How To Survive Parting With The Least Loss?

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How To Survive Parting With The Least Loss?
How To Survive Parting With The Least Loss?

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beautiful upset girl
beautiful upset girl

Breakups suck. You are losing a loved one. The future that you managed to dream up is crumbling like a house of cards. You are no longer a husband, not a wife, not someone else's boyfriend, or someone else's girlfriend. You just … you.

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You are experiencing strong emotions right now. Most of them are not very pleasant. In order to correctly recover from the breakup and not make mistakes, read this article.


No rash acts

You are devastated. You may feel the urge to do something crazy, and sometimes dangerous, just to distract yourself from this oppressive feeling of loneliness and emptiness.

Remember that your feelings are temporary. But what you do under their influence can affect your entire subsequent life. Don't do crazy things just to drown out negative feelings.

The pain is temporary, and the consequences of rash decisions will stay with you forever.

Allow yourself to do something extraordinary, step out of your comfort zone. Buy yourself what you have long dreamed of. Take a trip. Change your hairstyle. Allow yourself to do things that you previously could not afford in a relationship.

Remember the sense of proportion.

Pain is normal

A fact that many men do not recognize. It's okay to be in pain. The sooner you admit to yourself that you feel bad, the easier it will be for you to cope with it.

Men are taught from childhood to hide their emotions, not to show their weakness and sensitivity. But trying to hide negative feelings deep inside will lead to the fact that your "cure" will be delayed for a long time.

If you're sad, admit this fact. Allow yourself to feel sad and sad. Spend time with yourself and your feelings. Talk to loved ones. If you are unable to deal with your feelings and thoughts on your own, consider seeing a therapist.

Into the pool with your head

It's okay to try to find someone to replace your ex. But where will such a rush lead?

It will not make it easier for you to have an unloved person next to you. He will not be able to replace the one who until recently was everything to you.

Frankly, no one is obliged to do this for you.

Be honest with yourself and others.

Postpone finding a new partner until better times.

Let go and pull back

Stop hanging out with your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend. Do not torture yourself by viewing shared photos or rereading messages.

Distance yourself, but do it beautifully. Blocks, deletions from friends, ugly scenes and scandals are a kindergarten. No one will get any easier from this.

Treat any relationship as a rewarding experience. Our friends and enemies, acquaintances and ex-partners - they all bring something new to life.

Thank the person you once loved and let him be happy without your participation in his life.

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