Does Going To The Gym Help You Get Over The Breakup?

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Does Going To The Gym Help You Get Over The Breakup?
Does Going To The Gym Help You Get Over The Breakup?

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The first weeks after breaking up with your loved one determine your entire immediate future. We agree that most people after a painful breakup think about going to the gym the last thing.

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1 The healing power of sports

The money set aside for the purchase of a season ticket is rapidly flying away for alcohol, food and parties.

It's time to change tactics.

The Healing Power of Sports

Give yourself a couple of days, weeks, or months to take a hard time. Feel sorry for yourself like the last time.

For then you will not have time to feel sorry for yourself.

Sign up to the nearest gym and set a specific goal for yourself. Decide on what results you want to achieve. Set a deadline. "By the first day of next month, I want to lose four kilograms!" - as an option. An important point: both the goal and the timeline must be clearly established. First, it's much easier to achieve what you want when you know what you want. Second, the looming deadline motivates better than any coach. Assign yourself a reward. You can argue with your best friend and do self-improvement together.

How can sports help you cope with a broken heart?

  • You cannot enter the same river twice. But few people are stopped by this. It's fair to say that sometimes reuniting with your ex is a very wise decision. When does it work? When both partners work out their complexes, they realize their mistakes and change for the better. In order for your ex-partner to want to be with you again, you must change. Externally and internally.
  • Exercise forces you to distract yourself from getting stuck in your own thoughts. You are forced to be in the moment here and now - to feel your muscles, count approaches and monitor your breathing.
  • Self-esteem is creeping up. You become stronger and more resilient, clothes fit better, and the reflection in the mirror brings a satisfied smile. Do you want to truly love yourself? Become the best version of yourself.
  • Endorphins. Exercise increases the concentration of the happiest and happiest hormones. And this is exactly what we need now.

The main thing is to start. Don't make excuses for yourself. Don't have money for branded sportswear? Get your T-shirt, sweatpants out of the closet and lift your sad ass.

It will be hard for you at first. It will seem to you that you are trying in vain. But as soon as you see the first results, hear the first portion of compliments and learn to love this pleasant tiredness feeling, you will understand why the whole world is now moving towards a healthy lifestyle.

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