TOP - 20 Surprising Facts About Female Breasts

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TOP - 20 Surprising Facts About Female Breasts
TOP - 20 Surprising Facts About Female Breasts

Video: TOP - 20 Surprising Facts About Female Breasts

Video: TOP - 20 Surprising Facts About Female Breasts
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beautiful female breasts
beautiful female breasts

The female body is an inspiration for people of art. Smooth lines, softness and tenderness. In ancient times, the female body was often sacred, because it is a vessel for new life. There is a special part in the female body: the chest. Let's talk about her today.

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1 Facts about the female breast

Breast Factsi

Breast size is inherited

Yes Yes. There is nothing to blame for the size of your female dignity. All claims to parents. We look at mom, grandmothers and draw conclusions. By the way, the sisters' breasts can differ significantly: one will receive balloons, the other will pick pimples.

Not all breasts are created equal

Man is an asymmetric creature. Only this is imperceptible, because it looks harmonious. Therefore, one breast will always be slightly larger than the other. Moreover, often the left one will overtake the right one by about 1/5 of the volume.

Average bra size in Russia

Russian women are very busty ladies. The average bra size for Russian women is D. But what is surprising is the spread across the regions. Apparently, the vast country dictates its own terms of genetics. So, for example, in megalopolises, women most often buy underwear B, C are popular in the Urals and the South of the country. The national average, if we take, in general, 75V.

Your breasts are not only made of fat

The female breast is a complex system. Inside are a bunch of ducts and glands that connect to the nipple. They carry milk for a hungry baby. There is a muscle inside that, once trained, you can flaunt strong and elastic "breasts". But, at a certain age, fat still takes over and fills almost all the space inside the chest.

Weight gain can make your breasts look bigger

The chest is the first to respond to weight fluctuations. Has anyone seen a well-fed lady with "buffers" on minimum wages? Not! All have such buffers that you can lie down on one and take cover with the other. But as soon as a lady takes up herself, her breasts are the first to rise under the banner of a diet and enthusiastically get rid of excess fat, decreasing in size. Slender young ladies rarely have breasts larger than 4 sizes.

beautiful female breasts
beautiful female breasts

There are other factors that can change breast size:

  1. Pregnancy,
  2. Lactation period,
  3. Climax,
  4. Birth control pills,
  5. Sexual arousal
  6. Menstruation.

Special thanks to hormones for these phenomena!

Sagging is inevitable

Aging. Nasty thing that changes the shape of your breasts. An aunt in 60 years will never be the owner of a super-tit. If her breasts are erect, like an 18-year-old, then myoplasty has not been done without.

Even the gallant stance of the "girls" is influenced by:

  1. Ah ha ha, gravity! Well, pulls them to the ground, pulls them. Physics has not been canceled!
  2. Smoking. Nicotine makes the skin sag. It destroys collagen, which is responsible for her elasticity, as a result, the titties hang sadly.
  3. Sleep. It is strange, of course, but those who love sleeping on their stomachs risk flattening their pride into pancakes.
beautiful female breasts
beautiful female breasts

When you exercise, your chest moves

Of course, they cannot move independently. This is not a member, not an arm, not a leg. But with active sports, vigorous bouncing is guaranteed. A sports bra is a must during an active workout. There is a risk of micro-injury during these surges, especially if the breasts are large and heavy.

A third nipple is not uncommon

Polyoscale is present in 5-6% of the world's population. This is a genetic greeting from ancient relatives. Darwin's theory seems to work in this case. Moreover, additional ammunition can also produce milk and respond to hormonal changes.

The first breast augmentation surgery was performed in 1962

Now breast augmentation surgery confidently holds the palm among those who like to amend their body. The operation is not cheap, the price is from 60,000 to 120,000 for two implants. Prices are different in different regions.

beautiful female breasts
beautiful female breasts

The price depends on many factors: the manufacturer of the implants, the rating of the doctor and clinic. But, interestingly, high-quality breast plastic surgery can be obtained for less money in the distant regions of the country. What the residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg are doing with success. And really, why pay more if the result is the same.

We are the only primates with permanent breasts

How are we different from animals? Our breasts are unchanged. As she grew up in adolescence, she stayed. Animals cannot boast of this: their breasts increase only during lactation. Then it deflates and becomes invisible. Man, woman, proudly carries her dignity all her life.

There are four types of nipples

They are protruding, flat, swollen and upside-down. This is an absolute norm, so there is no reason for hysteria.

Medium breasts weigh from 400 g

beautiful female breasts
beautiful female breasts

The weight of the breast directly depends on its size. It is a fact.

  1. First size. Approximate weight 100 - 150 g.
  2. The second size, which is the most popular among ladies, weighs about 400 g.
  3. The third size weighs 600 - 700 g.
  4. Fourth - 900 BC

It may seem like a bit hard, but in reality the only problem is the ice cream, which drips on the chest, and not on the ground. A woman does not notice weight, a habit, you know.

The breasts are glands

The main purpose of the breast is lactation. Aesthetics is secondary. How does the lactation process take place? Within the breast is a network of tubules and cones. Outwardly, it looks very much like a bunch of grapes. When pregnancy occurs, colostrum begins to form. It fills all milk ducts. The baby's first meal is colostrum. But not for long. Milk quickly replaces colostrum and becomes the child's main food.

Breasts are sisters, not twins

Constance Chen, surgeon and director of microsurgery at the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary at Mount Sinai Hospital, says: “No breast is exactly the same. All breasts are individual. You can find similar, but not identical. This condition applies to both one woman and different ones."

beautiful female breasts
beautiful female breasts

Inverted nipples are normal

Let's go back to point 11. In it we touched on the appearance of the nipples. Let's pay special attention to inverted or retracted. Let's make a reservation right away - this is the norm. Moreover, one nipple can be normal, and the other - upside down. There is only one problem with such a nipple - the difficulty of gripping the baby at the time of feeding. But here, too, there is a way out. It has long been developed overlays for the nipple, which are identical in appearance. The baby grabs it, and the pad is sucked to the chest. And that's it! The process is underway!

But sometimes, very rarely, an inverted nipple can signal cancer. So you better check it out.

Smoking can lead to sagging breasts, but breastfeeding does not

We have already talked about the fact that nicotine destroys collagen and elastin. But there is one more thing - breastfeeding. Many beauties deprive themselves of the pleasure of breastfeeding for fear of sagging breasts. It is a myth! Feeding only changes the size of the breast. Pregnancy itself, due to the action of hormones, can affect the elasticity of the ligaments and the elasticity of the skin.

Breast cancer makes no difference

How many myths around oncology of the female breast. One of the most popular is heredity. Nothing like this. Cancer doesn't choose who to hit. There may not be any relatives with breast cancer in the anamnesis, and a woman can pick up this muck. In men, by the way, this disease can also occur.

beautiful female breasts
beautiful female breasts

In order to catch a nasty sore in time, which often has favorable prognosis in treatment, timely diagnosis is needed. You cannot be negligent about this. A mammogram should be done once a year. This study can quickly identify the onset of the disease and develop treatment tactics. Unfortunately, many women neglect this procedure, and, as a result, fall under breast amputation. But it's better to lose your breast than life.

Midwives in the old days read breasts like books

Stanford University students were doing research on the history of the body. They noticed the fact that the female breast was of great importance for healers and healers. Jane Sharp, the famous midwife of the 17th century, wrote: “The nipples after copulation are red as strawberries, and this is their natural color; but the nipples of nurses when they suck are blue, and when they get old they turn black. Surprisingly, her words are meaningful. Women's nipples are sensitive to external factors. You can watch yours for the sake of curiosity.

Not only men stare at women's breasts

Women's breasts are not only eye-catching for men. It is an object of observation and envy for women as well. This study was conducted by psychologists at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2013. The theme of the work was “My eyes are here: the nature of the Objectifying view of women”.

beautiful female breasts
beautiful female breasts

29 women and 36 men were invited for testing. They were equipped with eye movement sensors and given a task: to focus exclusively on the appearance of women. Interestingly, the subjects, regardless of gender, behaved exactly the same: women's breasts held their attention much longer than other parts of the body. They were especially rewarded with long gazing at a figure with a classic body shape: hourglass, thin waist, large chest.

Is everything so attractive?

What does the statistics say about the attractiveness of the female breast? The Germans … well, they are notable experts, "ya, ya, das ist fantasizing!" And "boobs" on the half-screen. Here are German psychologists and decided to find out male preferences. It turned out that half of the men surveyed, and this is almost 3,000 people, preferred medium breasts. 53% voted for her. Only 14% of respondents chose notable breasts, a kind of rugby balls. 5% rolled their eyes at bumps. And the rest 28% was absolutely parallel in size, if only it was just.

By the way, men are funny creatures. American psychologist Terry Pettijon has identified an interesting pattern. If a man is doing great, then he prefers medium, even small breasts. So, for fun and aesthetics.

If a crisis occurs, then a man chooses a large chest for sobbing. Uncle Freud is apparently right … we run to cry in my mother's "boob". Well, for family and motherhood, a large breast is unconsciously chosen: milk supplies for the future heir should be inexhaustible. Poor fellows … they don't know that lactation and size are not interrelated.

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