Tired Of A Guy: Leave Or Stay. When Exactly Is It Worth Saving A Relationship?

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Tired Of A Guy: Leave Or Stay. When Exactly Is It Worth Saving A Relationship?
Tired Of A Guy: Leave Or Stay. When Exactly Is It Worth Saving A Relationship?
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girl on the street

It often happens that a relationship ends due to a major quarrel or betrayal. This breakup is accompanied by tears and anguish. Less often, parting occurs as if without obvious prerequisites. At some point, the girl just realizes that she is tired of the guy.

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  • 2 How to avoid emotional fatigue?
  • 3 When is a relationship worth saving?

In the daily and hopeless routine, awareness and attention are lost. Discomfort in the relationship appears, which is emotionally exhausting. If earlier any qualities of a partner seemed only minor flaws, today they become an unbearable burden. This rejection of your man indicates emotional fatigue. Let's talk about her.

Emotional fatigue

At first, everything is fine in a relationship, but a year or two pass and problems appear, which only get worse over time. Getting along together is not an easy task. You need to feel your partner, understand him, know when to keep silent, and when you just need to point out the annoying factor. Socks are not in place, dishes are not washed, a tube of toothpaste is not closed - any little thing can provoke an explosion.

From time to time, the woman seems to let go, but the obsession and fatigue from her man returns with renewed vigor. Is there a way out of this vicious circle?

How to avoid emotional fatigue? 2

The bad news is that everyone has emotional fatigue. It is difficult to get rid of it completely, but control is quite simple:

  • The disease is easier to treat at first. Tell your partner about your reactions, what bothers you. Don't wait for the problem to grow to a huge size. In 90% of cases, a man does not even know about women's troubles. Help him;
  • Don't make an elephant out of a fly. If after every fight you scream or think about breaking up, tell yourself stop. The problem cannot be solved in this way. Learn to control your emotions. There is a 48 hour rule. That is how much time must pass after the quarrel to judge its scale. If after two days the problem continues to bother or there is a sediment, then this is no longer a trifle. If you forgot about your "trouble" after two hours, then the next time you better save your nerves and the nerves of your partner;
tired of boyfriend
tired of boyfriend
  • Don't react to his mood. You, of course, are both halves of one whole, but you should definitely not succumb to a bad mood because of this. Sometimes a man does not go well at work or with friends, and a woman, as a sign of solidarity, begins to be sad with him. Stop. We tried to talk, he is not ready to pull his problem out and wants to be sad? You are welcome. Spend this evening separately. Save yourself from burnout. Just don't confuse it with indifference. You should offer him help and possibly find a solution to his problem together. But suffer for a couple? No, thank you;
  • Develop. Ideally, do this together. Don't live in the past, get new interests, go forward.

When is a relationship worth saving?

When a girl realizes that she is tired of a guy, a thousand thoughts are born in her head, tearing her to pieces. What to do in such a situation? Leave or stay? Is it worth saving a relationship that isn't satisfying? In order not to break the wood - the situation should be studied in more detail:

tired of the guy
tired of the guy
  1. You cannot save someone who does not want it. Does your partner see that everything is going in the wrong direction? Did you tell him about it? What's the reaction? If the partner does not want to hit his finger with his finger, then the conclusion is obvious - only a gap. If a man values ​​your relationship and is ready to go to a meeting, then it is necessary to develop an action plan, voice all the problems and try to find compromises;
  2. What exactly is wrong? Try to understand yourself. Don't you feel loved, desired, happy, sexy? Maybe the problem is hidden deep in you, or maybe your partner does not give you enough emotions. Try to refresh your relationship and convey to your man that you need a reboot now. Changing your partner is a sad idea, but it is quite possible to direct you on the true path. A loving man will always hear your requests, help him understand what you are missing in this relationship;
  3. Take a sober look at the situation. Can you change her? What do you have to sacrifice? What price must be paid to get away from this man, and what - to stay with him ?;
  4. Take responsibility for yourself. Don't listen to any advice. It doesn't matter what your mom, girlfriends, friends, colleagues tell you. Only you decide. Don't live with public opinion in mind.
I want to leave the guy
I want to leave the guy

A relationship with a man should bring joy and comfort. If both partners are willing to compromise and seek solutions to problems, then such a relationship can be revitalized. Read more about saving relationships in our article. In the case when a man does not hear and understands you, the choice is obvious. Do not condemn yourself to relationships of the type "if only there was someone" or "for the sake of the children." Believe me, there are many worthy men in the world and one of them is looking for you.

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