Do Women Tolerate Separation Easier Than Men?

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Do Women Tolerate Separation Easier Than Men?
Do Women Tolerate Separation Easier Than Men?

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women tolerate parting easier
women tolerate parting easier

You know what? It turns out that men treat their ex with more tenderness than women do. This information was published in the journal Social Psychology and Personality Science.

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Are women really so vindictive?


Are you surprised? This discovery was no less a surprise for the participants themselves. Only 24% were confident that men tend to treat ex-partners more warmly than women. The researchers themselves believed that there would be no difference between the sexes.

To arrive at this result, the researchers recruited 295 people who had been in heterosexual relationships for at least four months and had separated from their partner in the past five years. The participants then rated their feelings for their former partner on an 18-point scale. They were asked to rate how much they agree with statements such as “my ex has many positive traits,” “I avoid touching my ex,” and “when I think about my ex, I get angry.”

And the researchers found that men tended to have more positive attitudes toward their “ex” than women.

The next study involved 612 people. They were asked questions regarding their relationship and the reasons that led to the breakup.

It turned out that men received more emotional support in their previous relationships than women. In addition, they experimented more with everything related to outside connections. The researchers concluded that men have warm feelings for their ex because they lack that emotional support, and in addition, they hope that a chance meeting after breaking up can lead to a one-night stand.

“It is possible that men are more open to their ex because they are in principle more open to intimate relationships,” says Ursula Atenstedt, professor of social psychology at the University of Graz in Austria. “But it could also be that they just miss someone who has supported them well during their relationship and therefore values ​​friendship and communication with their ex."

As for women, in a sense, it is easier for them to survive the breakup. At least because they turn to their friends for support. And how do men go through parting? Load themselves with work and go on a trip to the bars. So-so strategy, agree.

In addition, men often have no idea why the union fell apart. But women tend to analyze everything, and therefore they quickly find a couple of explanations for what happened. And they manage to find someone to blame.

Guess who?

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