Why Do Girls Become Lesbians? What Do Guys Do?

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Why Do Girls Become Lesbians? What Do Guys Do?
Why Do Girls Become Lesbians? What Do Guys Do?

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Why do girls fall in love with girls
Why do girls fall in love with girls

Modern society is becoming more tolerant and gives you the opportunity to more freely express your feelings, discuss awkward moments. The topic of same-sex sympathy and love no longer causes panic attacks. However, more and more guys ask the question, "Why do girls fall in love with girls?", Trying to understand the reasons for refusal and their own loneliness.

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Reasons for same-sex lovei

In fact, psychologists identify several reasons at once why girls fall in love or enter into relationships with other girls:

Interest or fashion statement. Physical relationships with a representative of the same gender seem to be safer, primarily because they exclude the factor of unwanted pregnancy. In addition, it is much easier and more accessible, because the parents calmly leave the girls alone, allow them to spend the night with each other. The abundance of information can push two girls to experiment in order to have fun in the simplest and safest way. It might also just be wondering how this is and what you can experience. Such experiments, as a rule, do not affect later life and remain in the memory as a piquant memory.

Traumatic experience with men. Everyone wants to experience a feeling of love and tenderness, but if a woman has already had a case of male abuse, humiliation or violence, she can in every possible way avoid heterosexual relationships. In this case, she is only left with same-sex feelings. A woman for her will look more peaceful, gentle and caring. This means that a woman's same-sex love for a woman takes place as safe. Such relationships can be full of drama, hidden conflicts, and constant feelings of guilt and danger. Carefully hidden sympathy for men, the requirement of constant tenderness and care can turn the lives of both girls into hell.

Deliberate provocation. Some experienced sophisticated girls are well aware of all the delights of both heterosexual and homosexual relationships. They are open to experimentation and only crave pleasure. At the same time, they realize that a man can be seduced by such an experience and use it as a stimulant of arousal. They do not refuse to embody the most secret male fantasies, agree to group experiments and try to remain an unforgettable experience in a man's life.

True homosexuality. A small percentage of girls who entered into relationships with other girls or had a feeling of falling in love with them are real lesbians. This is their natural genetic trait that allows them to feel sympathy and arousal only for members of the same gender. This is by no means a disease, not a pathology and does not require treatment. It's just such a psychology and physiology. Such women try to build relationships with other women, and they resemble a traditional family. They are also engaged in everyday life, can raise children and are full participants in society.

Falling in love with a girl
Falling in love with a girl

What should guys do2

In the case of true homosexuality, the guy can be advised to build only friendships, respect the love between girls, this is their choice. They will not be able to change anything and transfer sympathy to themselves. This is almost impossible, because a real lesbian is not able to perceive a man as an object of love and desire.

In the rest of these cases, the guy has a chance to build a healthy and fulfilling relationship with a girl who has managed to fall in love with a girl.

If this was the first experience, so to speak, an experiment, then you should not take it seriously and constantly remind it. Let it remain between partners as an exciting memory and nothing more. The guy just needs to prove that relationships with men can also be safe, exciting, full of tenderness and passion.

Often, girls love girls, if they have had similar experiments, they become good friends, because past experience has taught them to trust each other. You should not wait for a repetition of the relationship between friends and try to catch them in the moment of passion. If a woman is happy, then she does not need additional relationships and stimulation.

two girls
two girls

In the case when a girl refuses heterosexual relationships due to a traumatic experience, the man should show maximum patience. The very fact that she is ready to talk about it and share her memories should be perceived as a sign of the highest trust. Even if the relationship fails, it is absolutely unacceptable to tell someone, remind or laugh.

In the event that the girl nevertheless enters into a relationship, the man must convince her of his complete safety, peacefulness and willingness to compromise. The slightest coercion, rudeness can destroy all relationships. Sexual intercourse, most likely, did not bring her pleasure or was perceived as a kind of therapy for mental wounds, so you should not be jealous of another girl, but you just need to prove that the guy can also be trusted.

Tips for Girls Who Fell in Love with a Girl3

First of all, you need to think about why this happened. Do you really like the girl or is it just an emergency exit, a secure connection. Was there a traumatic experience or fear of men.

Girl-to-girl relationship
Girl-to-girl relationship

As a rule, lesbians are very sensitive and ready for revelations. A girl can quite calmly admit that she has feelings and ask for time to think, she is surrounded by patience and care.

You should not tell everyone about the feelings that have arisen, so as not to expose yourself and another girl to the condemnation of society and ridicule.

The most important thing to remember is that homosexual relationships in terms of transmission of infection and diseases are just as dangerous as heterosexual ones.

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