TOP 60 Signs Of Male And Female Infidelity

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TOP 60 Signs Of Male And Female Infidelity
TOP 60 Signs Of Male And Female Infidelity

Video: TOP 60 Signs Of Male And Female Infidelity

Video: TOP 60 Signs Of Male And Female Infidelity
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Are you paranoid or your intuition doesn't let you down? Who knows!

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  • 1 your husband is cheating on you
  • 2 Your wife is cheating on you

According to a study by Boston University sociology professor Deborah Carr, about 25% of men sleep with other women while married.

We are used to thinking that adultery is not a woman's face. But it turns out that the number of women who commit adultery has grown by 40% since 1990. So says Esther Perel, a psychoanalyst and author of a book on rethinking adultery.

What number is your husband or your wife? Here are the top 30 most common signs for each case.

Your husband is cheating on you

Lack of sex

Of course, sex isn't the only form of intimacy in a strong relationship. But if your husband, having no health problems (both physical and mental), suddenly lost interest in sex, this is a bad signal.

The phone is always with him

It is possible that you, too, carry your smartphone everywhere with you, while being completely honest with your spouse.


If your husband suddenly decides to literally merge with the phone, takes it to the shower with him and freaks out, if the gadget falls into your hands, there is a great risk that he has something to hide.

He often mentions her

Your husband talks about this girl too often. He manages to cram the mention of her into literally any story. And indeed it seems that he thinks about her constantly.

Constantly talks about cheating

This is perhaps one of the strangest signs that your spouse is cheating on you. But some jealous people are so afraid of betrayal from their spouse that (consciously or not) they deliberately commit adultery themselves. All this is due to fears and complexes.

Sudden gifts

If your spouse has always been generous (or has become so when you "hinted" to him for the thousandth time), you should not immediately throw accusations at him. But if gifts suddenly start pouring on you, chances are that he is trying to drown out the feeling of guilt in this way.

man giving at
man giving at

I started looking after myself

“When people cheat, they often feel as if they were reborn. The thrill of romance and the feeling of being wanted can lead them to change completely,”says Certified Imago-Therapist Rabbi Shlomo Slatkin, MS, LCPC, co-founder of the marriage restoration project.

Monosyllabic answers

The lack of trusting communication in a couple is always a disturbing symptom. If his answers suddenly become monosyllabic, and communication is clearly disrupted, the question arises - what worries him so?

Constant correspondence

He is constantly in correspondence with someone and refuses to say who exactly. If a man has always had a fairly narrow social circle, such a surge in social activity is suspicious.

Scattered with money

Traitors often shower their secret passions with gifts. The spouse's expenses have suddenly increased. What does he spend such sums on? He refuses to answer.

a man throws money
a man throws money


He found in the new woman a way to escape from the monotony of family life. The spouse is in love with the other, so now he sees only flaws in you.

The regime of the day has changed

He needs to carefully set aside time to meet with his mistress. So the established daily routine has to be redrawn right on the go.

Sudden interests

You tried so hard to instill in him a love of theaters, cinema, museums, and he flatly refused. And then he suddenly started attending cultural events. New interests don't come out of nowhere.


He suddenly developed complexes with regards to his appearance or success. It is likely that the new relationship is to blame. Starting an affair, we try to appear in the best light before our partner and may feel insecure about ourselves.

insecure man
insecure man

His friends

Feelings of guilt for cheating on a friend extend to them too. It is hard for them to look you in the eyes, and they try to somehow make amends. As a result, they suddenly start acting like you've always been best friends.

Criticizes other women

Previously, he never spoke out to other women. Now he considers it his duty to demonstrate to you that all the women of the world except you are disgusting to him.

You are no longer a priority

He can easily refuse agreements with you in order to take a walk with friends. And this happens all the time.


He likes all the posts of this girl. In the modern world, likes are a kind of sign of attention. That is, another way to demonstrate his admiration for the girl with whom he is cheating.

Refuses your care

Again, guilt. He refuses gifts, cares and other tokens. Some men, unable to bear it, simply declare to their spouses “I am a bad person,” without explaining anything.

the man does not want to be touched
the man does not want to be touched

Sex without kissing

And also without foreplay, without eye contact, and in general any hint of an emotional connection.

Sex non-stop

For some men, the presence of a secret romance is very exciting - the libido goes crazy and he begins to want sex all the time.

Does not want to talk

His new woman shares his interests, and now it is much more interesting for him to communicate with her.

From afar

He began to often talk about his friends who are cheating on their girls. And each time he closely monitors your reaction.

Hard worker

He is uncomfortable at home. He uses every opportunity to stay late at work.

the girl lies on the guy
the girl lies on the guy


As soon as you mention that he is acting suspiciously, he immediately begins to accuse you of unhealthy jealousy.

Change of wardrobe

Previously, he absolutely did not care about his wardrobe. And now you have a lively illustration from a glossy magazine in your home.

Logins and passwords

Some traitors deliberately give their faithful passwords from their social networks. Of course, after clearing all correspondence.


Any harmless question provokes aggression. You are already afraid to ask how he spent the day - he instantly turns into the Hulk.

You have different sleep patterns

You no longer go to bed at the same time. What for? While you sleep, texting with another is much more convenient.

boyfriend flirting
boyfriend flirting


As soon as you ask him how the party with his friends went, he begins to list everyone present and even describes the wallpaper pattern in the apartment. He wants to justify himself and divert suspicion from himself.

Sex problems

Changing your sexual habits can lead to all sorts of problems in having sex with you. For example, it now takes too long for him to reach orgasm.

Your wife is cheating on you2

Confusion with names

We all sometimes have "Freudian slips". But special attention should be paid to such "reservations". It is likely that she dreams of another man or is already sleeping with him.

Does not allow you to do laundry

Why does a woman refuse help with washing? Either she loves to wash things, or she fears that you may find mysterious checks and other suspicious finds in your pockets.

girl washes
girl washes

Don't need your photos

She suddenly removes anything from social media that might indicate a relationship with you. She doesn't want to look like a busy lady anymore.

Silence smartphones

She puts the phone on silent mode in order to avoid unnecessary questions: “Who constantly writes to you? Who called you now? Why did you drop the call?"


“If your relationship with your partner becomes less romantic and flirtatious, that’s a red alarm,” says Jonathan Bennett, board certified dating counselor and coach. No more sweet and playful nicknames. Your relationship becomes like some kind of strange friendship.

Favorite work

She began to often stay late at work. At work? In any case, you can start a romance even at work - with a nice new colleague. Has your wife always been such a workaholic?

She changed passwords

Relevant for couples who exchanged passwords from their social networks at the beginning of the relationship. Has your wife suddenly set new passwords, arguing that she is afraid of hackers? Suspicious.

the girl lies on the bed with the phone 23
the girl lies on the bed with the phone 23

Where are you?

She is constantly interested in your location and when you will return home. Perhaps she misses you very much. Or she is afraid that you will catch her by surprise when she does not "get bored" with another.


She began to closely monitor her figure. I increased the number of workouts and went on a diet. And this despite the fact that before all this phyto-bustle did not really bother her.

She doesn't share anything with you

Intimacy in a relationship gradually fades away. And besides, she doesn't really want to explain what she was doing while you weren't around.

The devil is in the details

She suddenly became very thorough and meticulous. When you ask how her day went, she is no longer limited to the standard "Had been better." She tells everything in the smallest detail, so that the story looks believable.


Traitors very often suffer from increased suspicion. And they project their betrayal on partners, harassing them with interrogations.

Family status

She removed you from the "marital status" section on all social networks. So she wants to demonstrate to potential partners that she is open to flirting and, perhaps, something more.

Shuns your friends

If she loses control of herself, drinks too much and accidentally gives out any information to your friends, it will be over. Also, if a woman is preparing to leave her marriage for another man, she will want to work on creating a life that is not related to her spouse or any of his friends and family.

Avoids certain establishments

You offer her to go to a new restaurant, but as soon as you mention its name, she starts to get nervous. It is possible that she regularly goes to this institution with another man. She is afraid that something might go wrong.


Everything is simple here - guilt.

Experiments in bed

According to Don-David Lusterman, Ph. D., author of Cheating: A Guide to Survival, your wife should have learned these new tricks from someone, and if that person is not you, it is more than likely that she is drawing inspiration from another man.

sexy couple at home
sexy couple at home

She is unhappy

If your spouse tells you that she is unhappy in her marriage, do not let this revelation go on deaf ears. Otherwise, she will find solace in something else.

Caring for appearance

The early stages of a relationship are when we go out of our way to please. Is there discord in your relationship, and your spouse suddenly seems to blossom? Well, it’s very likely that all these efforts are not for you.


When you talk about something, she doesn't listen to you. Her eyes are clouded and she is clearly thinking of something more interesting than you and your talk about work.

Not together anymore

You spend more and more time apart. And it seems to suit my spouse.

She talks a lot about cheating

He discusses with you the topic of cheating, open relationships, talks about acquaintances who are cheating on their partners. It is difficult for her to tell you everything directly and she "sets the stage".

You annoy her

Her heart no longer belongs to you. All your flaws are now visible to the naked eye. And it really pisses her off.


Separate trips

Wherever she goes, she doesn't want to take you with her. Even if both of you are on the way, she will come up with a reason why you shouldn't go together.

Suspicious calls

She is constantly being called by "spammers". But since when do you have to leave the room and close the door behind you in order to answer the "spammers"?

Salon procedures

She began to pay much more attention to hair removal. And there is no guarantee that all these procedures are done for you.

Dry messages

She no longer flirts with you. She has lost interest in you.

Trust is lost

She trusts you less and less. Now she has another support.

guy kissing girl on the neck
guy kissing girl on the neck

Sexual infections

If you are absolutely healthy, and your wife has a spicy infection, the question arises - how did this happen?

Lonely friends

Boring married girlfriends will lecture and get bored. Therefore, now she prefers to hang out in the company of lonely and adventurous friends.

PS Of course, there are exceptions in every described case. But keep in mind that having problems with sex, poor communication, and constant fights are not normal. There are definitely problems in your couple that need to be addressed - and it's not necessarily a third excess.