Why Do Guys Cheat On Their Girls? Bitter Truth

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Why Do Guys Cheat On Their Girls? Bitter Truth
Why Do Guys Cheat On Their Girls? Bitter Truth

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man and legs
man and legs

The question in the title is as ridiculous as the question "Why is it raining?" Simple, nature! However (here, probably, many girls will begin to heat up their stools) men cheat because women are to blame. Yes, yes, it's the women’s fault. After all, men cheat on women with other women. The question in the title suggests cheating is a masculine realm, but it isn't. Both men and women cheat. But why do guys cheat on their girls?

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  • 1 Pig men?
  • 2 The two main reasons men cheat
  • 3 Guys cheat because there is an opportunity

Pig men? I

Maybe there is something in this. They may be pigs, although the word pigs would be a better definition. A guy is a man, and any man is coded to impregnate as many females as possible in order to pass on his genes to as many offspring as possible. Just an atavism!

Of course, the human male thinks (although not always in these matters), and does not intend to carry out fertilization, because this is associated with alimony and other unpleasant consequences. But, nevertheless, the natural instinct was preserved. The effect is that a person thinks about sex several dozen times during the day.

At this point, the girls should not rejoice and pat each other on the shoulder approvingly, because they also retain an interesting natural instinct. Each female admits to herself such a male, which guarantees the health of the offspring. He must be the biggest, strongest and most powerful.

Why is it that the tallest, healthiest men in beautiful cars have more success with women than the short, poorly dressed, and without a car? That's it! Just an atavism. But the question remained open. Why do guys cheat on their girls?

Two main reasons men cheat2

Contrary to popular belief, it is not men who are hunters. The ladies are the hunters. They lure men with cute smiles, flirtatious looks and other things that men don't even know about. Because of this, the man thinks that he will soon overtake his victim. He does not understand that he himself goes into the trap of his own inherent instincts, and the woman and her encouraging gestures are just a kind of bait.

reasons for cheating guys
reasons for cheating guys

At this point, the male mind begins to work in completely different ways. Although, it would be more correct to say that it stops working altogether. Of course, it would be untrue to say that every female encouragement in the direction of a man ends in the betrayal of another woman, but this often happens. And if it comes to this, has anyone heard that cheating is because a man wants it, but a woman does not want it? (Excluding, of course, cases of violence, because that is a separate story.)

No woman will give her body to be "torn apart" by a man if she does not want it. They both want it, they both betray. In conclusion, these words: why men cheat because they use the opportunity for cheating that women give them. Well, it turned out that it is women who are to blame for male betrayal.

The second reason for male infidelity is the need for relaxation, the satisfaction of animal sexual desire. Nothing can be done, so nature ordered. Of course, you can say: "Well, you need to control yourself, you need to think with your head, and not …". It's easy to say - think with your head!

cheating guy
cheating guy

Once, during a lecture on philosophy, one of the professors asked the students the following question: “Can a man who got to an uninhabited island live for 100 years, if it is one day's journey from his habitat to a place where there is water? At the same time, to the place with food is also one day's journey, but in the opposite direction? " Everyone said yes. To this the professor replied that a man has no chance of this, because every man, besides water and food, also needs sex.

How does it usually work out in a permanent relationship? First, sex several times a day, then three times a week, once a week, and so on and so forth. Of course, sometimes it is guys who avoid bonding, but in the vast majority, it is, however, women who lose interest in sex. And what is left for such a poor fellow? He walks angry, everything interferes with him, he tries to distance himself from everyone.

And then women also ask: "why do guys cheat on their girls?" And if something happened on the side, they try to immediately bring flowers to the wife and how to apply them to the wound.

Guys Cheat Because Opportunity3

Well, and also the so-called mindset. Is it possible to have claims to a man if nature prevents him from thinking sensibly? Various hormones in a guy's body turn off thinking. Some of them deliberately commit adultery, and then it turns out that it was not a sexual act from great love, but just a physiological need. And one more important remark.

why is the guy cheating
why is the guy cheating

If it were not for the get-rich-quick desire of some women, there would be no pleasure houses. But they are. And therefore, male hormones can "row" themselves and disrupt male thinking. Oh shit, it turns out that women are to blame again.

Finally, one more addition. The vast majority of women associate sex with love. They can love a bastard, a boor, and sometimes even a sadist, but the main thing is not to cheat. Something is wrong here. A man can give love, and at the same time make a jump to the side. It doesn't change anything in his love. And if he loves a woman, then he only makes love to her. And with the rest, he just mates.

But don't be nervous! This is only from a male point of view.

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