The Influence Of A Woman On A Man - What Does Female Energy Mean For A Man

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The Influence Of A Woman On A Man - What Does Female Energy Mean For A Man
The Influence Of A Woman On A Man - What Does Female Energy Mean For A Man

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female influence on men
female influence on men

Does a man's success in society depend on who is next to him? Can a woman's influence on men change their lives for the better? These rhetorical questions have haunted the stronger sex for more than one hundred years. So, modern psychologists are ready to provide society with the results of their scientific research, and they say “YES!” With one hundred percent certainty.

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  • 1 The power of female energy
  • 2 Psychological tricks
  • 3 Sources of feminine power
  • 4 The era of women in the third millennium

Moreover, what is important, a woman influences a man both on a physical and psychological (subconscious) level, intuitively pushing him towards self-improvement. A little earlier, our compatriots were well aware of the saying - if you want to be the wife of a general, you need to marry a soldier. And this is absolutely true. A good wife who can listen and support her spouse can help him achieve unprecedented success in life. At the same time, we are not talking about exclusively military service, but about any field of activity into which her loved one plunged.

The Power of Female Energyi

It has already been proven that women have incredibly strong energy. Unfortunately, not all of them know how to use it. And, to be honest, not everyone knows how to direct their inner energy in the right direction.

One of the main secrets of successfully using the hidden potentials of the female body is to achieve internal balance. Only a spouse who is calm and confident in her own abilities will be able to distribute her energy in the correct way and constantly “feed” her companion with it.

Hysterical and quarrelsome wives will never achieve such a result. On the contrary, if a woman, by birth, is written to be Bereginya, the keeper of the hearth, deprives her spouse of her energy support, the effect will be exactly the opposite. A man who feels the lack of female support in the family will certainly go to look for him elsewhere. The only question here is time.

In addition, if the energy balance of a couple is disturbed, an imbalance will arise not only in marital relations, but also in the business sphere. The spouse will increasingly make mistakes in the labor field and over time, the lack of female energy support will lead him to serious career troubles. So what do lovely ladies do in order to provide their loved ones with such a necessary "nourishment" for them? for this you need to follow a few very simple rules:

Feminine influence on men
Feminine influence on men
  • Trust your man;
  • Provide home comfort;
  • Find common goals and interests;
  • Control the manner of communication;
  • Restrain mood swings;
  • Emphasize the merits of the spouse.

In general, nothing complicated, but, as practice shows, following the rules of a spouse can provide an incredibly positive impact not only on family life, but also on the business career of his faithful.

Psychological tricks2

In order to properly direct the actions of a man and at the same time not put pressure on him, you also need to learn a little. In no case should you "go too far" and try to put moral pressure on him. The result in this case will be exactly the opposite. On the contrary, having yielded to her husband the primacy in the house, a wise woman points out to him that it is he, who is so smart, courageous and brave, who can confidently navigate the family ship. If a woman believes in the strengths and capabilities of a man, she will convey this confidence to him.

It is this self-confidence that is the main circumstance thanks to which the female influence on men is able to work miracles. You need to trust your husbands, value them and support them in every possible way in any endeavors. It is from his spouse, the only and beloved, that he should feel the tremendous power of love, faith, support.

How a girl can influence a man
How a girl can influence a man

Sources of feminine power3

The unusually strong female influence on men is based on several "whales":

  1. Respect for your man;
  2. The power of thought;
  3. Faith;
  4. Reason;
  5. Cleanliness;
  6. Tolerance;
  7. Ability to be flexible;
  8. Closed body.

It is worth dwelling on each of these points in more detail. A woman's deep respect for her beloved gives her an unusually huge energy potential. This rule should be adhered to even if the spouse does not fully deserve it and does not even deserve it at all. Demonstrating respect for the spouse's side contributes to the appearance of respect from all sides - at work, among friends and relatives, among relatives. Moreover, even his respect for himself, his beloved directly depends on how much he feels it from the side of his beloved.

After all, the worst thing for a man (and this is confirmed by most of them) is the feeling of betrayal on the part of his soul mate, the feeling that she is on the other side of the barricade. Even the ancients noted the fact that the female influence on men is so strong that a wise woman wins without a fight.

Female influence
Female influence

The power of thought is based on a woman's ability to immediately perceive everything that happens on a metaphysical level. The psychophysical nature of the female nature in many ways surpasses the male psychophysical abilities. Indeed, no one doubts the fact that if men are mostly physically stronger, then women easily surpass them on the energy level.

It is this subconscious ooze of thought that allows not only the female influence on men, but also to influence the whole world. This influence is based on faith, meditation, prayers, desires, hopes and moods.

The importance of such power cannot be underestimated in any way. She, as the most reliable shield, is able to protect a man from the biggest troubles. The well-known expert on the Vedas O.G. Torsunov believes that military battles are fought not by husbands, in their mortal bodies, endowed with physical capabilities, but by fragile and defenseless-looking women who, even being at a great distance, create an energy shield around their beloved, protecting him from injury and death.

Women's belief that everything will be fine, belief in their own well-being and the well-being of the family, respectively, creates a stream of powerful force that protects her and loved ones from unpleasant events. That is, if she really sincerely believes in all good things, it will one hundred percent find its embodiment in reality. Following this, true faith in the achievements of the husband will lead him in real life to these achievements. As they say, behind every successful man is a woman who believes in him.

Can a girl affect a man
Can a girl affect a man

The mind and wisdom of a woman should be a combination of obedience and calmness, the ability to remain silent. Inner wisdom helps her resolve disputes and disagreements without quarreling. It is not necessary to prove how right the howl, shaking the air with screams, this will achieve nothing at all.

Women's purity, contrary to the opinion of many, includes not only the purity of thoughts, but also the purity of appearance, clothes and even order in the house. All these points are closely interconnected. By the way, the purity of a man (both external and internal) also directly depends on the keeper of the hearth. No man can take care of himself in the way that a loving woman will look after him.

A woman's tolerance allows her to ignore the shortcomings of her man. Even his bad habits should not become a reason to quarrel and spoil each other's mood. Whatever one may say, calmness and well-being in the family is the most important thing.

The power of flexibility is unique to women. They, like vines, can adjust, understand and accept a man's point of view. At the same time, the process is so natural that it in no way infringes on female pride, does not offend or humiliate a woman. At the same time, men are not inclined to change their decision. Even the calls of his wife to the voice of reason and conscience, logical judgments will not force him to abandon his point of view.

A flexible and streamlined attitude to all controversial issues, allowing you to accept the rightness of your husband, to recognize his authority will work for the long term. The main thing is not to emphasize in any way that the line of behavior was imposed on him, and not adopted by him on his own.

The strong influence of a girl on a man
The strong influence of a girl on a man

And finally, a closed female body. Excessive exposure of her charms is believed to be a sign of her weakness. Glances fixed on a naked woman take away her energy. By the way, beauty is gradually disappearing, as it also directly depends on energy supply.

The era of women in the third millennium4

Esotericists believe that in the third millennium the Women's era, the era of unification, harmonious peace and prosperity, comes into its own. Already tired of the experiments, the Woman will return to her original sources, recognize the age-old wisdom and regain her long-lost position. She will understand her own nature and her destiny. For this, she already has all the necessary potential.

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