Why Are Girls Jealous And What To Do In Such Cases?

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Why Are Girls Jealous And What To Do In Such Cases?
Why Are Girls Jealous And What To Do In Such Cases?

Video: Why Are Girls Jealous And What To Do In Such Cases?

Video: Why Are Girls Jealous And What To Do In Such Cases?
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Why is the girl jealous
Why is the girl jealous

Why is the girl jealous? And then there was a list of usual actions - I just corresponded with a friend, went to a cafe with a colleague, and brought bags to a friend. Really, this is another psychopath who will check the phone, all social networks, sniff at clothes and look under a magnifying glass for her mistress's hair in a married bed in the future? No, she's not a psychopath. It's just that girls don't feel very confident about their relationship. Hence - jealousy.

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  • 1 Is jealousy the companion of love?
  • 2 It's hard to be a girl in a relationship
  • 3 Provocations in relationships
  • 4 Aggressive protection of personal space
  • 5 Other girls
  • 6 How to stop it all
  • 7 Things not to do if you are a jealous girl

Is jealousy the companion of love? I

Let's not bump into a highly spiritual jungle. Of course, any such source will tell us that:

  1. Jealousy has nothing to do with love, it is a base possessive feeling;
  2. Jealous people are incapable of love at all;
  3. If there is no desire to connect your life with a psychopath, it is better to stay away from a jealous person or a jealous person;
  4. Jealousy will not help build a family, it will only destroy it.

Great, huh? But here you need to understand that guys tend to exaggerate the scale of the disaster and underestimate their true motives. If you sincerely believe that you can arrange your life with several women in parallel, jealousy is a well-founded retribution. And also - rivalry, competition of friends and constant drama.

Let's say this girl is beautiful. But terribly jealous. Why?

It's hard to be a girl in a relationship2

It only seems that they are courting her, they bring flowers and gifts to her, and they are trying to seduce her. In fact, women's "work" at the very beginning of a relationship is the hardest. How to behave so as not to scare away the guy you like?

Where can you get funds for all these cool modern beauty procedures and ways to improve your appearance so as not to look like a gray mouse in a crowd of beauties? How to bring the matter goodbye if the guy, for example, does not realize that the girl is free and he liked him?

Many people think that such questions do not arise for modern people. This is in Europe and the USA. We have a patriarchal country. If you just walk up and invite to a movie or drink coffee, not every guy will agree. What can we say about older men. Or the meeting will be immediately with a touch of accessibility and sex for one night. Also not an option if you want love.

Just imagine, having passed all these tests, the girl gets. No, not a prize. And not a calm and happy relationship, but a handsome man around whom other hunters hover. Of course she will be jealous. And manifestations of jealousy depend more on temperament than on something else.

how can you deal with jealousy
how can you deal with jealousy

Provocations in relationships3

Many do not think that this happens, but a man himself can provoke "inadequate jealousy" of his girlfriend. For example, he works at a regular job from 9 to 18, on Saturdays he goes to play basketball with friends, and on Sundays he helps his mother. During the week, his evenings are busy with training, and free ones - with meetings with a girl. Suddenly, the guy begins to be interested in modern art instead of basketball.

And he goes to a photo exhibition in a neighboring city. Is it strange? It is very strange, considering the fact that a pretty photo artist subscribed to him on social networks. Why is the girl jealous? On the one hand, the behavior looks like a provocation. On the other hand, it may not be a provocation. But the main mistake is not a sudden change in behavior. You just need to talk to the girl. And, perhaps, she will also like the work and the exhibition.

Aggressive protection of personal space4

A guy provokes jealousy if he tries with all his might to express that his life is only his life. A woman invests in relationships. It's not about the money spent on bikini waxing, but about emotional strength. She wants to feel protected, and not superfluous at this celebration of life.

reasons for the girl's jealousy
reasons for the girl's jealousy

Let's say a man constantly says something like: "I'm going to watch football with a friend, you won't be interested." Of course, here everyone decided for her, and what will not be interesting, and what about the friend. It would be correct to say: "Would you like to watch a wonderful football match in the sports bar with me and my friend?" Maybe she will have her own things to do, and she just does not want to sit in a pub, or maybe she will take a friend with her, and you will normally be sick with a large company.

Of course, you should not go everywhere with a girl if there are some purely male affairs. But the option, when the time is divided into “spent with her at her house,” and everything else, raises great suspicion. If this is the case with you, it is useless to ask why the girl is jealous. Everything is obvious!

Other girls5

And the guy may not notice that his future has become the object of a big game. And it has already become. Many are guided by the principle: "A good man does not live with his mother, he lives with another woman." Of course, the guy will be the object of the "hunt" without realizing it.

Why is the girl jealous
Why is the girl jealous

Women are cunning by nature. They feel the mood more subtly, and pay more attention to details. Some aunt from the accounting department can start writing to a girl on social networks that her boyfriend, they say, spends too much time with a colleague, and they lock themselves in a room with a copier. What could be more romantic than office sex on a photocopier, right?

It only looks ridiculous from the outside, but the recipient of such messages is very “tense”. And in our time, finding a person on social networks is not a problem at all. Therefore, a colleague from evening sales courses and a neighbor in the office from a cafe where you dine on Fridays will immediately be added to your aunt from accounting. Collective fantasy gives birth to monsters, and can destroy a couple completely.

For more information on common reasons why girls are jealous, see our article further down the link.

How to stop it all6

Of course, you can catch the persecutors one by one and conduct educational conversations. But it's tedious and leads nowhere.

do i need to fight jealousy
do i need to fight jealousy

If a girl is jealous, the problem is not with her, but with the relationship itself. She does not feel love, affection and protection. But you're not a raincoat to protect, are you? And what is this in general, the notorious security?

Look at what is posted in women's publics. Naive texts about men who do not call a taxi, but take them themselves, and who ask if the girl has gloves if they lead to the rink. The same texts about “modern knights” screwing shelves on their own and screwing in light bulbs. And suffering for a guy who can come at any time, even if she just has a sad voice in the message.

Yes, it is from such little things that a comfortable relationship is formed. If they are present, the “brain stem” becomes smaller. And there is more love and care from the girl.

What not to do if you are a jealous girl

Actually, why do we turn to guys? Jealous girls are such a "social pariah". Say, all of them are accused of behaving incorrectly, not like a woman. Allegedly, a girl must endure any quirks of male behavior, he is also a conqueror, an achiever, and other conqueror of heights and depths. And the woman is so, the rear, a dependent unit.

facts about female jealousy
facts about female jealousy

In fact, jealousy in a couple is absolutely normal. Not great, only if it breaks the pair. It is better to behave so that there is no reason for "destruction". If a couple of questions are nice, then the constant calls, control, repeated questions and tantrums are not very good. Try to refrain from all of this.

How to control yourself? In fact, it is difficult. No amount of management courses will help here. You need to look for activities that will please you and will distract you from love experiences. This is the only way to preserve both sanity and relationships.

Well, jealousy and love are often not connected at all. Many are jealous simply because their parents or loved ones in other ways behaved this way. Therefore, it is not worth thinking in stereotypes and drawing far-reaching conclusions.

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