How Do You Ask Her To Send Her Personal Naughty Photos?

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How Do You Ask Her To Send Her Personal Naughty Photos?
How Do You Ask Her To Send Her Personal Naughty Photos?

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spicy photo
spicy photo

Technological progress is at an unprecedented level. Taking selfies, immediately sending them to the network or in private messages is not a problem. In this regard, people have come up with something that will help diversify relationships, support them entirely, being not next to each other. Often couples like to amuse each other with spicy pictures from a distance. But what to do when a girl doesn't want to send private photos to a guy?

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  • 1 Identify the root of the problem
  • 2 Photo must be earned
  • 3 How to achieve your goal?

Identify the root of the problem

If a man is personally acquainted with a girl, they have a relationship, you should not emphasize that she is in fact obliged to send a photo of such a plan. No one owes nothing to nobody. It is only the desire of people to become closer to each other, even at a distance.

First of all, you should find out the reason for the reluctance to send a nude photo. Perhaps the beloved has complexes about her appearance or she does not trust the chosen one with such personal material. In both cases, the chosen one is guilty. No, this is in no way a manifestation of feminism - it is worth understanding that there is no causeless action (and in this case, inaction). There is an explanation for everything.

All people have complexes. But some manage to get rid of them if the right person convinces them of the groundlessness of these complexes. When a guy says that his girlfriend is sexier than others, that her body causes unprecedented excitement, a storm of emotions, it will bring her a lot of pleasure, give her confidence. And of course, after such words, she is unlikely to refuse to pamper her lover with a couple of hot photos.

The second aspect of not wanting to send personal photos is mistrust. If a couple has been in a relationship not so long ago, it is clear that the partners, and in particular the girl, should get used to new relationships, understand whether life should be connected with that person. All the guy has to do is be patient. As soon as the "grinding" time has passed, the girl will gladly send her beloved a couple of photos for playful dreams.

ways to ask for sex photos
ways to ask for sex photos

But if mistrust reigns in a long-term relationship, there is hardly anything to help here. Perhaps the partner gives many reasons to doubt him. In this case, the girl's fear for the privacy of her pictures is justified - suddenly the photos will go beyond the limits of this chat, and the girl will have to go through a series of tests before people finish throwing ridicule and reproaches in her direction.

Photos need to be earned2

If an acquaintance happened on the Internet, communication is actively developing, and the guy asks for an intimate photo of the girl as something obvious, a must - we hasten to disappoint the naive dreamer. There are many things in life that we want, but cannot ask after the fact of desire.

For example, you cannot force a person to respect someone - trust must be earned; you cannot get a salary, simply because a person wants it - you need to earn it. Photos of a sexual plan are no different. The girl, if desired, will definitely send them if the guy deserves it.

how to keep intimate correspondence
how to keep intimate correspondence

How to achieve your goal? 3

In order to ask a girl to send naughty photos, you need to find the right time. The most optimal time is before bed, when both are no longer busy and ready to frolic a little. Before asking for a cherished photo, you need to excite your partner, make sincere compliments - this will help her to be liberated.

Guys are often mistaken when they ask their beloved / acquaintance to amuse him with a couple of erotic pictures directly. Brevity is the sister of talent, no doubt, but this rule does not work here. The more delicate, the better. Sensitive questions should not be straightforward.

Therefore, you need to go from afar: start a relaxed topic that smoothly turns into an intimate one. If a girl likes communication in this way, she will help bring it to the desired condition faster.

intimate correspondence with a girl
intimate correspondence with a girl

Then you can take the initiative into your own hands by sending the girl your personal photos. But you should not "amuse" the lady with your causal place (in most cases it causes ridicule, sometimes repulses, and communication breaks off - if we are talking about an unfamiliar passion). It is enough to take a photo without a T-shirt - this will excite the girl much more than erect dignity.

It's also worth noting that nude is not a charity, but an exhibitionistic form of masturbation. Just let the girl know that she is sexy. Ask her to send you a selfie, tell her that she looks amazing and that you can't stop thinking about her. Don't leave without mentioning what you love when a girl puts on super sexy lingerie just for you. Basically, you want to reward her for driving you crazy.

Therefore, you need to be patient if you want to get what you want. To rush the development of events is not an option. On the contrary, it will create tension between partners, giving new reasons for quarrels. When the girl is ready, she will give a signal in the form of a sophisticated photo shoot.

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