Why Do Men In Stress Prefer Curvy Women?

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Why Do Men In Stress Prefer Curvy Women?
Why Do Men In Stress Prefer Curvy Women?

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Men choose curvy
Men choose curvy

“There is a merchant for every product,” says popular wisdom. In this case, the “merchant” is a man in stress, and the “product” is plump women. As a recent study shows, men who have a stressful life, nervous breakdowns, prefer women in the body. Perhaps this is because it is influenced by evolution.

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Unexpected exploration

These findings were based on a small study in which 81 male students shared their answers. At the same time, men were asked the same question for a long time: "What type of girls are most attractive to you?" As it turned out, their answers were always changing. At one time, the guy considered an attractive thin woman with modest forms, at another - a magnificent lady with immodestly large forms. Moreover, these shifts occurred against the background of mental shocks.

What determines a person's preferences? 2

In addition to the above, scientists also concluded that a person is not born with preferences, they are not genetically inherent in him. It is a flexible and variable quantity that can be influenced by anything. As a scientist at the School of Psychology in the United Kingdom, Martin Tovey, says, stress is the very condition in which preferences change and new priorities are set.

Aside from time frames, preferences vary by location. For example, in poor countries, curvy figures are the standard and attractiveness, since subconsciously people see a wealthy person who can afford to eat well and eat well. And in developed countries, such as the United States, preferences cannot be systematized at all. There is no clear ideal, and many are trying to cult acceptance of themselves and their bodies in any condition.

Thus, it can be concluded that the sexual preferences of each person are changeable. Why are curvy women attractive to men under stress? Scientists believe that evolution has programmed guys to adapt their preferences to the current situation. There is also another explanation. Being morally depressed, men try to look for "their own kind" people. Unfortunately, curvy people are also bullied for their physique. Men subconsciously feel this, and try to give such women comfort, and get it in return.

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