Study: Where Do The Loneliest Women Live?

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Study: Where Do The Loneliest Women Live?
Study: Where Do The Loneliest Women Live?
the loneliest women
the loneliest women

In Philadelphia.

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1 For 100 girls 86 guys

This city is full of lonely ladies who cannot find their love.

It is in this city in Pennsylvania that the number of women significantly exceeds the number of men.

What is the reason for this gender imbalance?

For 100 girls 86 guys_100_86

According to the latest data, there are about ninety thousand more women in Philadelphia than men.

That is, for every 86 males, there are 100 women.

Here lonely men from all over the world begin to rub their palms impatiently.

But do not rush to close the article and buy a plane ticket. There is still a lot to learn.

The gender imbalance is so obvious that it is spoken about openly, without hesitation in expressions. Every prominent public figure there is ready to share his own vision of the situation. Take Thelma Kennerly. She runs the kitchen at the Methodist Church in Tioga. She was once asked why, in her opinion, men in Philadelphia are a terrible shortage.

She didn’t stand on ceremony: “Philadelphia is a city of women. Our men are either dead or in jail. But the women are still here. They are the strongest."

This audacious statement is not far from the truth.

Take the under-eighteen age group. Here, everything is different - boys outnumber girls.

girl with a vacuum cleaner
girl with a vacuum cleaner

Take a group from eighteen to twenty-four years old, and the situation immediately becomes sadder.

By the age of 65, this chasm widens even more - the fault is in prison, poverty and violence.

Unfortunately, incarceration actually accounts for 20% of the so-called gender gap in Philadelphia. About 13,000 people are imprisoned in government institutions far outside the city.

In addition, physical activity and low-paying jobs combined with unhealthy lifestyles (smoking, alcohol and drug abuse) can shorten the life expectancy of other men in Philadelphia. The genetic component must also not be overlooked.

air kiss
air kiss

“Women are tougher,” says Janet Chrysan, a nutritional anthropologist at the University of Pennsylvania. “They have better immune systems and tend to survive better than men in any society.”

In addition, men are too careless about their health. “They say:“I don’t need to monitor the pressure, it is normal. And my prostate is fine, and in general everything is okay! " Says Doris Kitt, a spokesperson for a nonprofit serving the elderly.

According to 2017 data, this situation is developing throughout the country - there are about 165 million women and 159 million men in the United States.

Who else is the weaker sex?

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