Checking Your Partner's Phone? Then Read This Article

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Checking Your Partner's Phone? Then Read This Article
Checking Your Partner's Phone? Then Read This Article

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get into a partner's phone
get into a partner's phone

The age of technology. Smartphone users spend day and night with their noses buried in the huge screens of their gadgets.

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1 Trust but verify

Personal correspondence, bank card details, plans and goals for the months ahead - our phones know more about us than anyone else.

The issue of confidentiality and data retention is especially acute.

It is generally accepted that ordinary mortals who are neither celebrities nor billionaires are out of danger, they say, who might need my personal data there!

And this carelessness plays a cruel joke on people - according to a recent study, many of us do not feel it necessary to leave our partner the right to privacy.

Trust but verify

A recent study sheds light on this situation. In a survey of 3,000 casual Americans and 1,500 ordinary office workers, more than half (about 60%) of respondents admitted to regularly digging into their partners' phones without their knowledge.

Do you dare? If you want your personal data to remain private, set a password, pin code, fingerprint unlock, etc. on your phone. Even if you are a model of loyalty and honesty, there is probably something in your phone that you would not want to show your other half.

Move on. About 80% of respondents admitted that at least once in their life they read the correspondence of their partner or delved into the gallery.

Do not forget about other small sins - about 63% will definitely try to quietly glance at the partner's phone screen if he receives a notification about a new message. And 64% do not at all hide the fact that they constantly wear the phone of their half.

Do you know what is the most interesting? More than half of the respondents do not allow Luna Svoi Zhizn to look into their phones. A bit unfair, isn't it? We read other people's messages, leaf through other people's photos, explaining that we are "worried and want to make sure everything is in order." And we ourselves put passwords on our smartphones and do not leave gadgets unattended.

Privacy is a utopia.

Or not?

Modern problems require modern solutions.

Tech-savvy youths prefer safer, more secure platforms.

The modern generation has fully felt the responsibility that social networks impose on us, and the information that we share in them. That is why we are so fond of Snapchats, private Instagram accounts and other tricks.

The moral of this fable is this: you have to think about your own safety. Even if hackers don't get your data, it could end up in the hands of your very nosy soulmate.

PS Eight out of ten Americans admitted that they look into other people's laptops while in public places.

Well, at least honestly!

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