Who Do Girls Go Crazy For? Macho Inferior To Skinny

Who Do Girls Go Crazy For? Macho Inferior To Skinny
Who Do Girls Go Crazy For? Macho Inferior To Skinny

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For whom girls dry
For whom girls dry

There is a widespread belief that women primarily consider so-called "alpha males" as potential partners: those with large jaws, broad shoulders and other masculine features.

For a long time, biologists have been convinced that the female psyche thus chooses the partner from which the most healthy offspring with a good immune system can be reproduced in the future. However, recent research by scientists has shown that masculinity is far from the equivalent of attractiveness.

For example, in one experiment, scientists decided to test whether body weight could serve as a factor in physical attractiveness. It turned out that in fact, in the process of assessing the stronger sex, women primarily use such an indicator as the presence or absence of body fat.

To test their theory, the scientists photographed 69 male volunteers from across Europe. The researchers measured their body fat and testosterone levels. It turned out that 65% of the volunteers had acceptable weight; 4% - insufficient and 30.4% - excessive. Also, scientists have further studied the features of their immune system and antibody response to the hepatitis B virus.

After all the data were recorded, the photo was shown to 29 Latvian women. They looked at the faces of men, assessing their attractiveness. The respondents also had to express their opinion about whether the men in the photographs suffer from obesity.

As a result, the researchers found that in fact, obese men do have weaker immune systems. At the same time, they were also less attractive for women. But as for the masculine traits of appearance as such, they were not associated with either the level of immunity or physical attractiveness for women.

“We found that a man's weight is one of the best indicators of how well his immune system is functioning. Therefore, it can be assumed that the respondents from Latvia in their assessments unconsciously rely on the weight of men, and not on specific features of appearance traditionally considered masculine. Thus, their subconscious makes a judgment about whether the potential partner's immunity is strong enough,”commented Vinet Coetzi, one of the authors of the study.

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