TOP - 18 Ideal Phrases For Dating A Girl On The Internet

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TOP - 18 Ideal Phrases For Dating A Girl On The Internet
TOP - 18 Ideal Phrases For Dating A Girl On The Internet

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phrases for dating a girl on the internet
phrases for dating a girl on the internet

Nowadays, most young people get to know each other on the Internet. Various social networks, dating sites, games and other sites provide opportunities for this. It is easier to get acquainted in this way than live: there is less embarrassment, more time to think over phrases for meeting a girl on the Internet.

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  • 1 Never write these phrases
  • 2 The best phrases for dating a girl on the Internet
  • 3 Most advanced phrases

If you like the girl, you need to figure out how to get her to respond to the message. Threats and attempts to evoke feelings of pity do not count, and will not help you achieve what you want. Just as you should not use phrases from which the girls are already starting to twitch their eyes.

Never write these phrases

  • "Does your mom need a son-in-law?" - tops the top of the most used dating offers. From such a message, the girl is likely to block the dialogue, fearing what the continuation might be.
  • “Today they called me from the Celestial Empire and said that an angel had escaped from them, but I will not betray you” - to such an extent the phrase “dropped in” that the girl would want to call the Celestial Empire and send the person who wrote it to her there.
  • “Until I saw your photos, I considered myself gay” is a bad option. A girl can take gay sex seriously.
  • "May I meet you?" - so trite and not new that the fair sex prefer not to answer it.
  • “Your parents didn't accidentally …” and then the conquerors of women's hearts substitute the word depending on their fantasies. If the first time, when this phrase for dating just appeared, the girls still answered such messages on the Internet, now the chances are negligible. And if we take into account the current situation in the world, then substitute the traditional word “terrorists” at all.

The best phrases for dating a girl on the internet2

What girls really appreciate in guys, especially when they meet, is a sense of humor and originality. A few online dating phrases that can help you start a conversation:

  • “You look so much like my future wife that you and I simply have to get to know each other” - it is better to add a smiley to such a phrase so that it does not look too insistent.
  • “They probably don't sell you alcohol … if you find yourself in a store without a passport, write, I'll buy a bottle of wine for you” - a rather original acquaintance, containing a compliment.
online acquaintance
online acquaintance
  • “You probably need a guy who will clean tangerines for you” - this phrase will be appreciated, especially in winter.
  • “Where would you like to be in a year? I am close to you. Give a chance to a wonderful future! " - such a beginning is original and shows the seriousness of the guy's intentions.
  • “Today, according to my horoscope, I was supposed to meet a beautiful girl. Let's not anger the stars. My name is … "- such a beginning should please the fair sex.

Most advanced phrases3

Girls can be interested if there are common interests. Even if they are not there, you can deceive and show interest in what she loves:

“You have a very beautiful dog! I want to have the same one, can you tell me how to take care of it properly? " - if a girl really loves dogs, she will definitely answer such a message

acquaintance with a girl
acquaintance with a girl
  • “I looked through your music and realized that we have the same musical taste. Can you recommend me music bands in this style? " - the conversation will start easily and naturally.
  • “Judging by your photos, you travel a lot. Can you tell us which countries are worth visiting? " - the girl will be happy to share her experience.

If the girl's profile is not very clear about her interests and hobbies, you can use general phrases to meet a girl on the Internet:

  1. "You are so beautiful that you cannot go alone, let me accompany you?"
  2. “They say that love saves the world. Let's save him together? "
  3. “Your face looks familiar to me. Where do you usually rest? "
  4. "Save my day, answer my message"
  5. “You are constantly online, like me. Maybe we will get to know each other and we will spend time with benefit? "
  6. “How about hanging out with an attractive guy? Beautiful people should stick together. "
  7. “You are so beautiful that when I started typing in the morning, I passed out. I just woke up now "
  8. “Can you suggest a cozy cafe for a romantic evening? By the way, are you free today? "
  9. “Gazprom claims that dreams come true. Will my dream come true - to meet you? "
  10. "Your charming smile and bottomless eyes just left me no choice and I wrote to you"
internet dating
internet dating

To start communication, the girl needs to be interested in the first message. To do this, it is best to study all the available information about her in order to understand how to proceed. Some girls easily make contact and it will be enough to write standard phrases for dating, while for others you need to come up with an original and non-standard approach. It must be remembered that many girls on the Internet behave differently than in real life. The main thing in any situation is not to forget about humor - it often saves communication.

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