it's nice to know that women still like you) and bringing a little drive into gray everyday life (since for him it is undoubtedly adrenaline).

Single-married - has a family, but on the site he is "single". The maximum with such a man is to become his secret mistress, with whom he will meet as an intelligence agent, after carefully preparing an alibi for his wife and mistress.

An active "married" - immediately announces his marital status and goal - he needs a mistress who does not pretend to him, passionate and accommodating.

Gigolo is young and handsome, wanting financial support from a woman.

Pervert - instead of communicating, he immediately offers virtual sex (possibly with perversions) and if he does not have time to block it, he sends photos of a very obscene and even disgusting nature.

There are just as many different types of women on dating sites. Here are some of them:

Real dating sites for men
Real dating sites for men

A divorcing woman - she lives on services with only one purpose - to enrich herself by powdering the head of gullible men (there is no money on the phone, you need to buy medicine for your sister (mom, dad), have nothing to live on, etc.). Such women are very inventive and they only need a couple of days to breed a beginner.

Naive and stupid - a very young (sometimes starting from adolescence) girl with whom it is difficult to find common themes or little life experience and unwillingness at this age to enrich herself with additional knowledge.

The bitch is a femme fatale, often offended by all men. He considers it his duty to make the latter as unhappy as possible in the process of communicating with her. Arrogant and impulsive enough.

A divorced woman - with and without children (she honestly speaks about this herself). He wants to find a normal man for life and love. Most of them are quite adequate and independent, not afraid to write first, interesting in communication.

Prostitute - girls of the "ancient profession" have already mastered the Internet enough and are also looking for clients on dating sites.

The pensioner is a young woman in years, lonely and without children (they grew up and live with their families). Properly photoshopped photographs indicate the presence of enthusiasm and desire to live.

Real dating sites for singles
Real dating sites for singles

More details about meetings on dating sites can be found in our article below the link.

Rating dating sites5

Rusdate is one of the most popular real-life dating sites that has been helping people find suitable partners for over 11 years. At the same time, there is an opportunity to meet foreign citizens. The site is free and has additions in the form of a Questionnaire, Horoscope, Sympathy and the heading "About relationships", which contains useful articles on relevant topics.

Also, a feature of the site is the ability to attach voice messages and video files to your profile, in which you can share useful information about yourself. The site's creators assure that any information left by users is manually moderated.

Mamba is a site with over 30 million verified profiles. It has been operating for 15 years and is constantly being improved. Under a single leadership, new projects such as

  • Wamba is an application for the young population with many photos and a system of likes;
  • Teamo - dating with an interesting testing system;
Real dating sites for a guy
Real dating sites for a guy
  • Tourbar - a service for joint travel of people from different countries;
  • Astrostar - astrology for all occasions.

In your personal account, you can keep a diary, share interesting photos. You can also download identical applications to your phone and always be "in touch" with new and old friends.

Navechno is a dating site where the ratio of men and women is approximately the same (52% of men and 48% of women). Free registration, but with the option of purchasing a premium account, which gives the following privileges

  • viewing all profiles;
  • access to all photos of all users;
  • access to viewing any profiles;
  • viewing hidden information about people who like you;
  • chatting with all users;

The site is shareware for ease of use and features, since without a paid premium status, communication will be very difficult due to restrictions on dating and the number of offered profiles.

Real dating sites for women
Real dating sites for women

Gdepapa is a highly specialized site popular with single parents who want to find a soul mate for themselves and a second parent for their children. The site is completely free, easy to use. In addition to user profiles and search, it contains add-ons such as

  • user blogs;
  • microblogging users4
  • photos of users with a rating scale;
  • website reviews;
  • forum;
  • a section of the meeting, where you can get acquainted and go to a real meeting with other users;
  • general chat;
  • private notice board;
  • advertising section.

Almost all sections can be viewed by unregistered users. This is convenient for initial acquaintance with the resource in order to understand whether it is convenient for a particular person. Read about how to make acquaintances with girls for a serious relationship in the next article.

Real dating sites for girls
Real dating sites for girls

Bridesandlovers is a highly specialized site for meeting foreign men in order to create serious relationships. A distinctive feature of the resource is free registration and VIP status for all women. Additional equipment with a convenient online translator, comfortable chat and round-the-clock technical support will help any girl find her “overseas prince”.

The registration form is very simple, it is possible to upload your own photos and descriptions of the desired qualities from a man who could be interested. You can also search based on your own location or the country you like for further residence.

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