"Former" In Social Networks: Keep Or Delete? How To Be?

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"Former" In Social Networks: Keep Or Delete? How To Be?
"Former" In Social Networks: Keep Or Delete? How To Be?

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"Former" in social networks
"Former" in social networks

Anyone who has experienced parting at least once in his life knows this feeling of "standing at a crossroads": to part forever and never meet again or to continue friendly communication. Since the moment when social media became a part of life, this problem has become even more acute.

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  • 1 Delete or keep?
  • 2 Do not go to the pages of the "former"
  • 3 Clear history
  • 4 If you want to part beautifully - don't do it

Should you remove “exes” from friends? What to do with their friends and relatives, who are also included in the friend list? How to keep from watching the news and photos that your ex-love publishes?

Delete or keep? I

This is the main question people who have just gone through a breakup ask themselves. There is only one answer - delete, but not immediately. You need to take a short pause to cool your head, to survive the first wave of anger and resentment.

Maybe this is not parting yet, but only a quarrel. If it's just a quarrel - a chance to make peace when passions subside a little. Constantly changing the status on the page, deleting and returning friends looks very silly.

In general, at this time, it is better to refrain from using social networks, so as not to write and stop communicating with the ex, not to create posts about parting, not to inform relatives and friends ahead of time. For messages and posts written on a wave of emotions, you can then make excuses for the rest of your life.

When you managed to calm down a little and the understanding came that this was exactly parting, you can begin to get rid of traces of the relationship and you need to start by removing from friends.

Even if you parted "in an amicable way" without scandals and mutual grievances, you still need to be removed from friends at least for a while. So that there is no temptation to visit the page again and again, view news and write messages. You need to distance yourself as much as possible from the person.

Former in social networks
Former in social networks

Do not go to the pages of the "former" 2

The desire to visit the page of a former loved one can be so strong that even removal from the list of friends is not able to put them in again and again. This desire must be suppressed only by an effort of will. Promise yourself not to follow the page updates, and keep yourself doing your best. Gradually the desire will weaken, and then it will completely disappear.

Clear history3

If you really want to forget your ex or ex, then it is important not only to remove from your friends list, but, if possible, remove all posts and photos that remind of past relationships. Clean up the playlist if there is music that can remind you of your shared past, plans, dreams, and hopes.

Leave groups where the ex or ex is also a member, as they can start commenting on posts posted in the group. Do you need such a sudden reminder of a person to be forgotten?

It is also better to unsubscribe from relatives or friends with whom the ex or ex is in close contact. If there is “live” communication with these people that goes beyond social networks, it is better to meet in person, explain the situation and say goodbye. If communication does not go beyond virtual reality, you can just write a message or write nothing and leave without saying goodbye.

ex boyfriend
ex boyfriend

If you want to part beautifully - don't do it4

There are mistakes often made on social media when breaking up. If you want to survive parting, and not lose face, it is better not to allow them.

The first mistake is to post happy selfies and posts that parting is easy to go through and a replacement for the previous relationship is found quickly. Even worse posts can be only posting memes on this topic on your wall. All these actions are the same cry of despair, like tearful fasts.

If everything is really good, a person usually has something else to do other than littering his page and news feed with such messages. Therefore, the best option would be to reduce activity as much as possible.

The second mistake is to write “tearful” messages about parting on your page, the page of your ex or his friends. It is also a bad idea to start a public discussion of the personal qualities of your ex or ex and talk about the reasons for the breakup. Such public suffering evokes little sympathy, but dozens and even hundreds of people will be aware of the problems.

How to deal with social media exes
How to deal with social media exes

The regret that the innermost things were made public through emotions will surely come, but nothing can be fixed: what has got into the Internet will forever remain on the Internet. Therefore, if you want to say something to your ex or ex, relatives or friends, private messages are enough.

The third mistake is usually the expectation that the ex or ex will start to be removed from friends first. This may never happen. Especially if their life goes on. They forgot to think that there are people in their friends with whom communication has ceased.

Therefore, it is better to delete without waiting for the first step, especially if the constant flickering of photos and messages makes you suffer and nervous.

Remove ex from social media
Remove ex from social media

Well, if you want to return half, which is typical, as a rule, of girls, then the information on how to make peace with a guy will be useful to you, follow the link.

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