Bisexuals: TOP 16 Most Curious Facts

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Bisexuals: TOP 16 Most Curious Facts
Bisexuals: TOP 16 Most Curious Facts

Video: Bisexuals: TOP 16 Most Curious Facts

Video: Bisexuals: TOP 16 Most Curious Facts
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bisexual show
bisexual show

There are many myths and misconceptions about the concept of "bisexuality". Most of them are frankly far-fetched, and have absolutely nothing to do with reality. To avoid confusion, it is important to understand what the term actually means.

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1 The concept of bisexuality

The concept of bisexuality

So, bisexual or bisexual is considered to be a person who experiences both sexual and romantic attraction to people of the opposite and same sex equally.

Bisexuality itself belongs to one of the three key classifications of a person's sexual orientation. This term became widespread in the 19th century. However, some of the factors that reveal its essence, to this day, are a secret sealed for most people. In this material, we will tell you about 16 facts that are somehow inherent in bisexuality.

Bisexuality carries a different meaning for each person

Most people prefer to use the term "bisexuality" to mean sexual attraction to both sexes. However, if you ask several people a question about what they mean by this concept, then you will probably be very surprised to hear several answers at once. Misunderstanding of this term often leads to confusion.

Some people mean by bisexuality the enhancement of the sexual binary

This raises the question, is it then possible to consider bisexual orientation a kind of sexual attraction to both the female and male sex? The answer is obvious - you can. Moreover, most bisexual people categorically ignore a person's gender and practically blur the boundaries of transgenderness. And this is where terms like pansexuality and queer seem more limitless.

kiss threesome
kiss threesome

Many people prefer the broader meaning of bisexuality

If we go back to historical information, it becomes clear why bisexual people were called "so different, and at the same time the same." One of the most popular definitions of bisexuality was voiced by Robin Oaks, and read as follows:

“I call myself bisexual, because I fully realize that I am quite capable of experiencing sexual and romantic interest in people, both my own and the opposite sex. This can happen at different time intervals, and it is possible that through completely different methods."

- Robin Oaks.

This statement makes sense if we say that initially bisexuality harmoniously combines the features of heterosexual orientation and homosexual attraction.

There is a consensus that being "bi" does not mean being half-gay

Although the definition of bisexuality itself includes features of both heterosexuality and homosexuality. And, nevertheless, this concept is in itself a separate type of orientation. It is a huge misconception to believe that all bisexual people are exactly half homosexual. Exactly, like the fact that bisexuality can be called a kind of heterosexual orientation.


Some people may have a sexual interest in cisgender women or cisgender men

Of course, among bisexual people there are also those who openly declare their sympathies for people whose gender identity fully corresponds to their biological sex. However, one cannot say with 100% certainty that this applies to absolutely all bisexuals. If only for the simple reason that not always, relying only on external signs, you can unequivocally understand who is in front of you: a man or a woman.

For bisexuals, other representatives of gender identity are also interesting

In other words, a bisexual person may well be romantically or sexually attracted to hermaphrodites, transsexuals, or even non-binary individuals.

Bisexual people give preference to one of the sexes to a greater extent

In fact, numerous studies support this theory. Most bisexual people do notice that they are more attracted to one gender or the other. However, this does not mean at all that this is a reason to doubt their bisexuality and identify them in the ranks of homosexual people.

bisexual parade
bisexual parade

Relationships with someone of the opposite sex cannot be indicative of heterosexuality

As a rule, some bisexuals who have entered into a relationship with a person of the opposite gender begin to wonder if they are really heterosexual? The public movement StillBisexual, which specializes in this topic, confirms that the bisexual continues to be so, regardless of the status of his current relationship. Including, if we are talking about monogamous unions.

A bisexual person may have different attraction to each of the people

For example, a bisexual man may well be inflamed with tender feelings for a female, but at the same time have a sexual interest only in men. And vice versa. Or not at all to experience any sexual arousal for either sex. After all, some "bi" may well be asexual or aromantic people. Experts call this behavior cross-orientation.

Each specific case of bisexuality is individual

Even if it does not always correspond to the generally accepted terminology and is completely different from the experience of other bisexual people. There are many ways to express sexuality. And you cannot say that any of them is false or incorrect.

bisexual flag
bisexual flag

Bisexuality is not a myth

Many people mistakenly believe that bisexuality does not exist as such. Allegedly, this term was invented by representatives of gay, wanting to hide their sexual preferences from prying and curious views.

In fact, a huge number of people throughout their lives identify themselves as bisexual. And only so. Although there are cases when the bisexuality of some people served as a kind of impetus to their self-determination in favor of absolute homosexuality. However, there are much fewer such cases than it might seem at first glance.

Bisexuality can be transformed

And this is completely normal. In addition, you should not try to "fit" personal self-determination to any conventional framework. It may well turn out that this term in itself does not correspond to generally accepted ideas. However, this does not stop a bisexual from being bisexual. And by the way, there is no threat in the concept of "bisexuality". But exactly as long as she does not harm the people around him or the bi himself.

Bisexuality disappears

Of course, this does not always happen, but this phenomenon also takes place. Some bisexual people, at some point in time, suddenly find that they are no longer.


Sometimes it happens that under the influence of certain factors, a person knows himself deeper and comes to the conclusion that he, in fact, has never been bisexual. Don't beat yourself up or be ashamed.

Bisexuality is often referred to in other words

It is bisexuals that are often confused with other representatives of transgender, gender and non-binary identities. Of course, at first glance it is difficult to find significant differences in these terms, but they are rarely used interchangeably.

A bisexual may well be pansexual, or aromatic, or combine the features of both. But this does not change his bisexual orientation.

Sexual interest is independent of orientation

Heterosexuals and homosexuals can be perfectly polyamorous or monogamous. And bisexuals too! Everything always depends on the person himself, his personal qualities.


There is no single test for identifying a person's sexuality

Do you still think that using a conditional test can accurately tell you your orientation? Then we have two news for you at once. First, it is bad - it says that there are no, and cannot be, any precise tests for sexual identity or orientation. The second, which is good, sounds like this: you and only you yourself, having studied yourself, your feelings, preferences and experience, will be able to understand who you really are.

Each person has the right to independently determine their sexual identity. Answers to all questions of interest must be sought only in oneself.

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