Kissing On The Neck: Where And How To Kiss Correctly To Arouse

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Kissing On The Neck: Where And How To Kiss Correctly To Arouse
Kissing On The Neck: Where And How To Kiss Correctly To Arouse

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Kisses on the neck
Kisses on the neck

People show love in different ways. There are countless ways to express your feelings: how does fantasy work for someone. But in terms of tactile manifestation, there are still limitations: hugs, kisses, sex. If you can hug with any person, and at the same time not get into a mess, then you need to be careful with kisses. Sex is not considered at all, because it is more than an intimate thing.

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  • 1 The meaning of kissing
  • 2 The origin of the kiss on the neck
  • 3 The meaning of a kiss on the neck
  • 4 Neck - erogenous zone
  • 5 How to kiss the neck correctly
  • 6 Kissing spots
  • 7 What not to do when kissing a woman on the neck
  • 8 "So kiss me, kiss with your lips"

The most erotic and multi-speaking is the kiss on the neck. It is so unambiguous that it is very difficult to laugh it off. Except to scatter in apologies. Because there is no other way to smooth out the situation.

The meaning of kisses

Kisses can mean anything: greeting, goodbye, encouragement, passion, eroticism, punishment, prohibition, appreciation. Any meaning can be put into a kiss. People tend to kiss well-known, close and loved ones. Kissing with strangers is fraught with consequences. But, if you recall some politicians, then a three-fold kiss of your interlocutor can even put you in an awkward and strange position.

  • Greetings and goodbyes. Such a kiss is fleeting. As a rule, this is a light smack on the cheek. He does not oblige anyone, does not carry any hidden meaning and is permissible even with a partner.
  • The encouragement is most often directed at children. But it is also permissible to kiss adults in the sense of "What a fine fellow you are!"
  • Gratitude is shown to relatives or close people. It can be for anything: for a gift, for help, for other significant actions.
  • Passion and eroticism between loving people. Well, everything is clear: affection and sex without kisses are impossible. Well, maybe they don't kiss women of the most ancient profession. They don't need it, because this is work, not a manifestation of feelings.
  • Punishment is manifested by the deprivation of this affection, or vice versa, by aggressive attacks. Leaving traces And not just bruises, but bruises. Well, this is already a crime, of course,
  • The prohibition is visible. The place of the kiss is clearly visible, and the mark seems to say that the person is not free.
  • Appreciation is a kiss on the hand. Form of etiquette when dealing with ladies. It can carry in itself a greeting, and a farewell, and gratitude. It all depends on the situation.

The origin of the kiss on the neck2

People are not far from animals, as evidenced by the similarity of DNA with many mammals. It is common for many animals to bite the female by the neck during copulation and thus hold her. This is especially well known from the behavior of felines.

In humans, this instinctive impulse has been preserved to this day. The kiss on the neck is dominant. It shows who is in charge. The female trusts her neck to the male, because this is the most vulnerable place. The male, in turn, shows his power over his partner. The same thing happens in people, when a man holds tightly in his arms and kisses his neck, it is extremely difficult to flutter in his hands.

kiss on the neck
kiss on the neck

A female kiss on a man's neck looks no less dominant. Men who like to walk to the left should be extra careful. Insidious mistresses, tired of being on the sidelines and striving to destroy someone else's family, can leave a trace of animal passion invisible for a loved one, but clearly visible for a lawful wife.

The meaning of a kiss on the neck3

The most erotic and multi-speaking is the kiss on the neck. It shows the true intent of the kisser. And if you can kiss a friend on the cheek without consequences, then kissing your lips to the neck means only one thing: "I want more." You should be as careful as possible in your actions, because such a kiss can be regarded as sexual harassment.

In America, a sensational story is known, as a 60-year-old man could not resist and kissed the neck of a woman whom he had long sympathized with. He got a life sentence, because in the United States, such a kiss is equivalent to first degree sexual harassment. So the poor fellow showed sympathy.

It is meant for expressing special feelings. Of course, if there is a desire to transfer a friend from the friend zone, then the attempt is not torture. And if the lady reacted favorably to such impudence, then you can proceed to the next step. But we must take into account that it is not very ethical to start with this kiss. So it is quite easy to get a turn from the gate, and you can also get a slap.

kiss on the neck
kiss on the neck

A woman should understand that if a friend suddenly allowed himself such a trick, then he clearly does not intend to simply communicate further. He needs something else. So don't make round eyes. The guy is fully aware of what he is doing and knows exactly what he wants. And then it's a woman's business: either "stop" or "let's go."

Neck - erogenous zone4

The neck is considered the most erogenous zone of the human body. Of course, the palm belongs to more intimate areas. But if we talk about the degree of openness and accessibility, then the neck has no equal. These areas can be located anywhere: behind, on the sides, in front. These are already particulars.

The sensations can be very different: there is bliss, and a slight numbness, and excitement, and tickling. Or there may not be any sensations at all. Everything is individual. Therefore, you should not panic if the neck leaves its mistress indifferent. By the way, men are more relaxed about these kisses. You can almost chew them, but it is difficult to wait for emotions. They have one erogenous zone, and this is far from the neck. So do not be surprised and offended if your partner has a bored look.

How to kiss the neck5

You don't need a lot of mind to kiss your neck. But only cocky fools think so. In general, a kiss in itself requires special skill. Yes, of course, everyone can crawl with wet lips, but true kisses are subject only to experienced people. The neck is no exception. Bug like a vampire is possible only on condition of a BDSM session. Otherwise, kissing should be gentle and unhurried.

kiss on the neck
kiss on the neck

You should start with a simple kiss on the lips, then smoothly move to the cheeks or chin, gradually descending to the carotid artery. A pulsating vein will tell you if everything is correct. After all, if the kiss has reached its goal, the pulse quickens. Having reached the collarbone, you can go up and caress the ear, and especially its lobe. Then you can go back to the lips.

Do not touch your neck with bristles. A light shuffle may be nice, but sanding your neck will negate all efforts. Likewise, dry lips. They also do not give much pleasure. Breathing plays an important role in petting. You can move along the neck barely touching it with your lips and warm with light breathing. The action is mesmerizing, making a woman just numb with pleasure.

When kissing your neck, do not forget about the tongue. He is a great lip helper. But it must also be wet. The language can write out such monograms that a woman can simply faint from pleasure. If you include biting and light pinching of the lips, you can plunge a woman into the abyss of ecstasy. By the way, many women have experienced orgasms already during such caresses. So, if this happens, the man can give himself a solid "5". It would be appropriate to involve touching with your fingers. By the way, they can give a signal that an intimate moment is now coming by swiping from the face to the collarbones.

Places for kissing6

The neck, of course, is all open to kissing, but there are places that are most sensitive to affection.

kiss on the neck
kiss on the neck
  • Side part. Usually, a kiss on the neck flows smoothly into the carotid artery. From the ear and down to the collarbone. Near the ear itself, you need to be a little more careful. Here a tickling may appear, and then instead of languor, the woman will burst into cheerful laughter and will not allow her to touch her neck;
  • Kadik. They move to him when changing deployment, so as not to interrupt such an exciting lesson. Here, the kiss is not as vivid in its sensations, but it signals the continuation of pleasure. In addition, it is easy to go down from the Adam's apple and penetrate into a completely different territory. If a woman does not mind, then she will easily allow this to be done and will not move away, well, and there the chest is not far off;
  • The corner of the collarbone and neck. A very symbolic place that allows you to hint at a continuation or, on the contrary, leave a seed for a languid evening;
  • The vertebral part. Kissing a woman from behind, you can count on a continuation. And already very soon. After all, a kiss on the neck from the back already makes a woman almost lose her composure, and her chest asks for gentle touches. In addition, it is very easy to do this by veiling a hug,
  • "Cat" zone. Well, this is the apotheosis of kisses on the neck. We can assume that this is a complete victory over a partner and it's time to move on to other, more active actions.

What not to do when kissing a woman on the neck7

Is there something that may be prohibited? Of course!

kiss on the neck
kiss on the neck

Firstly, "hicks" are under the most severe prohibition. This is a terrible bad manners. Of course, if the partners are members of a closed BDSM club, then, at least, let them open the vein and mend with ugly stitches. For ordinary people, these traces of love are prohibited. Not only will a woman be forced to wear things with a high collar when it is inappropriate, but also outsiders will know what their owner was doing the day before.

And society, no matter how developed it is, does not just procrastinate on the topic of sex, it also vulgarizes it utterly. So do not put a woman in an awkward position, no matter how much you want to leave your marks. If you really can't wait and want to show the imaginary rival that the woman is busy, then they should be placed where no strangers will not be visible. Only, mind you, then do not sulk if a crack comes for such self-righteousness and rudeness.

Secondly, you can not rub your neck with unshaven cheeks. A man is not a cat to rub against a mistress, and besides, it is painful and unpleasant. The skin on the neck is thin and easily scratched, so scuffs in the form of a slight burn to the partner are not needed for nothing and will not please at all.

Thirdly, speaking of the wetness of the lips and tongue, it was not meant that a woman needed to slobber. She is not an ice cream to lick her, and a man is not an enthusiastic puppy to spank her tongue with relish. In addition, saliva has a smell, which, when dry, leaves not the most pleasant amber.

kiss on the neck
kiss on the neck

Fourth, biting is also prohibited. This is the same as a hickey. The bruise after the teeth looks extremely ugly. And besides, there is no need to imagine yourself a vampire. It only looks beautiful and erotic in films. In fact, painful and disgusting.

Fifth, as already mentioned, kissing on the neck of female friends is strictly prohibited. If this happened by chance, for example, at the moment of a kiss on the cheek, the woman turned awkwardly, and “Akela missed,” then you should immediately apologize. Otherwise, the thread of friendship will burst with a bang, and the man will immediately become a potential lover. Painfully, the cervical kiss is insidious. He binds friends in completely different bonds and makes you look at each other differently. In addition, such awkwardness can occur in front of a woman's companion and lead to gloomy thoughts, and then a quarrel is definitely inevitable.

"So kiss me, kiss with your lips" 8

Without kisses, people's lives are colorless. She is boring and insensitive. It's not just people who kiss. Animals, and those express their feelings by licking. And these are the same kisses. Owners of cats and dogs report that their pets tend to lick directly on the lips.

kiss on the neck
kiss on the neck

Many species of monkeys, especially humanoid ones, also have kisses in their arsenal. And it is on the lips. Birds, and they rub their beaks. The world is full of kisses. They are forgiven and they can quarrel. They always and everywhere accompany from birth and see off on their last journey. This is the last thing that the living give to the "gone beyond the rainbow". Whatever they are, whatever importance they attach to them, kisses will always be the most important manifestation of love. But a special role will always be given to kisses on the neck. Their eroticism and unambiguousness will never allow you to be mistaken in their true purpose.

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