Dating Site Without Serious Relationship: Offering Options?

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Dating Site Without Serious Relationship: Offering Options?
Dating Site Without Serious Relationship: Offering Options?

Video: Dating Site Without Serious Relationship: Offering Options?

Video: Dating Site Without Serious Relationship: Offering Options?
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Dating site without serious relationship
Dating site without serious relationship

Many people have found a soul mate on the generous Internet, started a family or have a promising romantic relationship. But among the inhabitants of social networks and other citizens, there are people who do not seek to tie the knot of Gemeneus, but at the same time, are looking for those who will fill the hours of free time, or loneliness, with a “sweet” presence. For such individuals, a dating site is created without serious relationships.

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  • 1 Who is looking for whom
  • 2 Successful profile
  • 3 Attractive photography
  • 4 Completed profile encourages communication
  • 5 The process is underway!
  • 6 Rules for good communication
  • 7 In search of "rich Buratino"

Who is looking for whom i

The site successfully exists and develops for a category of people such as:

  • married men looking for side entertainment;
  • married women who want to have fun with a young (and not so) lover;
  • girls who dream of finding a worthy sponsor, offering in return a pretty face and a slender body;
  • guys, with the aim of acquiring a girlfriend for a free relationship, or an adult young lady for a sexual experience.

In any case, individuals who are determined to find partners for marriage and starting a family on a dating site without a serious relationship are not expected. An excellent selection of dating sites for married and married in our article.

Inveterate bachelors and divorced women register on such sites with the intention of finding a good lover with whom they can regularly meet and while away lonely evenings.

Not every woman seeks to find a husband in the person of a potential male, she values her independence and sacredly protects personal freedom. But "nature", as they say, "takes its toll." The female body requires male attention and affection, and in every possible way avoids marital duties and other affairs adjacent to marriage.

Successful profile2

As soon as a person finds the desired dating site without a serious relationship, he first of all goes through the registration and fills out the profile. A personal page begins with a name and a photo. If a person tries to keep his presence on this site a big secret, it is advisable to change the name. But you should not include deep imagination and sparkling humor while inventing all sorts of nicknames for yourself. Sometimes it looks funny and does not always correspond to reality, for example:

  • a forty-five-year-old lady with the expression on the face of Alice Freundlich signs herself as "Playful Kitty";
  • a skinny youth with a sparse fluff on his face describes himself as "Your sweet dream";
  • a fat uncle with deep mimic wrinkles along his forehead is called nothing more than "Lone Wolf";
  • or other funny nicknames that are painful in the stomach, absolutely not conducive to intimate relationships: "Sexy Panda", "Big Love Child", "Little Toad", "Hemp Master", "Princess of Dreams" and others.
Dating site without serious relationship
Dating site without serious relationship

Attractive photography3

Dating site for sex and without serious relationships requires a suitable ava, profile picture. This point should be taken seriously, because the avatar is considered the “face” of the opponent, and people, as has been known for a long time, “are met by their clothes, but escorted by their minds”.

A woman should choose a photo in which she looks attractive, but not too frankly - you should not extend her charms to the right and to the left. Pictures in the image of a housewife or a caring mother are best left for a family photo album. Photos where the woman looks stern and unapproachable, with the expression on the face of Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya will be superfluous.

It is necessary to select high-quality portrait or full-length shots, where the young lady looks pleasant and attractive, in accordance with her real age. Representatives of the fairer sex make a big mistake by sending photos of ten years ago to their account. Sooner or later, a man will find out that the photo with the owner of the profile does not match, and this situation can bring disappointment, criticism and other unpleasant moments.

There are also many awkward pictures among male avatars: either a man uploads a self-made selfie that represents his appearance in an unsightly manner: with a huge swollen nose, brightly screaming pimples, deep wrinkles and a yellow-toothed smile; or the photo shows a pot-bellied little man in a greasy shirt with a proudly demonstrated "prima" in his teeth.

dating sites without obligation
dating sites without obligation

Not every male physique, as well as female, is suitable for general display in swimwear or underwear. And the photos where the guy has his pants down, revealing the area below the navel, do not look as seductive as absurd and ridiculous.

If a man threatens to "interlocutor" to support her financially during intimate meetings, and in the profile photo is depicted in well-worn "sweatshirts" against the background of faded wallpaper, not every lady will take him seriously. It is necessary to correspond to the status in which the site's inhabitant tries to convince the “chosen person”.

In addition to the main photo, you need to bring in several other pictures, playful, interesting, showing the dignity of a person. It is advisable to save intimate photos for private messages when acquaintance begins to take sharp turns.

Completed profile encourages communication4

Marital status is an important column in any dating site. If the site assumes non-binding, easy acquaintances, you should not hide the fact of having a family. In any case, each of the “present” is looking for “entertainment”, and not a candidate for creating a family.

A filled out, according to the maxim, questionnaire in the profile will allow a person to more quickly find what he has registered on the site for.

Dating site without serious relationship
Dating site without serious relationship

It is important for a woman to interest a guy, for the latter to attract a woman. You should not write special wisdom, detailed biography or philosophical reflections on life. You need to arouse interest in your naturalness, humor, and special zest.

Girls can write what a man will first of all pay attention to, and not indulge in long stories about their beloved. For example, many men will be attracted by a similar text: "I love to do massage, talk about football and fishing, pleasant languid evenings."

In the questionnaire, you should honestly talk about your goals, which are pursued on a dating site without a serious relationship, this or that person.

Men, like women, should be careful when describing the person they want to meet or get. One man indicated in the obligatory paragraph "a beautiful physique", and the plump lady, experiencing a feeling of resentment and vulnerability, rejected the flirting of the "honest and straightforward" boyfriend.

The process has started! 5

Usually, dating on sites occurs after a "like" under a photo or a flattering comment. If a girl or a guy is thanked for the compliment, this is a kind of offer to continue dating. For compliments that flow like a river on such a platform, they do not thank those to whom they have no interest. Read more about how to find a girl without a serious relationship in the article at the link.

online dating is not for serious relationship
online dating is not for serious relationship

First, a man or woman should greet the person who interests them. The phrase looks dull and uninteresting: "Hello, will we meet?", Or "Would you like to meet?" …

No, the girl just registered on the site to while away the hour while the borscht is being cooked. Naturally, for this, everyone gathered to make new acquaintances and you should not ask such questions, which are pouring in from different sides.

Better to write another compliment, like, “Girl, are you really 30? You look much younger! " A little naive, it sounds like a classic, but the young lady will not pass by such a phrase. In order to successfully drive up to a man, a woman can write the following introduction: "What a nice man, probably an equally interesting interlocutor?" The main thing is a lot of compliments, the stronger sex is on them much more than the weaker one.

You should not immediately go to the point of "intimacy" and "sexual encounters" in the correspondence, but you should not delay such conversations if you feel that both have long been ripe for this issue.

Men often make the mistake of promising a woman "unearthly sex" and "unforgettable Cooney" at the first lines of their acquaintance. A lady, first of all, must figure out who she is dealing with, and then decide for herself whether she wants to meet with him or not. Photos showing gender identity should also not be sent hastily. It is better to wait for the right moment when the correspondence will move to the appropriate level.

sites not for serious relationship
sites not for serious relationship

Rules for good communication6

Lonely women, longing for the absence of personal life, rush from one extreme to another: they communicate with timid monosyllabic phrases or throw a stream of unnecessary information on a man.

Having created an account for sex dating on Vkontakte or another dating site without a serious relationship, the opponent is bombarded with numerous offers about "close acquaintance" and "invitations to chat". In order not to get lost in the pool of mass "friendliness", you should adhere to simple but important tips:

  • Do not seek to answer everyone who paid attention.
  • Firmly weed out individuals who do not meet expectations and preferences.
  • Do not communicate with a person "out of boredom." He may have vain hopes for the continuation of the acquaintance.
  • If communication with a person has ceased to please, you need to clearly and politely stop correspondence with him.

You must remember the purpose of a dating site without a serious relationship. This is not a platform on which to find a soul mate or a future life partner, it is a company of people who are looking for a person for "entertainment" and a pleasant pastime.

When communicating with the opposite sex, women should not:

meet online without obligation
meet online without obligation
  • Complaining about work, the weather, a neighbor's dog, health … Especially, health, if an acquaintance is supposed to spin into a love affair.
  • Asking questions of a personal nature: about family, relatives, inquiring to the conscience of the "walking spouse". It is not their mind that led a man to the "left path", they can either keep him company, or pass by.
  • Consider the subject for a serious relationship, no matter how attractive and reliable he is. There are other sites for this.

In search of "rich Buratino" 7

Some girls scour these sites in order to find a wealthy man who will pay a decent amount for a sexual date. It is not for nothing that some sites say that “corrupt” women and “preoccupied” men reign on their pages.

However, each of them has the right to dispose of their own body and finances at their own discretion. Women crave a wealthy life and sex life, men crave sexual satisfaction, no one is looking for love and may well agree on a common "mutual help".

For such an event to be successful, the girl must heed the following tips:

Observe moderation in price: the low cost of an "intimate meeting" will lead to the thought of at least or that the young lady "underestimates herself", too high - will alienate a potential lover or cause a stream of criticism

dating sites without obligation
dating sites without obligation
  • Do not "overfeed" a man with photographs of an intimate nature. A couple of interesting erotic photographs are quite enough to spark interest in the "male" and bring the desired meeting closer.
  • By agreeing to the first "date", the girl must make it clear to the man that she will take various measures for her own safety: she will get to her destination in the company of a reliable person who, after meeting her, will be on the phone. Unfortunately, among wealthy men who are ready to honestly "pay" for an intimate meeting, a person with bad intentions may turn up.

Some young ladies put their health and lives in great danger by frivolously going on a "paid" date. Men, agreeing to a "paid" date, should communicate with a woman quite respectfully and honestly, frankly explaining to the lady what actions and sexual delights they expect from her.

A dating site for married and free dating seekers without serious relationships is very useful because they do not want to get married, look for a soul mate, but need an interesting love adventure and a sexual partner. Every day the majority of "gold diggers" find the desired "treasure" on the vastness of the site.

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