Should A Man Give Money To A Woman? Truthful Answer

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Should A Man Give Money To A Woman? Truthful Answer
Should A Man Give Money To A Woman? Truthful Answer

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should a man support a girl
should a man support a girl

Love and money. It would seem that the concepts are mutually exclusive, but our life is arranged in such a way that it is hardly possible to separate one from the other. It is natural and logical that the family budget should be common, and that the main earner of mammoths, despite feminization, remains a man.

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  • 1 Nobody owes anyone, but …
  • 2 Not a wife, just meet
  • 3 Why is everything so complicated?

Unfortunately, women's emancipation also has consequences that, for some reason, did not bother to provide for the energetic ladies who stood at the origins of this movement. As a result, there are many extremes, often bordering on insanity. For example? The position of the man: "I am not an ATM!" Of course not. But a man. The miner. It is the one whom nature has endowed with sufficient strength to bring a mammoth into the house. The position of a spoiled glamorous diva: “I am a goddess! I was created to be admired, loved and paid for! " Come on. And what can these ladies offer a man? Support? Attention and care? Hardly. The third abnormal option is that a woman is embarrassed to accept money from a man. Even if she feeds him dinners from products bought with her own money. So should a man give money and to whom? Your wife, your girlfriend? And if the couple just started dating?

Nobody owes anyone, but … __8230

In terms of employment and the opportunity to earn a decent life for oneself and the other half, opportunities for men and women are now equal. But there are situations when a man should really support his woman. What kind?

Should I give money to a woman
Should I give money to a woman
  • She brings up your common children. While the children are small, there can be no question of kindergarten, and the question of whether to hire a nanny seems controversial. It seems that there can be no two opinions here. Children are common, desirable and they need a mother. A normal man in this situation is unlikely to object.
  • "I don't want my woman to work." Men say this phrase as often as another about an ATM. That for a woman such a relationship is a "golden cage" or an opportunity to be realized as a keeper of the hearth, wife and mother - each couple decides for itself. But if a man sets such a condition, he is obliged to provide for his beloved.
  • A man is so rich that he does not care whether his beloved earns or not. He wants to see next to him a worthy companion of life - beautiful, understanding, erudite. Often in such cases, the question of whether a man should give money does not seem to be something important at all.

But still, if a woman is fully supported by a man, modern society, as a rule, condemns her. Especially if such a situation is not justified by the need to take care of children.

Why does a man give money to a woman with joy and pleasure, and is this normal?

Not a wife, just dating

If the relationship between a woman and a man is only developing and the family is not yet discussed, then the point of view of some girls really seems a little strange. Of course, it is natural that the guy will pay the general bill at the restaurant, buy tickets to the concert. But excuse me, why should he pay for the trips of his beloved to a beauty salon or fitness club? The girls' claims are not entirely clear: "He is my boyfriend, he must understand that I need both cosmetics and fashionable clothes." You know, a man really is not an ATM. And while he has not taken any responsibility for your financial situation, has he?

Should I give money to a woman
Should I give money to a woman

Some guys behave quite mysteriously at the beginning of a relationship. Meeting a loved one on her territory, eating food prepared for her is normal. But on the harmless and well-grounded request of the girl - to take part in restocking in the refrigerator, the reaction is quite strange.

Why is everything so difficult? 2

It seems that the money issue in the relationship between a man and a woman has become so "delicate" not by chance or suddenly. The legacy of the patriarchal order is still very strong in our society. On the other hand, the Western model of equal relations is being propagated quite actively. Remnants of the Soviet era are also causing a lot of confusion.

Psychologists have practically come to a consensus that our society, which has undergone too many changes recently, simply has not yet formed a unified model of relations in this matter. The topic of money is considered unreasonably almost indecent. And couples simply do not discuss this issue, believing that everything will be settled "by itself."

We have not lived in caves for a long time. There is no need to go hunting a mammoth. We get food and other benefits differently now. We work, we make money. And the opportunities for both sexes are equal. Accordingly, responsibilities are equal. “Strong and independent” women have fought for equality for decades and they have achieved a certain result.

What conclusion have we come to? In fact, everything is very simple. Man and woman have equal rights and equal responsibilities. Therefore - no one owes anything to anyone.

Should a man give money
Should a man give money

But. If a man wants to take care of his beloved, provide for her, pamper and delight - this applies only to both of them. Likewise, a wealthy and successful woman may well want to support her man financially. Each couple should resolve this issue in a way that is acceptable and convenient for them. Not relying on public opinion. Moreover, it is very contradictory in relation to this problem.

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