A Girl Loves Another Guy: What To Do And How To Be?

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A Girl Loves Another Guy: What To Do And How To Be?
A Girl Loves Another Guy: What To Do And How To Be?

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There are a lot of happy love stories in life, but, unfortunately, most of them are present only on cinema screens and on sheets of romantic books. Every person has at least once faced the fact that he is deceived or betrayed. Most are accustomed to the fact that most often girls suffer from betrayal and betrayal, but, unfortunately, sometimes men also fall into unpleasant love triangles because of their beloved women.

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  • 1 How to understand that a girl is lying to you
  • 2 How to deal with a girl who loves another
  • 3 What not to do
  • 4 How to survive betrayal and forgive betrayal

It is very difficult for many men to understand what is the reason for certain female actions and, often, female infidelities, men confuse with female boredom. So how to understand that there is another man in the heart of your beloved and what to do if your girlfriend loves another guy?

How to understand that a girl is lying to you

Not every girl admits that her feelings for you have cooled down and that another has appeared in her heart. But by the behavior you can understand that your beloved is deceiving you. If a girl loves another guy, but officially still in a relationship with you, new character traits will definitely appear in her behavior. For example, she can become more hot-tempered and deliberately provoke quarrels.

There will be a changeability in her character that has not been observed before. In addition, she may become more absent-minded and “hover in the clouds”, with her thoughts being somewhere far away from you. Also, girls are characterized by changes in appearance, girls in love begin to take care of themselves more carefully. As a rule, in a long relationship, everything happens differently, and girls often stop monitoring their appearance as much as when they are actively searching.

Therefore, if suddenly your girlfriend in an instant from a blonde turned into a brunette or made any other drastic changes, then you should think about it, it is quite possible that she wants to impress someone and, unfortunately, it is not always you. Each girl has her own tricks, but the fact remains that if she falls in love with another, then sooner or later all the secret will become clear.

How to deal with a girl who loves another2

Consider two situations. First, it may turn out that the girl with whom you met for a long time suddenly fell in love with another. Such an act can be considered treason and further actions depend only on what you still want to get from the person and how much her act hurt you. Suppose your feelings are so strong that you are ready to forgive everything.

So what should you do? You should not go out of your way to return the girl, she is unlikely to appreciate it and find you intrusive and annoying. There are situations when it is better to be inactive. Give yourself time to "cool down" and give her time to think. If the girl herself comes in contact with you, then do everything to show your best sides. Communicate with her in a relaxed and simple way, do not make scenes of jealousy. Do not idealize the person you love and think over and over whether it is worth returning them.

Secondly, you can just fall in love with a girl you know who has a boyfriend. Here the situation is simpler, since you have not previously had a relationship with this lady, which means that you have not done anything bad to each other. In order not to seem intrusive, try to become a friend for her first. Make your time together simple and carefree, show your best sides, but do not talk about feelings, otherwise you may completely lose her.

if the beloved loves another
if the beloved loves another

And most importantly, you don't need to start talking with her about her boyfriend, try to make sure that she doesn't think about him with you. Do not say anything bad about her man, and if they have a fight, do not rush to romance. Your task, at the first stage, is to inspire trust, but then everything will turn out by itself if you are confident in yourself and know your worth.

What not to do3

Psychologists say that there is a whole list of actions that are permissible and unacceptable to do if you want to return your beloved girl at the moment when she is overwhelmed by romantic feelings towards another. If the contact between you is not lost and you have the opportunity to communicate with a girl who loves another guy, then in no case should you remind her of him. In conversations, try to distract her from extraneous thoughts as much as possible. Do not make scenes of jealousy and do not start talking about unhappy love. Never say good or bad about your new lover. Your task is to create the maximum atmosphere, as if there was no other man at all. You don't have to be intrusive. Under no circumstances try to write or call her all the time. Obsession can only alienate a person. It is not possible to achieve sympathy in this way.Give an opportunity to miss you.

If you suddenly notice that the relationship of your beloved with a new boyfriend is not working out, do not rush to occupy all of her space and immediately call for a date. Take your time with romance and let the person sort out their feelings. The most important thing is to create such a communication model so that you associate only with good and positive emotions.

if a loved one loves another
if a loved one loves another

How to survive betrayal and forgive betrayal4

How to come to terms with the fact that your girlfriend loves another guy and how to forgive cheating - these questions are asked by all men who are faced with female infidelity. And if male infidelity has already become something commonplace today, then female love offenses are treated more conservatively. Without a doubt, every person who has been betrayed will experience problems with their own self-esteem.

But in such a difficult moment, you need to think exclusively about yourself. The best option would be to find new entertainment and we are not talking about one-off novels, but about a real activity. Start running in the morning or working out at the gym, get a cat or dog, meet friends more often, learn to play the guitar, or think of any other activity that will distract you. There is no need to berate yourself and look for flaws in yourself.

Remember that people tend to be wrong, and girls too. Don't try to call her, write heartbreaking text messages, or send expensive gifts by courier. Do everything to show the cheating girl that you don't care about all this. Obsession always repels, but common sense and pride, on the contrary, attract.

But most importantly, don't become an avid loner and give yourself a chance to forge new healthy and happy relationships. All people are different and if you are faced with betrayal once, then it is not a fact that you will also face the second. Get faith in yourself, find your place in life, and in no case dare to engage in self-destruction.

if a girlfriend loves another
if a girlfriend loves another

No matter how the relationship develops for you, the most important thing is to never lose faith in yourself. If your girlfriend loves another guy and you are sure that these are not jealousy games, then just let her go. Give each of you the opportunity to be happy, because holding on to a person who does not love, you will hurt both him and yourself.

But if there is even a small chance of success and that your beloved's new hobby is just an easy intrigue, then take action. Show your best qualities, make it clear that you are the person she needs. Act as your heart tells you and only then you will acquire real human happiness.

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