100 Ways To Affectionately Call Your Girlfriend

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100 Ways To Affectionately Call Your Girlfriend
100 Ways To Affectionately Call Your Girlfriend

Video: 100 Ways To Affectionately Call Your Girlfriend

Video: 100 Ways To Affectionately Call Your Girlfriend
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girl with red lips
girl with red lips

If you like to come up with affectionate and cute nicknames for each other, this article will be useful to you. Here are 100 options that will help diversify your "menagerie" of bunnies and cats.

The content of the article

  • 1 Cute
  • 2 Edible
  • 3 Sugar Free
  • 4 Alter ego
  • 5 Linguistic ecstasy
  • 6 Instructions for use


The sweetest nickname ever. If the term “too cute” is unfamiliar to you, this section is for you.

  • Little wife.
  • Peach (peach).
  • Cookie.
  • My Valentine.
  • Favorite.
  • Angel.
  • A princess.
  • Baby.
  • Juliet.
  • Dream woman.
  • Kitty.
  • Sweetie.
  • My princess.
  • My queen.
  • My Goddess.
  • Cutie.
  • Sun.
  • Beauty.
  • Doll.
  • Fairy.
  • Barbie.
  • Bunny, hare, bunny, etc.
  • A flower.
  • Star
  • Snowflake.
  • Mouse.
  • Kitty.


For couples who love delicious food almost as much as they love each other. Not recommended reading for those trying to diet.

  • Pancake.
  • Donut.
  • Cheese ball.
  • Marshmallow.
  • Marshmallow.
  • Marmalade.
  • Cupcake.
  • Sugar.
  • Pumpkin.
girl with daisies
girl with daisies
  • Chocolate bar.
  • Waffle.
  • Coconut.
  • Bun.
  • Pancake.
  • Pudding.
  • Muffin.
  • Cupcake.
  • Croissant.

Sugar FreeSugar_Free

For those who have a sharp jump in blood sugar from the first section. Nicknames for girls who can't stomach "bunnies" and "princesses".

  • Pirate.
  • Chief.
  • Rebel.
  • Boss.
  • Champion.
  • Lioness.
cherry girl
cherry girl
  • Tigress.
  • Vandervuman.
  • Fox.
  • Sun and stars.
  • The Moon of my life.
  • Ninja.
  • Better half of me.
  • Beloved.
  • Expensive.
  • Dear.
  • The love of my life.

Alter ego3

Notice the personality of the girl that makes her look like a famous character - the hero of a movie, cartoon, TV series, book, etc. The main thing is that she likes your comparison. Otherwise, you will experience the power of the "Hulk" on your own skin.

smiling girl
smiling girl
  • Elsa.
  • Moana.
  • Sleeping Beauty.
  • Snow White.
  • Minnie Mouse.
  • Mermaid.
  • Khaleesi.
  • Tinkerbell.
  • Winnie the Pooh.
  • Pikachu.
  • Bambi.
  • Sherlock.

Linguistic ecstasy4

Nicknames borrowed from foreign languages. Perfect pronunciation will be a nice bonus. Parle wu france?

Girl in glasses
Girl in glasses
  • Mi amor (mi amor) - my love (Spanish).
  • Mi angelita (mi angelita) - my angel (Spanish).
  • Bombón (bombon) - my sweetie (Spanish)
  • Mi Bambino (mi bambino) - my baby (it.).
  • Ma chérie (ma chéri) - my love, my soul (fr.).
  • Mon amour (mon amour) - my love (it.).
  • Cutie pie (Cutie pie) - cutie, literally "cute pie" (English).
  • Sexbomb - It’s easy to guess that this is a sex bomb.
  • Baby doll (baby dollars) - a doll (eng.).
  • Wifey - the same "little wife", but in the language of Shakespeare.
  • Ginger - A popular nickname for red-haired girls, it has two meanings - "ginger" and "redhead" (English).
  • Pumpkin (pampkin) - pumpkin (eng.).
  • Candy (candy) - lollipop (English).
  • Daisy (daisy) - daisy (English).
girl in yellow
girl in yellow
  • Bun / Bun-Bun (ban / ban-ban) - bun (English).
  • Cherry (cherry) - cherry (English).
  • Cookie (cookies) - cookies (English).
  • Boo / Baby Boo (boo / baby boo) is a hard-to-translate popular word for the second half in the English-speaking environment.
  • Sweetheart (sweethart) - literally translated as "sweet heart" (English). A popular nickname for friends and soul mates.
  • Hottie (hottie) - hot thing (eng.).
  • Yummi (yammi) - tasty, tasty (English).
  • Pussycat (pussikat) - a kitty (English).
  • Soulmate (soulmate) - a kindred spirit (eng.).
  • Bella (bella) - beauty (it.).
  • Pearl (pearl) - pearl (eng.).
  • Baby Girl (baby girl) - little girl, baby (eng.).
girl with pink hair
girl with pink hair

Instructions for use5

How to choose a nickname that will definitely suit the taste of a particular girl?

Do not abuse

The excessive use of affectionate words and nicknames suggests that you have forgotten the name of your own girlfriend. Call the girl by her name often.

In addition, not all ladies love "shusi-pusi". First you need to find out how the girl feels about affectionate nicknames and other sugary things. Otherwise, your "bunny" will give you the look of Medusa the Gorgon and, in an icy tone, ask you not to call her that again.

Only your secret

Choose nicknames that mean something special to the two of you. Are you both movie, TV, video game or book fanatic? Stop your gaze on the names of your favorite characters. This will regularly remind you that the two of you have common interests. And the puzzled looks of others will only add spice to your relationship. You will be like two accomplices.

girl photoshoot in the foliage
girl photoshoot in the foliage

Everything has its time

There are guys who are struggling to look brutal in the circle of friends and acquaintances, and their romantic and affectionate personality is released only when alone with their beloved. With girls, everything is about the same. Some people absolutely do not care where, when and under what circumstances a guy will call them "bunny" or "pusy". Others are of the opinion that personal life should be hidden from prying eyes. This must be taken into account.

Secret cipher

You probably have a couple of "inner" jokes and stories that you don't tell anyone. Use this secret information to come up with cute nicknames for each other. They will bring you much more emotion than the clichéd nicknames that every other couple uses.


When coming up with a nickname, rely on the girl's name. If it is rather long and unusual, you can shorten it - use only the first or connect the first and last letters of the name.

japanese woman in sakura
japanese woman in sakura

Almost all people use this method without even thinking about it. You can show a little originality - Elizabeth turns into Lizzie or Eliza, and Alexandra becomes Alex. Svetlana becomes Lana, and Natalia becomes Nat. Well, you get the principle.

You can also come up with a nickname derived from your girlfriend's last name. But only if the girl likes her last name.

Don't play with fire

Funny nicknames should seem like that not only to you, but also to the girl herself. Otherwise, you risk getting an impartial nickname in the circle of her friends.

Thanks for reading the article, honey!

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