Hermaphroditism - Causes And Treatment. Hermaphrodites Are Famous People

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Hermaphroditism - Causes And Treatment. Hermaphrodites Are Famous People
Hermaphroditism - Causes And Treatment. Hermaphrodites Are Famous People
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In the 21st century, it is already difficult to surprise people with something out of the ordinary. Modern fashion, culture, habits, opinions - all this is so unlike what existed before, but just as strongly familiar to every inhabitant of the Earth. But at the same time, even the seemingly small surprise can drive a person into a stupor. For example, everyone considers it natural to define themselves as a man or a woman.

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Passing surveys and filling out questionnaires, no one hesitates before putting a tick in the required field. But what about those who do not have the luxury of sexual certainty? Hermaphrodites are like creatures from distant legends and myths. However, they also exist among ordinary people, often not standing out in any way from the crowd.

Who are these people? They have signs of both female and male genital organs, so it can be difficult for them to make their choice. And what's even more complicated - often this choice may not depend at all on them. What causes such a failure and what is the life of such people? More about this in the article below.

Forbidden Lovei

The history of bisexual people often begins with a story about the Greek gods. As you know, Hermaphrodite is the child of Hermes and Aphrodite. He traveled to Halicarnassus and met the beautiful river nymph Salmakis. The girl fell in love with a handsome young man and wished to be one with him. The gods heard her prayers and joined the bodies of the lovers together. And so there were creatures that could be attributed to both the female and male sex.

However, in modern times there is no such lyrics and romance. Everything here comes down to clear numbers and research. Initially, each embryo in the womb does not have a specific sex. Having both at once. Until 10 weeks of gestation, the fetus gradually forms, waiting for the influx of testosterone to become boys.

If this does not happen, then the embryo develops in a female pattern, forming the primary sexual characteristics. But in the case of an influx of a sufficient amount of testosterone, the reverse process occurs and the woman takes away the blue bundle from the hospital. It's simple enough, but nature has its own sense of humor.

Sometimes it happens that even though the embryo has every chance of becoming a boy, it is born with genitals, like a girl's. Or the future girl, due to improper work of the adrenal glands, begins to receive a lethal dose of male hormones.

what the descendants of Hermes and Aphrodite look like
what the descendants of Hermes and Aphrodite look like

And then the opposite happens - she appears with characteristic testicles and a penis, although she has ovaries inside. There can be many reasons for this trouble. Let's consider some of them.

Reasons for bisexuality2

Although scientists have not yet been able to determine the specific cause that leads to the development of such an anomaly, there are factors that significantly increase the risk of getting an unusual baby. They are as follows:

  • Genetics. Everything that is inherent in a person can, one way or another, change. Even genes sometimes experience malfunctions, which result in different and often unpleasant pathologies.
  • Chromosome mutations. This is a phenomenon when a piece of DNA is subsequently modified by various factors. It occurs due to the breaking of DNA strands, changes in the places of genes, as well as their copying.
  • Hormonal imbalance. The predominance of genes of a certain type in an individual of the opposite sex often becomes a catalyst for the development of bisexuality at a more mature age.
  • Irradiation. Due to various irradiation, changes in chromosomes can also occur, and hence the reason for the appearance of a hermaphrodite child.
hermaphrodites who is this
hermaphrodites who is this
  • Bad habits during pregnancy. Smoking, alcohol, drugs and other unhealthy things may well become the reasons for negative consequences of this kind.
  • Viruses and parasites in the body. Many viral diseases are indeed capable of leading to pathologies even at this level.
  • Problems with the internal secretion of the glands. As mentioned earlier, disruption of the adrenal glands or hypothalamus provokes unwanted changes in the body.
  • Genital neoplasms. The reason for this phenomenon is not fully understood.

Many people are convinced that hermaphrodites are freaks who have no intelligence and are generally underdeveloped. However, this is not at all the case. The dual development of the genitals does not in any way affect the mental abilities of people, but it turns their own life into a real test.

Cure for a mythical disease3

And although it has long been known that such an anomaly is not a fiction, most are sure that such people simply do not exist. At least not in real life. However, it is worth remembering that living without certainty in your own field is not the most pleasant experience. It is only outwardly that everything seems more or less simple. Two-sex people should initially make a choice in favor of male or female, because it is difficult to be in society, being not a woman or not.

hermaphrodites who are they
hermaphrodites who are they

There are cases when parents until adolescence could not suspect that their sweet girl is actually a boy. This happens with the so-called false hermaphroditism. In this case, the embryo is formed according to a certain type, but its genitals look exactly the opposite. This is how girls can suddenly become a boy at the age of 10-11, when, instead of the clitoris, a completely unambiguous process begins to appear in them.

Boys, too, sometimes turn out to be not who they seem. Despite the presence of a penis, their internal structure may correspond to the female, that is, have ovaries. It is good if such a pathology is noticed in the early stages, when it is still possible to almost painlessly correct the sex. But if this happened when a person is already used to associating himself with a certain gender, then the situation becomes stalemate. How to explain to your daughter that she is now a son or how to get used to the fact that a wonderful little boy turns into a girl?

Often, such people do not receive proper help and are forced to cope with problems on their own. Depression is a common option for hermaphrodite people. Especially those who, for some reason, cannot undergo an operation to determine their own gender. And if in most countries they try to prevent this even in infancy, then there are those where they simply do not pay attention to it.

who are hermaphrodites
who are hermaphrodites

But you can solve the problem - it is enough to determine the prevailing karyotype of a person and make a correction. But all this requires many specialists, attention and careful treatment.

The true face of pathology4

Hermaphroditism is a rare condition, although it has become increasingly featured in medical reports over the past decades. According to rough estimates, there is a probability that one in 2,000 babies will be born with this anomaly. Many believe that the reason for the increase in the prevalence of bisexuality in children is the poor environment and the wrong lifestyle of most people. Although some scientists see this as natural experiments, which, allegedly, will modify humanity, adapting it to a new environment.

The rarest cases are the manifestation of true hermaphroditism. In this case, immediately at the birth of the baby, the problem becomes obvious. Usually it is expressed in the development of both external genital organs, each of which has no reproductive functions. The vagina and penis, combined together, look not quite developed and often interfere with a full sexual life in the future. In this situation, doctors determine the predominant number of chromosomes and recommend that parents immediately make a correction.

about hermaphrodites
about hermaphrodites

The situation is much more complicated where the problem remained unresolved for a long time. In this case, a person is simply deprived of the opportunity for personal life and often suffers from depression. Despite this, modern medicine is able even to such sufferers to return the meaning of life, it is enough just to determine the gender, go through an operation and hormonal therapy. And although this is a very difficult and painful process, many agree to this, just to get rid of uncertainty.

People with a surprise5

There are many cases where many guys have suddenly developed feminine developmental features such as breasts or a higher pitch. Also, girls' voice could become rougher and vegetation on the face and chest could appear. These can be the reasons for both hormonal disruption and false hermaphroditism. In this case, it is recommended to be examined by doctors and determine the correspondence of the development of external and internal genital organs.

Many hermaphrodites may not be aware of their pathology for many years. In cases where this disease does not occur in its true form, some individuals do not even think about changing something. Perhaps everyone has their own ideas about a comfortable existence, which is why such sexual uncertainty seems romantic to some.

what hermaphrodites look like
what hermaphrodites look like

In the modern world, there are many examples when people with hermaphroditism were able to become famous or achieve certain heights. For example, many are familiar with the unusual appearance of the Australian model Sophia Young. This girl in the photographs does not look like those fragile and feminine dolls that many readers of the gloss are used to. At the age of 11, this girl suddenly acquired male genitals.

It began at the age of 8, when the transformation of Sophia had just begun. Gradually, instead of the clitoris, she developed a penis. Parents renamed their daughter Harrison and began to call her son, but she did not accept this. With age, Sofia was able to find a celebrity thanks to her photographs in magazines. She plans to undergo an operation that will make her a full-fledged woman again.

Or the example of the runner Stanislava Vlasevich, who remained with her unusual features until the end of her life. She competed at the Olympic Games in Berlin and even complained about the winner being a hidden man. But these charges have not been proven. For that, others found it - being already in old age, Stanislava herself died as a result of a collision with a shop raider. Her body was taken to the hospital, where it was revealed that the runner herself has two genitals. Vlasevich kept this secret until her death.

how hermaphrodites live
how hermaphrodites live

No less interesting is the story of the German pole vaulter Dora Ratjen. She won numerous victories in many competitions and was even the "hope of the Reich". However, she was also expected to be exposed. A neighbor on the train, in which the girl was traveling after another victory, complained to the conductor that a criminal in women's clothing was riding next to him.

Dora was grafted, tested, and confirmed that she also has a pair of genitals. But Ratien herself was glad of this cross section of circumstances, because she was tired of living in a female image. She easily survived the loss of all titles and later became known as Henry.

Evolution or Curse? 6

Modern medicine is incredibly developed and is capable of solving many problems now. However, people still do not understand everything that goes beyond their perception. So hermaphrodites have become for everyone the personification of the imperfection of nature, genetic monsters with whom it is difficult to coexist. But in fact, these are ordinary people who were not lucky to be born with such a feature as the presence of male and female characteristics at the same time. Should this be considered a curse?

how people live hermaphrodites
how people live hermaphrodites

Hardly, rather quirks, of which only nature itself is capable. And if hermaphroditism does not carry any threat, then can it be considered a new round of evolution? No matter how fantastic it sounds, scientists are inclined to believe that such an alignment could only be possible if bisexual people had the opportunity to reproduce. Otherwise, such evolutionary changes could lead to the extinction of all mankind, which means that they cannot be considered the next stage of development for people.

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