How To Maintain A Relationship With A Loved One: Secrets For Guys And Girls

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How To Maintain A Relationship With A Loved One: Secrets For Guys And Girls
How To Maintain A Relationship With A Loved One: Secrets For Guys And Girls

Video: How To Maintain A Relationship With A Loved One: Secrets For Guys And Girls

Video: How To Maintain A Relationship With A Loved One: Secrets For Guys And Girls
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nude couple
nude couple

When a man and a woman are just starting a relationship, every day brings vivid impressions of communication, meetings. It is pleasant and interesting for them to listen to each other, to spend any free time together, to admire sunsets and sunrises, to enjoy their feelings.

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  • 1 Mistakes in a relationship in a couple
  • 2 Vividness of impressions in relationships
  • 3 Variety in bed
  • 4 Role 1. "Queen's Boudoir"
  • 5 Role 2. "Geisha and the Samurai"
  • 6 Role 3. "Concubine of the Sultan"

In a relationship, everyone expects cloudless happiness, no one immediately thinks about possible problems and difficulties. Are there any secrets of sex, relationships to preserve romantic relationships for the longest possible time?

Errors in relationships in a pair i

Time for joint meetings. A common mistake in relationships is not enough time couples spend together. Unfortunately, the modern way of life makes its own adjustments in romantic relationships. After a hard day at work, it is quite difficult to switch to a romantic state, which is so necessary for both experienced couples and those who are just starting their relationship.

Harmony in relationships. With a big stretch, one can call happy those relationships in which one of the partners sacrifices himself, his interests to another, the relationship as a whole. Relationships are, first of all, a dialogue between a couple, in which both a man and a woman should occupy equal importance, invest in the relationship the same amount of their strength and energy.

Love and money. If a woman and a man start living together, it is assumed that they have a common budget planned together. It is important that the couple reach agreement on the disposal of funds, especially if the woman is exclusively engaged in household chores.

Criticism and remarks. Any person needs to remember that there are no ideal people, neither women nor men. There are people who are very susceptible to criticism, take offense even at innocent words (according to the critic). If you don't like the way your partner is doing, be gentle with him. This applies to any area of life. Because if you remain silent because of respect or awkwardness, unwillingness to upset your loved one, this can be repeated, you will be irritated and nervous, and your partner will not understand what happened to you.

Movement is life. The termination of self-realization, internal growth as a person also significantly affects relationships. When a man and a woman get acquainted, they are interested in everything absolutely connected with each other, especially common hobbies, activities that allow them to find common interests. You should not stop in your development, you need to look for new hobbies, share your knowledge with your partner. This all diversifies your relationship, they will never be dull and boring.

Secrets of sex
Secrets of sex

It doesn't matter how long you live together or are just dating. Never forget what attracted you to your man (for women) and what color of your woman's eyes (for men). Because there will always be vanity around, a lot of different problems, and it depends only on you - Men and Women whether you can overcome all difficulties on the way with dignity or disperse in different directions at the first crossroads of life's problems.

Vividness of impressions in relationships2

If during the week you meet outside the window only cloudy weather, cold rain, unpleasant wind, the sky covered with heavy gray clouds, sooner or later, despite the stock of positive emotions, the mood in itself will cease to be joyful and kind. So it is in relationships. If you are always dissatisfied with something, constantly frown, this kind will get tired of your partner.

The reasons for dissatisfaction can be different. One of them can be a routine in a relationship. The moment when this lady comes to visit, in each pair comes in different ways, and at different times. Someone needs to live 10, 15 years to meet this uninvited guest on the doorstep, while for someone a few months of living together is enough.

What to do? Take brushes, bright colors and paint your relationship! It's figurative. But in fact … remember some pranks, secrets of sex that will come to the taste of your beloved or beloved. So…

Message exchange. But not simple, but capable of kindling passion, imagination, a desire to quickly be next to your beloved or beloved and bring to life what you have written. Aside from words, hints, candid suggestions and intentions, photographs are great messages. Messaging is a very addicting game for long-term relationships. But no matter how close the relationship may be, you should not forget about some safety measures:

How to maintain a relationship
How to maintain a relationship
  • share your frankness and your sexual fantasies only with a very close person whom you completely trust and with whom you have had an intimate relationship;
  • it is advisable not to use your real names, come up with your own "special" words, the meaning of which only you and your partner know;
  • when sending text messages, photos, videos of an intimate nature, be careful and check the recipient's contact;
  • do not store your secret correspondence on your phone, laptop, other device, or cloud storage services;
  • do not engage in "hot" correspondence at work. Firstly, you are distracted from work and from messages to your beloved, and secondly, it is unsafe in terms of preserving information;
  • just in case, do not send intimate photos with your face, an interior that is easy to recognize and by which you can find out that it was you who "played pranks". Even if your face is not in the photo, spicy shots will still achieve their goal, even with more effect than full-fledged ones with a face. Send a photo of a part of your naked body … Use different accessories: lace masks, gloves, beautiful lingerie. Such pictures will look spectacular in black and white, play with light, from different angles. Take pictures from the "Kamasutra" for your messages for help, record a small intimate video … Do not be afraid to experiment, create your own secrets of sex and relationships.

Diversity in bed3

Role-playing games are a great way to try something new with your partner. Unleash your fantasies!

Sex and relationships
Sex and relationships

Role 1. "Queen's Boudoir" _1

Women are very romantic natures. Well, what woman does not dream of becoming a queen? Find yourself in the magnificent royal chambers with your beloved … Romance of the past, magnificent balls, lace, pearls, beautiful courtship with exquisite manners and secret dates … There can be any number of options for such a scenario: a night of love with a passionate count, a timid page. Choose whichever is more to your taste. Of course, being in a real queen's palace with all the magnificent entourage is ideal, but you can turn your bedroom into a love nest worthy of a queen for one night. Buy candles, aromatic oils, beautiful linen for your beloved, silk linens, prepare glasses of wine. And enjoy …

Role 2. "Geisha and the Samurai" _2

Recently, Shibari, the Japanese tying technique, has become more and more popular. This art is aimed at revealing the sensuality, passion of a woman, her submission to her Master and humility to him in love. Given the exotic nature of this technique, before using it, you must learn the "material part" in order to avoid troubles during the process. Everything you need to fulfill this role can be purchased at any adult store.

Role 3. "Concubine of the Sultan" _3

The East is mysterious, beckons with its traditions, dances of concubines, unforgettable smells of coffee, hookah, oils. Such a role is attractive to both men and women. Become a concubine for your beloved one night …

Learn several beautiful movements from the "belly dance" series, fortunately, there are a lot of lessons on the Internet, making a costume for a dancer at home is also as easy as shelling pears - just take any large silk scarf, or pareo, tie it around your hips, add beautiful underwear, jewelry, so that it gently tinkles with your light movements.

How to maintain a relationship
How to maintain a relationship

Spread small decorative pillows on the floor, put a dish with fruits, glasses of wine, light incense, seat your sultan on the pillows, and entertain … don't be shy or afraid, move smoothly to the rhythms of oriental music and smile. There is probably not a single man who would not like such a performance.

Of course, you can come up with any role, a scenario that you like, that you dream about. In any scenario, you can give your loved one a massage, pay a little more attention than usual. The main thing is mutual pleasure, enjoyment, openness of one's feelings and desires, understanding of each other. Naturally, it is impossible to create such holidays every night, but you also do not eat exclusively cakes every day. During the day, hint your loved one or loved one about the surprise.

Even a delicious dinner prepared by a man for a woman with a glass of wine and a bunch of flowers will be a wonderful gift. Appreciate each other, cherish these unforgettable moments, create your own sex secrets, love and be loved!

Women should remember that men have their own desires, which they are either ashamed to tell, or afraid to be misunderstood. In fact, extracting information from a man is more difficult than getting the truth from a spy. But if, nevertheless, a man decided to entrust his “terrible” secrets to his woman, he must be listened to very carefully with the most serious facial expression that a woman can have. And you should never laugh either at what you hear or at his hobbies, even if it is collecting small children's cars.

Men do not even know what is going on in the heads of their beloved. A woman should hint that she would love to know about his fantasies and desires. In fact, the reason a man can be honest with a woman lies in the level of his trust in her. In close intimate relationships, the concept of trust is very important, since it is the basis of a long and strong relationship, and to find out what a man wants in a particular the moment, in bed from a woman, is quite simple to do, for this you do not need to be Mata Hari, although it would be a great idea for a game together.

Sex between a man and a woman
Sex between a man and a woman

A woman can be the first to tell what she dreams of here and now, with her man. It is possible that the desire will be the same. Therefore, in addition to trust, you must learn to talk with your partner about your feelings, desires, needs. If a woman is not indifferent to a man, he will do a lot to see her happy smile and eyes glowing with happiness. Likewise, a man for a woman - a woman in love is capable of much.

Often both women and men can, as they say, open their souls only to that partner when they themselves feel trust on his part. There are few fans of total control, and even worse - of quick, unfounded conclusions. You need to learn to be a little unexpected and open.

Sometimes, it happens that a partner can take advantage of such openness, begin to manipulate, but happiness and harmonious relationships are worth stopping to be afraid and taking a risk, entrusting their thoughts and emotions to a person who is not indifferent. Closedness and a kind of detachment will be much worse. There may be some small secrets between two lovers, but these should not be the secrets of a particular couple's sex. After all, no one knows if it is the man with whom the woman will live her whole life or the woman whose image sometimes visits a man's dreams.

Instructions for building a relationship between a man and a woman in our article.

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