A Girl Is A Friend In A Relationship: Can This Be?

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A Girl Is A Friend In A Relationship: Can This Be?
A Girl Is A Friend In A Relationship: Can This Be?

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Over the years, people have been trying to come to a consensus about whether people of different sexes can be friends. On this topic, disputes arise at any opportunity. Some argue that a girl may well be a friend in a relationship, others disagree. Society often opposes friendship between a man and a woman.

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Advantages of being friends with a girl

At an early age, when children still do not understand gender difference, they are great friends with a whole company, where boys and girls are present. With age, they realize who is a friend and who is a lover. For guys, friendship with a girl is important for several reasons.

  • Help. If it's college years, a female friend helps with notes, exam preparation, and homework. Girls take the learning process and work in general more seriously. They can help with promotions and provide practical advice.
  • Fun. The adorable women dilute the male team well, bringing variety and laughter into it. Many girls have a wonderful sense of humor, they know a lot of anecdotes and funny stories from life.
  • Secrets. Young ladies love to gossip and tell secrets. It allows guys to get to know female psychology and personality traits. The girl-friend will clearly explain why the chosen one of the guy behaves incomprehensibly in this or that situation, will tell you which lady suits him in character and in life.
  • Support. Compassion is naturally given to the fair sex. If a guy has problems at work, study, health or in life, a female friend will definitely come to the rescue. Empty chatter alone will distract from heavy thoughts, comfort and advise on how to do the right thing.
  • Tips. As you know, girls are well versed in appearance and have an exquisite taste. If a guy meets a beauty and is going to meet her, a female friend will help with the choice of clothes and toilet water.
girl and boy friends
girl and boy friends

There are other reasons why friendship between people of different sexes is possible. The main thing here is to make it clear to her that things will not go further than friendly relations. Namely, to communicate with her in the same way as with friends of the same sex, write SMS, walk in the company, consult, discuss male topics.

A girl friend in a relationship will constantly introduce a guy to her friends, among whom you can find the very betrothed. If not a life partner, then you can definitely choose a girlfriend for sex.

Virtual Friendship2

Now there are a lot of forums on the Internet, where people get to know each other, communicate, and then imperceptibly become friends. Although virtual friendship is considered a surrogate for real relationships, nevertheless, guys and girls can be friends for years, communicating on social networks.

can a girl be a friend
can a girl be a friend

Over time, they exchange contacts and call up on the phone or Skype, share experiences and joys, send each other postcards with congratulations, discuss their everyday life, and so on. Although there is an opinion that without meeting in real life, such friendship falls apart over time, however, statistics on the Internet show the opposite.

At a younger age, heterosexual friends communicate in interest groups, look for something new for themselves, enter into discussions on forums. Some even set up a mutual money business on the web and develop it for several years. After all, true comrades do not betray, do not plot behind their backs, do not lie to each other. True friendship involves trust and mutual assistance.

Friendship since childhood3

A common occurrence when two friends have children: one son, the other daughter. At first, from the cradle, children are forced to be together, because their mothers are best friends. They grow up together, develop, perhaps attend the same kindergarten, then sit at the same desk at school. Frequent joint holidays, walks, meetings unite the boy and the girl. They create common interests and conversations, a friendship is struck between a guy and a girl.

In adolescence, they begin to fall in love with other people, but their friendship remains unshakable. Growing up with the very diapers, heterosexual friends develop a habit of each other, they become like brother and sister.

is it possible just friendship with a girl
is it possible just friendship with a girl

In rare cases, it can be observed that such friendship from childhood leads to love and a wedding. Not only Hollywood films are made about this, but this also occurs in real life.

Friendship after relationship4

It so happens that sometimes, after a long love relationship, people are forced to leave for various reasons. When the separation was painless, without quarrels and scandals, but common interests and affairs remained, the guy and the girl remain friends. They continue joint meetings with common comrades, celebrate holidays together, not thinking about reunification.

Society is skeptical about this kind of friendship with a girl. Somewhere you can still hear reproaches and reproachful glances. And someone can say in the eyes that the love relationship continues. In this case, it is better not to pay attention to conversations behind your back, because the main thing in a relationship is trust and friendship.

Often, after a divorce, spouses remain good friends. It does not matter whether they have children and joint property or not. Friendship after a long-term love relationship speaks of the wisdom of people. This means that they are able to forgive each other's insults, let go of negativity and continue to be friends, no matter what.

friendship with a girl
friendship with a girl

Friendly sex5

No matter how strange it may sound, there are people who are united by friendly sex. Such relationships do not bind to anything, do not require round-the-clock attention and care. Although they say that there is no place for love and sex in friendship, it is better to trust a friend whom you know well than a stranger.

When heterosexual friends enter into intimate relationships of their own free will, they realize that there can be no claims. They do not send each other love SMS, do not kiss when they meet, do not behave like lovers. The main advantage here is the absence of lies and omissions.

Marital and love relationships involve certain obligations. While in friendly sex it is not. People are not obliged to account for every penny spent, to stand at the stove all day to please the faithful, a woman should not wash and iron a man's clothes. In such a relationship, there is complete freedom.

friendship between man and woman
friendship between man and woman

Friendly sex, by and large, is a road to nowhere. It lasts exactly until heterosexual friends find a mate. Although such a relationship can last for years without binding people with obligations. Many couples do not consider it necessary to end friendly intimate relationships, since they become attached to each other precisely in bed. They know the partner's preferences and desires, which is easier than learning the other partner's habits. Moreover, it is more difficult to break a long-term relationship.

There are also situations when old friends of different genders have not seen each other for a long time, but when they met, they were delighted, talked, and an intimate relationship happened. After that, they again parted, each in their own direction, and the emotions from memories give a positive charge. Often in the future, they start dating just for sex.

Undoubtedly, a girl friend in a relationship has more pros than cons. You can trust her with secrets, ask for advice, and just have fun with the company.

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