How Can You Hide A Hickey On Your Neck? TOP-14 Most Effective Ways

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How Can You Hide A Hickey On Your Neck? TOP-14 Most Effective Ways
How Can You Hide A Hickey On Your Neck? TOP-14 Most Effective Ways

Video: How Can You Hide A Hickey On Your Neck? TOP-14 Most Effective Ways

Video: How Can You Hide A Hickey On Your Neck? TOP-14 Most Effective Ways
Video: how to hide a hickey without makeup 2023, November
how to hide a hickey
how to hide a hickey

It is not good to show the world your passionate relationship. Suction has always been considered bad form, because they could ruin anyone's reputation. And if, in the process of violent copulation, the partner decided to put a mark, then he is a complete egoist. It is not he who will then frantically figure out how to hide the hickey. After all, for almost two weeks, you will have to literally chain yourself in uncomfortable things in order to hide the traces of violent passion.

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  • 1 Out of sight
  • 2 High throat
  • 3 Cosmetics
  • 4 Tools at hand
  • 5 A toothbrush isn't just for teeth
  • 6 Toothpaste
  • 7 Freezing bruise
  • 8 Massage
  • 9 Beauty will save reputation
  • 10 Pharmaceuticals running to the rescue
  • 11 Kitchen - a storehouse of help
  • 12 Soda
  • 13 Potatoes
  • 14 Beef
  • 15 Vinegar
  • 16 Aloe plant
  • 17 Parenting is the key to a quiet life

Out of sight i

There is no need to explain what a hickey is. This is a banal bruise. The most common. It is also called a love bite. But such a tickling name does not evoke pleasant emotions at all when you have to think about how to hide the hickey. It’s just all fun and funny at first. Oh, and yes, passionately, to butterflies in the stomach. The regret will come later, when the passion subsides and it is time to go out into the world. The sucker on the neck seems to say: "Hey, look, I had a fun night today!" Well, it's like making love in public. Moreover, men are famous for their special love for such marks. Women, although they love to bite their lips into the skin of a loved one, are not capable of such bases.

So, the morning is outside, the trumpet calls, and the treacherous bruise proudly sits on the neck. What to do?

High throat2

Will save a high collar shirt, sweater, turtleneck. We'll have to think carefully about the appropriateness of this wardrobe item. If it's +30 on the street, and a person is wearing a turtleneck, then there will be much more suspicion than success in disguise. The situation is saved by the position of office plankton, because they have a strict dress code: shirt, suit, tie. Then you can easily close the suction. Women in this case are also incredibly lucky: any scarf around their neck, and there will be no news for local gossips. For other sufferers, this method is not suitable, which means that you will have to look for an alternative.


Well, girls are simpler, they have the skill of make-up. But for men it is more difficult. But even in such a situation, you can find a way out: whoever messed up, let him solve the problem. Consequently, a sweet creature, sweetly slumbering, risks being left without coffee until it smears the traces of its crime.

To disguise you will need:

  • Correctors for green and yellow colors,
  • Concealer,
  • Foundation,
  • Powder,
  • Makeup brush

To do everything right, you will have to quickly watch a couple of videos on YouTube, so as not to be mistaken in the sequence of applying cosmetics. But, if there is absolutely no time to engage in video viewing, then here is a small lesson:

How to hide a hickey
How to hide a hickey
  • A yellow corrector is applied to the center of the suction. The trick is to neutralize the beautiful purple hue of the bite. This is done with a thin brush.
  • Apply green corrector around the suction.
  • Wait literally 30 seconds
  • Concealer should be as close to skin color as possible.
  • With a makeup brush, concealer is applied over the entire surface of the suction.
  • Then, this entire palette is hammered in with your fingers until the borders of cosmetics and clean skin are completely mixed and smeared. A kind of shading.
  • Then all this art can be powdered.
  • To keep this whole household in place for as long as possible, you need to apply a makeup fixative spray. This will allow the hickey to go unnoticed for several hours. You will have to control the presence of cosmetics all the time, and refresh it with the slightest lubrication. Conclusion: you have to carry everything with you.
  • If all these funds are not at hand, and the time is still only 7:00, and it is not possible to buy, then you can limit yourself to a foundation. But it will have to be kept under control: it gets lubricated very quickly.

It is much easier for girls, of course: they know all these wisdom. And it's good if she stayed overnight. But what if the fairy of love flew away in a taxi on a dark night? Then accessories will come to the rescue.

What to do to hide the hickey
What to do to hide the hickey

Tools at hand4

If you don't have a suitable shirt or cosmetics at hand, then you can use all kinds of accessories. You will have to try not to look ridiculous and not become another meme on social networks.

  • Scarf. This is an old, good friend of all sucking captives. The season can make its own adjustments, but nevertheless, you can pick up a scarf in this case, which can be appropriate for guys, if you choose the appropriate style, for example, "a la cowboy". In addition: jeans, a T-shirt, sneakers and a bandana-style scarf.
  • Emergency help is a sweater on the shoulders. True, it is not entirely appropriate to carry this "cloak" in the office, but on the other hand, you can always say that it is too cool in the office.
  • Bandage or adhesive plaster. Oh, classic helpers. You can always excuse yourself by saying that a rabid insect attacked or your hands could not hold the curling iron. And still everything can be blamed on the scratchy cat. As a result, you still have to come up with an exciting story about a terrible morning.
  • Long hair will perfectly hide the bruise. It is enough to dissolve them on the shoulders to feel more no less confident. If a guy prefers to wear curls, then he can also resort to this method. You just have to control the strands all the time: they must be clearly in place, otherwise the treacherous bite will announce its presence.
Jared Leto
Jared Leto

Down with chains and tokens. They don't belong there on this day. It is necessary to distract human eyes from the neck as much as possible. Gypsy hands in rings and bracelets are better than inquiries and unambiguous glances. Guys can wear watches and bracelets. Have friends look at bismarck weaving on the arm, not on the neck

A toothbrush not only for teeth5

Ah ha! Is there a new toothbrush in the locker? She can do more than just brush her teeth. How to hide suction with a toothbrush? Oh, yes nonsense!

  • First you need to properly grind the suction with a toothbrush. The bristles should be stiff. Only without fanaticism. The task is to grind the bruise, not increase it in size. During friction, the blood that has accumulated under the skin will spread more evenly.
  • Swelling and redness will occur. This is normal, you can just go to drink coffee and wait 15-20 minutes.
  • Then a cold compress is next. It must be left for the same time: 15 - 20 minutes.
  • If the result is pleasing, but not very good, then the procedure can be repeated.
  • If you suddenly overdid it from despair - it doesn't matter. Ice will come to the rescue, well, or a leg from the freezer.
Remove aspiration
Remove aspiration


If a toothbrush is already in use, then you should not discount the toothpaste. The favorite medium of teenagers. And you need an ordinary, white, classic toothpaste.

  • Apply a small amount to the bite site;
  • Leave to dry completely;
  • Remove with a cotton pad moistened with water or simply rinse off.

Freezing bruise7

Bruises were always brought with ice. Well, or something very cold. You can experiment:

  • Cold compress. It's a classic.
  • Ice, preferably in a bag, not in a wire rack. The fingers will freeze faster than the piece will melt.
  • If the mouse hangs itself in the refrigerator, then a cloth soaked in cold water will come to the rescue.
  • In the absence of a rag, a spoon will come to the rescue. It needs to be wetted and sent to freeze.
  • Ice is applied for 20-30 minutes. Then it needs to be removed. After pause for 5 minutes, you can re-attach.
  • When applying a compress, be sure to cover it with something.
  • If a spoon is used as a compress, then it is necessary to freeze several of these cutlery at once in order to speed up the process.
How to get rid of hickey
How to get rid of hickey

Massage 8

And this is already a hot way. You need warmth. There are two ways to do this: heat a towel or pour hot water over a heating pad. Then apply all this goodness to the suction and wait patiently until the sweat pours in streams. Just don't pretend to be a martyr of hell and endure the pain: the burn is aspirated, of course, will hide, but the alternative is so-so. So, the algorithm of actions:

  • Heat only needs to be maintained until hot enough;
  • There is no point in putting on a heating pad right after a hot kiss. According to the laws of first aid, heat is put on the bruise no earlier than 48 hours later. If the aspiration is delivered much earlier, then ice should be applied;
  • After heating the place of the kiss, you need to massage. The suction is a hematoma, therefore it is necessary to massage from the center to the edges. Thus, the thickened blood will be evenly distributed from the epicenter;
  • No fanaticism to make it worse. There is a high probability of an increase in bruise in size;
  • You will have to massage several times a day.

Beauty will save reputation9

What if you don't waste money and nerves on cosmetics, compresses and massage? There is quite a wonderful alternative: a temporary henna or mehendi tattoo. Yes, in the first hours, especially if it's time to run to work, you still have to sculpt an adhesive plaster or do a massage. But during the day it is quite possible to sign up to the master and visit the salon. Considering that the hickey lasts for several days, namely, almost 2 weeks, then mehendi is salvation. The master, although smiling, will help you choose such a pattern in order to hide the affected area as much as possible. Alternatively - a transfer tattoo. Not bad too, by the way.

How to quickly remove a suction
How to quickly remove a suction

Pharmaceuticals Runs to the Rescue10

Since the suction is nothing more than a banal bruise, then ordinary heparin ointment can fight it. In the pharmacy, eyes run up from the abundance of all kinds of means to combat bruises. One thing is important: the composition. It must contain heparin and vitamin K. These funds begin to act almost immediately. They constrict blood vessels, preventing a large flow of blood, relieve swelling. But you still need to act according to the instructions, otherwise there is a risk of harming the skin itself.

Iodine acts very effectively as an assistant. It is applied according to the classic scheme: mesh. Iodine increases blood circulation at the site of aspiration, which significantly reduces the likelihood of its occurrence.

Kitchen - a storehouse of help11

The cupboard is rummaged, cosmetics are checked, all compresses are made. Several helpers can also be found in kitchen cabinets. You don't have to run to the store for them, everyone has them. Well, probably only inveterate bachelors do not, although if he loves and knows how to bake pancakes, that is. Well? Did you go to study the contents of the kitchen set?


This is emergency help. Perfect at the moment: "Hey, what are you, there will be a hickey!"

What will help remove the hickey
What will help remove the hickey
  • Preparation of soda ointment. Soda should be lightly sieved. Lazy people may not bother and immediately add warm water. Better out of the filter. The ideal liquid temperature is room temperature. The paste should be pretty thick. Therefore, for a teaspoon of soda, water should be added almost in drops.
  • Apply Patu on aspirate and leave for 5 - 10 minutes. Of course, a bruise will appear, it all depends on the strength of passion, but it will not be so noticeable.


It is not only a second bread, but also a remedy for getting rid of bruises and burns.

  • A medium root vegetable is suitable for the procedure. It needs to be grated or chopped with a blender.
  • Apply to the bite site and secure with a bandage. It will take about half an hour to walk with such a potato compress.
  • In the absence of a grater or blender, you can simply wrap a circle of root vegetable. You will have to entertain yourself for several times. But every time you need to use a fresh cut.
Means to remove aspiration
Means to remove aspiration

Potato juice can help, too. Using a juicer, you need to squeeze out the juice from the root crop. Saturate a cotton pad with it. Pat the damaged area with a slap. Let it dry naturally and repeat the manipulation again


This is an old, old-fashioned way of getting rid of bruises of any origin.

  • You need to take a small piece of cool meat. It is raw.
  • Fix and leave for 20 - 30 minutes.
  • Do every hour during the day.

Beef works on the principle of a 2 in 1 compress. First it is cooling, and then heating. This contrast has worked well. Moreover, the piece can be used the same.


A 6% vinegar solution is required. Math to help or "OK, Google!" This is in case there is essence or a 9% solution in the house. You just need to periodically wipe the damaged area. The more often the better.

What will help remove the hickey
What will help remove the hickey

Aloe plant16

It copes well not only with a cold, but also with bruises.

  • Grind the aloe stalk;
  • The resulting gruel should be carried to the skin area with suction and fixed with a bandage;
  • Wait 10 - 15 minutes;
  • Repeat 5-10 times during the day.

Upbringing is the key to a quiet life17

In general, an overly passionate lover or girlfriend needs to be curbed a little. If an amateur sucking himself proudly demonstrates his victories, this does not mean that his partner likes such love tattoos. It is worth politely explaining to the zealous that such an appeal is unacceptable.