How Much Are Americans Willing To Pay For Love?

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How Much Are Americans Willing To Pay For Love?
How Much Are Americans Willing To Pay For Love?

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what money do Americans spend on love
what money do Americans spend on love

How much did dating cost in the old days? A couple of milkshakes at a local cafe, and a couple of bucks spent.

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1 Fashion love

In 2019, things are different. And what will happen next?

Research shows that Americans spend tons of greens over their entire lives on dating alone.

Want specific numbers?

Ok dude!

The average American spends approximately $ 121,082 on dating throughout his life.

What can you do for love!

Fashion lovei

Trends exist everywhere and everywhere. There are even dating trends!

A recent survey of 2,000 Americans by OnePoll and revealed some of the trends you might not have known about.

In short, a fashionable date isn't cheap.

Does the amount of $ 121,082 seem obscenely huge to you? Look at it from a different angle - Americans spend about $ 168 a month on dating. This is either one luxurious date, or a couple of more modest rendezvous.

The amazing thing about this is that the biggest spenders are married couples. Yes, don't be surprised! Keeping the fire of passion in a long-term relationship is not easy. But if you make an effort (and shell out a tidy sum), then no household chores and dullness are not afraid of you.

A quarter of those surveyed also mentioned that they avoid all this romantic fuss. Why? It's all about finance. 62% of Americans complain that their personal life is very meager because they have no money for fancy dates.

Male Americans have a harder time. Two-thirds of men gallantly pick up the bill when the date comes to an end. Only 42% of American women are willing to take the initiative when it comes to paying for a romantic dinner. And 24% of respondents prefer to divide the bill in half as a brother.

The first date is invariably accompanied by a feeling of awkwardness. As people get closer, get to know each other, it becomes easier for them to discuss financial issues.

Afraid that passion will go away in a relationship over time? Take an example from the Americans - they advise from time to time to get out on romantic dates. Dinner in a good restaurant, a couple of glasses of wine or a storm of emotions received at a music festival - choose the activity of your choice.

All of this suggests that despite our love for touch screens and technology, simple things still set the mood. Spending time with the man or woman of your dreams (whether at a romantic dinner or in a sweaty crowd at a rock concert) is the surest path to long-term love happiness. Just be prepared to spend a lot of money on it.

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