What Weaknesses Do Men Have? Or What Men Want From A Woman They Love

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What Weaknesses Do Men Have? Or What Men Want From A Woman They Love
What Weaknesses Do Men Have? Or What Men Want From A Woman They Love

Video: What Weaknesses Do Men Have? Or What Men Want From A Woman They Love

Video: What Weaknesses Do Men Have? Or What Men Want From A Woman They Love
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date at a restaurant
date at a restaurant

The male sex is usually called strong, is it really so? It is undeniable that in matters of physical strength, they are out of competition. But, like any person, men have their pain points. Male weaknesses - what are they? How to use them correctly in order to achieve love and attention from the chosen one? Knowing the peculiarities of male psychology, you will be able to become the one and only. We'll figure out.

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  • 1 Afraid to lose
  • 2 Fear of failure
  • 3 stay lonely
  • 4 Despair of misunderstanding
  • 5 Love for beauty
  • 6 Inconsistency in bed

Afraid to lose

By nature, a man got one interesting instinct. It is also present in women, but it is much more difficult for the stronger sex to cope with it. It's about wanting to be the first among males.

Guys willingly compete for the attention of the girl they like. It also happens that a lady is not at all interested in a man at the first stage of dating. Then other hunters for the girl's heart come into play, and then everything turns upside down for him. Such cases are not uncommon, so a woman should remember how to behave in such a situation.

The first rule is to flirt. If your task is to take over the mind of a particular male, be prepared to flirt. And not only with him, but also with other characters. The main thing in this matter is not to go too far. Male weaknesses dictate him to enter the game and fight for your favor. At the same time, there is a danger of showing yourself uninterested in communicating with him as a windy nymphet.

Such men, as a rule, are not considered for long-term serious relationships. They, like you, want to build a strong, harmonious family. Trust in it will come first. And how can you relax and trust if your chosen one from the very beginning begins to give reasons to consider her gulen.

Just show him that they pay attention to you. This can even be done artificially. Here are a couple of examples that will surely work as bait. Ask a good friend or buddy to play along with you. Let him meet you from work or unexpectedly call.

If there are no such reliable men in your environment, improvise. Everyone now has social media and gadgets. You can post a photo of a bouquet or cinema tickets by signing something intriguing in the comments. The option is even simpler - to pretend that you are texting or calling other men. A colleague at work or a former classmate whom you accidentally met in a shopping center, is the best way to awaken in a man a zealous desire to compete.

By the way, these tips may well apply in the case of long-term relationships. It is no secret that long-term alliances endure a crisis over time. Do you know that your boyfriend will not get angry, but will try to pay more attention to you? Then be sure to try to hint to him on open coquetry on the part of another male.

Male weaknesses
Male weaknesses

Fear of failure2

The next point, which may well be designated as male weakness, is the fear of being left unfulfilled. Men are much more susceptible than girls to public opinion and pressure about income and professional success.

We can dispute this fact for a long time. Today, many women manage to surpass their beloved one hundred times in earnings and career growth. Even if the social paradigm is gradually changing towards equality, this is wonderful. But a man should feel needed and important.

Why should a woman remember such a nuance of male psychology? We can say that now not every guy is interested in creative or professional implementation. Like, they are ready to live on everything ready, neatly hiding under the wing of a steel lady. But most men still adhere to traditional views of the family and their own role.

What to do to make a man fall in love with you once and for all? You can achieve tremendous results if you start supporting his desire to develop. Such a banal truth will save your relationship from a lot of unnecessary quarrels and conflicts. After all, it is so important to go hand in hand with the girl who believes in you, no matter what.

How to be the best for your boyfriend
How to be the best for your boyfriend

Why is a huge number of families falling apart in Russia? A large number of wives simply do not know how to listen to their chosen one. Even if their social status, level of education and much more is lower than that of a man, the lady insists on her own and strives to give good advice on any occasion. Sound familiar? Then it's time to reconsider your life strategy.

A man definitely wants to feel that he can achieve results with his own strength. If you are willing to give support without completely enslaving him, he will return gratitude with great love and gratitude to you.

Stay Alone3

Oddly enough, but a man is afraid to remain alone. Do you think that only girls tend to worry about the lack of serious relationships and the prospect of having a family, children?

In fact, this is one of the most serious male weaknesses. If we are talking about a person who adheres to the traditional outlook on life, the man also wants to be needed and loved. Perhaps it is even more important for him to feel that he cares about someone, decorates a woman's life.

What are the male weaknesses
What are the male weaknesses

Have you ever noticed how much happier are people who not only receive, but also give? Representatives of the strong half of humanity in the same way want and are ready to give their warmth, provide help and support. In return, they dream of getting a cozy home, an affectionate and kind companion of life, cheerful, mischievous children running around a large clean apartment.

It would seem, what is difficult here? Every woman, starting from a very young age, dreams of getting married - take any and marry. But in our world, everything is much more complicated. We fall in love, we are betrayed and deceived, then we are afraid to take new steps towards building normal relationships.

Men are worried about the lack of relationships and the woman they love by their side - this is a fact. Perhaps they come to realize this problem in a little more adulthood. A woman who wants to find a wonderful companion should try to be with him. Not only physically, it is extremely important to find inner harmony. Therefore, develop together, try to find common ground and common interests.

Despair of misunderstanding4

Men and women think differently. This is generally accepted in society, but in fact it is not entirely true. We look at the world through the prism of upbringing and the generally accepted framework that we have learned from childhood.

How to be unique for your man
How to be unique for your man

For example, a boy is told from an early age that he must be strong. What is power in the understanding of society? You must endure adversity, maintain equanimity and composure in any situation. Even if it is very painful and difficult - go ahead, because you are a man. He must be strong, always come to the aid of women.

The boy enters into adulthood rather closed. He was taught that it is the lot of girls to express feelings with tears and breakdowns. And let him control every step and emotion. With such a partner, it will be quite difficult for a woman to build a high-quality mental connection. And the chosen one himself is tormented by misunderstanding on the part of his wife, because he does not know how to speak frankly, mentally, as it is.

In such a situation, affection and care will come to your aid. Show your companion that you want to understand him. Any person is pleased when people are interested in his inner world. This is one of the obvious manifestations of love, which is almost impossible to resist.

The only important point - don't pass it on. If it is difficult for him to get closer, understand that for him this is a completely new way of communication. Doesn't want to lay out everything to the smallest detail? And that's okay. Each of us has things that we don’t want to talk about even with our closest ones. Personal boundaries require compliance, if you break them, the relationship will collapse.

All about male weaknesses
All about male weaknesses

We also do not recommend going too far. Filling up a man who has just crossed the threshold of his home is fraught with aggression and anger with a million questions. To understand is to feel. If you pretend that you are interested in everything, everything about him, in order to become closer, but you yourself do not observe any framework and do not feel his state, the ending is one - a quarrel.

Love for beauty5

Your man loves with his eyes. Remember this for life. Why is this so important? Another male weakness is the girl's appearance. It is because of this that many families fall apart. Let's take a closer look at a fairly typical situation.

At the beginning of a relationship, each of us has millions of butterflies fluttering in our belly. Women are very concerned about their appearance, because they really want to be the most beautiful for their only one. You look after yourself, try to choose the most winning outfit for going to the movies. Your hair is always clean and styled, your hands sparkle with a fresh manicure. You do not allow yourself to relax, which is also not entirely true.

Then comes the stage when two people have already gotten close to each other and got to know each other. You gradually plunge into everyday life so that he, your beloved man, would be comfortable living together. You cook delicious meals, keep the apartment clean, then raise your children. Where is your husband? Has long been looking to his mistress after work.

What happened? For several years everything was perfect, and now he turned his back on you to enjoy another. The point is, you just lost yourself. For a long time you don't want to dress up before going to the cinema. Home clothes are the ones that don't mind. Hair is periodically dirty and matted.

What you need to know about male weaknesses
What you need to know about male weaknesses

Feminists will now exclaim that this is your own business. But we affirm - a man should admire his beloved. And often a complete internal devastation is added to a careless attitude to appearance, a desire to deal only with everyday issues and children.

To remain desirable for your loved one, take time for yourself. When a woman stops caring for herself, giving all her free time to others, she runs the risk of depreciating her eyes, which used to shine with delight.

Insolvency in bed6

Let's finish on the most piquant note. Male weakness, and at the same time the greatest fear of most males, is failure in sex. This happens when he is least ready.

Men really think a lot about intimate life. It is important for them to satisfy their partner, to show their best side. If suddenly there was an unpleasant surprise for both of you, behave as correctly as possible.

Ways to Become Better for Men
Ways to Become Better for Men

This is important, because with one wrong word or joke, you risk breaking not only your relationship. Guys remember such situations, and then come to their senses for a long time. If you react incorrectly, then your chances of further harmonious relationship will instantly approach zero.

So you can support him. And here there are two options at once. Or you just calmly and carefully talk to him. For example, you might conclude that he is tired of work, was stressed out at the last meeting, and just needs a good rest.

Option two, which may not work if the man is very upset about something or is experiencing inner feelings. It lies in the fact that you begin to actively help him achieve sexual arousal. Everything that you both love can be used, including oral sex.

If the second option doesn't work, try to go back to the first scenario. In any situation, you need to treat each other with care and understanding. Men also appreciate such gestures, believe me. He will definitely remember that you supported him in difficult times. After all, many young ladies begin to instill in their boyfriends insecurity. The completely indifferent may even turn to direct insults. This should never be done.

Weakness in men
Weakness in men

Males are very strong and independent males. Public opinion says they don't know the feeling of fear. They say they don't worry and don't feel sad, as girls do. These are all wrong judgments. The stronger sex can do everything the weaker sex can. Therefore, it is also important to treat male weaknesses with respect and tolerance.