Playfulness Is The Key To A Long And Happy Relationship

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Playfulness Is The Key To A Long And Happy Relationship
Playfulness Is The Key To A Long And Happy Relationship

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Playfulness in relationships
Playfulness in relationships

When it comes to human relationships, the first thing that matters in them is not sex, as many might think. Scientists emphasize playfulness. It is she who is the key to long-term relationships, tenderness and mutual understanding, regardless of how many people are together.

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According to researchers from Pennsylvania, humans can remain playful with their partner at any age, unlike other mammals. They noted that this is something like an injection of fun and romance into a harmonious body, consisting of two halves. The researchers argue that this value is attached to playfulness for evolutionary reasons. And those who show it more automatically seem more pleasant and loving.

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According to Harry Chick, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania, humans and other animals use all kinds of signals to lure their partners. These signals can be tracked, for example, on birds, when they show bright plumage, or on men, when they go out of their way to show their car. But this demonstrates not only sympathy, but also a readiness for a relationship, these signals show that a person is potentially not dangerous, he will not harm. And the playfulness of a woman shows her readiness to produce offspring or reflects her youth.

To obtain these results, the researchers surveyed local university students (164 males and 89 females) between the ages of 18 and 26. Students were given a task - to name at least 16 qualities that they are looking for in a potential partner for a long-term relationship. As it turned out, women most of all value in men a sense of humor, love of fun and playfulness. And for men such qualities as physical attractiveness, health and good heredity turned out to be important. The researchers noted that men chose exactly those traits that demonstrate female fertility.

Be that as it may, such a quality as playfulness was traced in important positions in about 67% of students. Of course, this does not mean that playfulness is the most important quality and foundation for a relationship. However, scientists have found that she acts as a kind of signal for a potential partner, which he regards as a guide. Take this fact into account, and at least occasionally pamper your partner with playfulness and affection. It is likely that this will strengthen the union, bring romance to it.

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