Questions To A Girl About Relationships And Love

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Questions To A Girl About Relationships And Love
Questions To A Girl About Relationships And Love

Video: Questions To A Girl About Relationships And Love

Video: Questions To A Girl About Relationships And Love
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Girl in glasses
Girl in glasses

Without a normal system of communication within a couple, there can be no healthy and happy relationship. Fact.

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1 53 questions for her

If conflicts have accumulated in a couple, you need to talk. If you want your girlfriend to behave differently in relationships and sex, you need to talk. And if the relationship suddenly lost that pungent taste of passion, you need to … guess yourself?

"Everything is fine with us, so we can not discuss our relationship, right?"

Hell no, not like that!

To keep your relationship wonderful, you need to invest in it. Therefore, friend, do not waste your time - choose any of the questions below and ask them to your beloved.

53 questions for her

  • What did you think of me when we met? What kind of person did you see me as?
  • What hooked you in me?
  • When, in your opinion, did something start to emerge between us?
  • Have I changed since the beginning of the relationship?
  • Are you satisfied with the degree of closeness between us?
  • Have your feelings for me changed?
  • How have we influenced each other?
  • Did I have any influence on you?
  • How often do we cheer each other up?
  • Do you often indulge in fantasies about our future?
  • Do you enjoy spending time with my family and friends?
  • Would you like to correspond / talk on the phone more often?
  • Do you think about me often?
girl with balloons
girl with balloons
  • Do you enjoy sharing with me how your day was?
  • Remember the most romantic moment associated with me.
  • Do we feel each other without words?
  • What is your favorite memory of me?
  • How would you like me to show my love - with words, actions, touches?
  • Have you ever been overcome by jealousy and anger that you find it difficult to cope with?
  • How do you feel when other girls pay attention to me?
  • How do you feel when I communicate, make friends, spend time with girls?
  • How would you like us to resolve conflicts?
  • Did you have to sacrifice anything for me and our relationship?
two girls in wigs
two girls in wigs
  • Which of us is the first to go to reconciliation more often?
  • Do you easily forgive me for my mistakes?
  • Do you put up with all my flaws?
  • Should partners know everything about each other's past?
  • Do you think our relationship can last a lifetime?
  • How do you feel when I leave you for a long time because of work and other things?
  • Could you give up your principles to save the relationship?
  • Do you have any secrets that you would like to tell me?
  • What is your relationship with my loved ones, in your opinion?
  • Do you accept me and my views entirely?
  • Have you ever thought about cheating? Why?
  • Have you ever thought about breaking up? Why?
  • Would you lie to save the relationship?
girl on the grass
girl on the grass
  • Would you be able to be in a relationship in which you are loved, and you only accept love?
  • Do you see me in your future?
  • Have you thought about getting married? / Why did you decide to marry me?
  • Making a compromise means sacrificing your beliefs?
  • What do you expect from our relationship?
  • What is more in our relationship - happy or sad moments?
  • Does our relationship make you happy?
  • Have you been able, thanks to our relationship, to forget about past disappointments?
  • If you could go back in time, would you change anything in our relationship, in the way we met?
  • Do partners need to have common interests?
  • Should partners give up friendship for love?
  • Do you believe that the best relationship starts with friendship?
  • Which couple from a movie or TV show do you think represents an ideal relationship?
birthday girl
birthday girl
  • What is missing in our relationship?
  • Was your first impression of me correct? Are you happy about that?
  • Would you like us to discuss our relationship more often?
  • Where would you like to go on a date next time?

PS When she answers the last question, be ready to fulfill her dream soon. Or offer an equally tasty alternative.