Married Men On A Dating Site: How To Recognize Them? 100% Way

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Married Men On A Dating Site: How To Recognize Them? 100% Way
Married Men On A Dating Site: How To Recognize Them? 100% Way
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man with magnifying glass

Married men register on the dating site no less often than free ones, and at the same time they are looking for girls not only for correspondence, but also for personal meetings. At the same time, women are perplexed how to understand whether a man is married and why they need it, if there is a beloved wife and child at home.

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  • 1 What do married men look for on websites?
  • 2 How to understand that communication on the site turns into something more?
  • 3 How to recognize a married man?

What do married men look for on websites? I

To understand what married men are looking for on a dating site, you do not need to delve into psychology, you just need to answer the question of why, in general, men fill out questionnaires. First of all, they are looking for a sexual partner for themselves, or simply want to increase their self-esteem through communication with other girls.

By registering on the sites, many men satisfy their own curiosity and seek to find out how many girls will "bite" on them. If the wife is very jealous and does not give the man freedom, then he can try to get a virtual girl for himself in order to please his male ego. However, sometimes such meetings flow into reality, and then the decision is made in favor of a new acquaintance, and a divorce occurs with his wife.

To prevent this, a girl should understand what married men are looking for on a dating site, and how they themselves can provide for a man what is lacking to discourage her loved one from looking for connections online.

Most often, the reasons for registering a questionnaire are the desire for real or virtual sex, the desire to start a new relationship and divorce your wife, or the desire to pamper yourself with communication with beautiful girls without personal meetings. To maintain a relationship, you need to understand what purpose the man is pursuing, however, this is difficult to do without reading the correspondence.

Psychologists believe married men registering on dating sites are primarily driven by curiosity. This is a very strong and exciting feeling that completely manipulates the actions of a man. Sometimes he is practically unaware of what he is doing and acting on a whim, wishing to satisfy natural instincts and find a partner for sex or self-affirmation.

How to understand that communication on the site is turning into something more?

To understand how far married men have gone on a dating site, one should ask a direct question about why the profile was created and what purpose the man pursues when communicating online with unfamiliar girls. However, one should expect irritation and anger from a man - this is the first sign that communication with the ladies on the site is not at all friendly, and the man really wants to find for himself not only a pleasant companion, but also a girl with whom to start real meetings.

If a girl asks her beloved not to visit dating sites, and he answers her with a scandal, this is a very alarming sign, and it will probably not be possible to save the relationship, since the man is clearly thinking about cheating.

Man on a dating site
Man on a dating site

How to recognize a married man? 3

Girls who visit dating sites do not always pursue the goal of becoming a housewife and finding a married man. Moreover, as statistics show, many ladies, on the contrary, want to recognize them, so as not to start dating someone who has a wife and possibly even children.

The problem is that such men are good at conspiracies and it can be very difficult to recognize them at first sight / correspondence. However, there are clear signs that you should definitely pay attention to. Let's talk more about how to understand a man in our article.

The first alarming sign is a man's irregular and too dosed visits to the network - for example, he appears online only during working hours or only in the evening, when presumably his wife and children may already be asleep, while messages from a girl in whom a clear interest is shown remain unread for a long time time.

A married man meets
A married man meets

Another sign is the lack of photographs. In addition, middle-aged men are not always skillful users of Photoshop, so the profile will be dominated by strange portraits clearly cut out from a large common family photo, or there will be only one photo taken somewhere in nature or in the mountains.

Sometimes cheating men feel extremely uncomfortable, and this can also manifest itself in communication, for example, he may not be in too much of a hurry to continue acquaintance, or ask intimate questions, constantly justifying that he "really did not mean that."

A girl who wants to test her potential partner can ask a few tricky questions - the quickest and easiest of them is to request a meeting on Saturday evening. Married men at this time usually sit at home with children and wives, and it is extremely difficult to explain where he is going on a weekend evening, so if a man has something to hide, he will probably refuse to meet.

If the meeting nevertheless takes place, but the girl's suspicions persist, there is no need to hesitate to ask for a passport and look at the page with information about marriage and children.

How to recognize a married person
How to recognize a married person

To start a relationship with a married person or not, each girl decides for herself, however, it is worth remembering that on sites such men are most often looking for easy, non-forced acquaintances, so a serious relationship most likely will not work out. For those looking for not serious relationships, we have collected the TOP dating site for married and married!

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