Four Qualities You Can't Put Up With In Your Partner

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Four Qualities You Can't Put Up With In Your Partner
Four Qualities You Can't Put Up With In Your Partner

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what qualities of a partner cannot be put up with
what qualities of a partner cannot be put up with

Nobody's perfect. They all have their drawbacks. With you, with us, with the Queen of England and with your other half.

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But there are such shortcomings that overlap all the positive qualities in a person.

Sometimes a partner shows all his insides at the initial stage of a relationship. Others masterfully surprise you when you least expect it.

What qualities and "features" of a loved one should alert you in the first place?

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This is not only about racism, sexism and homophobia. When a person is aggressive towards completely unfamiliar people, this is an alarming signal. This also includes an absolute unwillingness to learn something new, to look at things from a different angle, etc. Why is communication with narrow-minded people dangerous? For them, there are only two opinions - their own and the wrong. They do not know how to put themselves in the place of another person, and the word "empathy" for them is just a set of sounds. Do not expect that you will be able to "re-educate" the person. It's a waste of time.

And besides, such people will go to any lengths not to admit the fact that they were wrong.


Unjustified cruelty and sadism. Is your partner used to solving all issues with the help of brute physical force? Doesn't he see anything wrong in raising his hand to a creature that is obviously weaker than him?

Run from him. Do not justify his cruelty with anything.


With or without reason. There is this type of people who lie even when there is no need to. Why do they do it? Unclear. One gets the impression that they get a kind of thrill from such a game. Small lies become a habit with them.

If your partner lies to you in a big way (family, relationships, friends of the opposite sex, finances, etc.), then it's really bad. Either there is no trust in your relationship, and he does not consider you a close enough person, or he has something to hide.


Self-love is wonderful. But from time to time it is necessary to look back at the people around.

Does your partner think that his interests and affairs are much more important than yours? Doesn't it take your opinion into account either in serious matters or in everyday trifles like choosing a movie for the evening?

Talk to him about it. Threats and blackmail will not work on him. If the egoist loves you even approximately as much as he loves himself, he will make an effort and try to change.

You expressed your claims, but things are still there?

It's time to turn around and leave.

Some people are ready to end a relationship because a partner accidentally ate their yogurt. Others are willing to endure a disgusting attitude towards themselves for fear of loneliness.

Try to find a middle ground.


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