How Is The Concept Of LGBT Deciphered And What Is It?

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How Is The Concept Of LGBT Deciphered And What Is It?
How Is The Concept Of LGBT Deciphered And What Is It?

Video: How Is The Concept Of LGBT Deciphered And What Is It?

Video: How Is The Concept Of LGBT Deciphered And What Is It?
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lgbt parade
lgbt parade

Whatever one may say, but society had to admit the fact that in addition to heterosexual people, there are also people who have the so-called non-traditional sexual orientation. Moreover, they create their own communities, have special symbols, outlook on life and proudly call themselves LGBT representatives. What is concealed in this abbreviation - we will consider in this material.

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How LGBTi stands for

Four capital letters that fit all representatives of sexual minorities. If you decipher each of these letters, you get the following:

L - lesbians, that is, women who have a sexual interest in representatives of their own sex;

G - gay, men who sexually prefer men;

B - bisexual people who are attracted by persons of both their own sex and the opposite;

T - people with a transgender and transsexual orientation, that is, all those who do not agree with their gender.

Often, one more letter is added to these letters - Q, which implies queer culture and all those representatives of sexual minorities who have not fully decided on their identity. Also, based on these considerations, sometimes a "+" sign can be seen next to the LGBT abbreviation.

What is LGBT2

This term was borrowed from the British, and gained wide popularity in the mid-90s. A few years later, LGBT activists began to add other letters to the generally accepted abbreviation, with the help of which it was possible to more accurately describe gender.

lgbt girls
lgbt girls

So, for example, the letter "A" means belonging to a community of asexual people or so-called confederates. And the letter "I" means intersex people. "C" stands for those who like to experiment, and "H" indicates that this LGBT person is HIV-infected. You can also find another simplified version that covers all representatives of sexual minorities - LGBTetc. Many people still consider the abbreviation LGBT to be not entirely correct, since transgender people are fundamentally different from the same gays or lesbians.

As befits any community, LGBT people boast their own distinctive symbols. Namely:

  • Pink triangle symbol;
  • A lambda that displays a sign of change and a call for equality;
  • And the rainbow flag, which symbolizes the openness of intentions and the struggle for their rights.
lgbt flags
lgbt flags

Let's take a closer look at the meaning of the LGBT flag.

LGBT3 flag

Many people wonder why the rainbow is the basis of the flag of representatives of non-traditional sexual orientation. To answer this question, let's dive into history a little. According to one of the versions (and it should be noted that there are several of them), actress Judy Garland played a key role in the creation of the LGBT flag. It was this girl who was one of the first active participants for the rights of sexual minorities.

In the summer of 1969, the first serious clashes between police and homosexuals, defending their rights, took place in America. And by coincidence, at the peak of her fame, Judy died in June 1969. Shortly before that, he played a role in the movie "The Wizard of Oz". Her touching heroine Dorothy performed the composition "Above the Rainbow" in this picture. And since Judy was considered one of the first "homosexual" icons, the idea of the colors of the flag was not in doubt.

lgbt parade
lgbt parade

The flag was coined by openly gay and activist Gilbert Baker. It was he, at the request of his close friend, and later the murdered Harvey Milk, who came up with a flag for people with non-traditional sexual orientation.

According to another version, Baker "spied" the idea for his flag from the trendy movement at that time - hippies, one of whose vivid supporters was Allen Ginsberg. And yes, he was also a man of non-traditional sexual orientation. Baker simply added a few more stripes to the flag. As a result, LGBT people had their own flag, each of the eight stripes of which had its own special meaning. Later, two colors at once (pink and turquoise) of the original flag were excluded. And already in 1985, the final version of the flag was adopted, consisting of six colors:

  • Red, symbolizing life energy and fire;
  • Orange is the color that represents health;
  • Yellow - bright sun;
  • Green is nature;
  • Blue - an inextricable connection with art, appeasement;
  • Purple is the color of willpower.
lgbt parade 2
lgbt parade 2

LGBT in Russia4

In Russia, representatives of the LGBT community are faced with a wall of misunderstanding and outright condemnation. Homophobia in our country is a fairly frequent occurrence, and despite all the attempts of people with non-traditional sexual orientation to ease this oppression at least a little, it seems that this is not expected in the near future. Most of Russian gays and lesbians live with a "closed face", seriously fearing for their lives and health.

According to our legislation, they do not have the opportunity and the right to officially legalize their relationship, just like openly propagandize their views. With all the desire, such couples will not be able to adopt a child.

LGBT + community sites are regularly subject to all kinds of blocking. So the only thing left for domestic gays is to watch with envy the next rainbow pride or coming-out of their Western European “brother”.

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