Why Doesn't A Girl Want To Have Sex? Real Reasons

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Why Doesn't A Girl Want To Have Sex? Real Reasons
Why Doesn't A Girl Want To Have Sex? Real Reasons
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the girl does not want intimacy
the girl does not want intimacy

Why a girl doesn't want intimacy is an important question for you. But asking her is useless, you won't get a clear, and even more truthful, answer. There are several reasons you need to know to correct the situation in a timely and tactful manner.

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  • 1 Reasons at times
  • 2 Several reasons you can influence
  • 3 Intimophobia or something that is difficult for you to influence

Reasons for different

The first group is not serious. This means that there may be moments of missing. They will pass and everything will be all right. What are the reasons? He looked the wrong way or said the wrong thing, the wrong color underwear, only morning shower, no pedicure and many others like that. They will seem funny and strange to you, but this is serious for her. And it is unlikely that it will be possible to convince. And it is not necessary.

There is such a secret in relationships - not always go forward, otherwise you will be known as a soulless tank. If you move away, give freedom, the girl herself will reach for you. And sometimes you need to freeze up, then he will get worried in general and will take the initiative herself.

Just don't overdo it, act wisely and infrequently.

Several reasons you can influence2

The second group of reasons lies deeper. And here you cannot do with one action, you need long-term therapy.

Tired or sick

Admit it, in such a state you don't want to think about any sex. She may meet halfway, but you will feel like a Gestapo torturing a heroic partisan.

The best thing you can do is rest and sleep. Take care of her, make chamomile tea, prepare a bath. And if you are tired, help with household chores, take care of her. These simple actions will have a magical effect. She will appreciate the care, relax, rest and want you with renewed vigor. With this attitude, the girl will not lose interest in sex and you.

Annoying interference

If she is afraid, for example, that someone will enter the room, then she will not be able to answer the call. Comfort in sex is an important component. Rent a hotel room or negotiate with friends, you can find a way out.

Hormonal fluctuations

Everyone else also experiences mood swings, but some are particularly sensitive. According to experts, 10 to 15% of women suffer from this. So nature has ordered, they can not influence it. So are you. Hormones act in such a way that at a certain period a girl wants nothing and nobody, and at another - very much. You have to accept this rhythm and relate it to your desires. Otherwise, no one will have joy.

Why doesn't a girl want intimacy
Why doesn't a girl want intimacy


If it is not planned, and you do not take any action, completely blaming the problem on her, the woman has a fear of getting pregnant. It interferes with relaxation and enjoyment. And without him I don't want to have sex. And she will find a thousand convincing excuses.

Female psychology

It just so happens that you need sex more than she does. Such is the gender difference. Knowing this, she uses attraction as a way to get her way.

For you, this will probably not be very good news, but this behavior cannot be called wrong. If you go too far, then resist, but if rarely and tactfully, accept the state of affairs.

No romance

Male and female psychology is different, you already know. And when you feel like it, it becomes unclear what is still missing. And we need romance, a peculiarity. She thinks that if sex is on demand, you will not appreciate her as much as you do now. Maybe she's right.

Fear of intimacy
Fear of intimacy

And one more nuance that distinguishes you from each other. A healthy normal man gets aroused at times. A few phrases or enticing gestures are enough. A woman needs much more time to warm up. Why do you think all these candles, compliments, flowers? Accepting this, she is excited at the right, physical, level. If you just attacked, do not expect reciprocal passion.


Sex after a fight is a bad omen. Once, twice, it will not affect the relationship in any way, somewhere it even diversifies, but constancy is inappropriate here. It will seem to you that this is normal, if you made up after a violent quarrel, why not fix it in bed?

We already found out that girls take longer to turn on, but also cool down. You have already forgotten about the quarrel, and arguments are still spinning in her head, not for sex. And if you push, you will run into another one. Remember, after the skirmish, she is not happy with you. Give it time to cool down.

She may be unhappy with many things, but she will forgive you everything. Except for one thing - inattention. His lack of girls is regarded as a lack of love. Then she will consider sexual harassment as use, and you will be rejected.

Discontent can also manifest itself in relation to oneself. If he does not think that everything is in order with his appearance, cleanliness of the body, clothes, he will think about it, which is not conducive to tuning into a sexual mood.

Fear of proximity
Fear of proximity


It would seem, who cares about your actions? Definitely her. If you start dating a girl, then you stop being alone, answering only for yourself and not looking around.

It turns out that attraction depends not only on how attentive and affectionate you are, but also on yourself. If you behave confidently, then she is pulled like a magnet. And if you let yourself bend, do not defend your interests, allow disrespect for yourself, then you lose courage in her eyes. Sexual interest can not only decrease, but also completely fade away.

He may be exhausted for one more reason - you go too far to show her how much you need her. This is not necessary at all. Perhaps another hundred years will pass and the girls will change, while they value strength and confidence. It is not worth communicating with her from the level of the knees, and even more so from the baseboard.

There is only one way out - be a man. This is not rudeness and rudeness, but confidence and calmness in any situation.

Development processes

The relationship between a man and a woman is a complex process. It has its own laws, pitfalls, stages. One of these is the transition from the state of first falling in love to deeper interactions. It looks normally like this: ardor and novelty go away, and better recognition comes, spiritual and everyday closeness.

Why doesn't she want intimacy
Why doesn't she want intimacy

Then sex from chaotic turns into better quality. But if it so happens that the novelty has passed, but the intimacy has not come, then the bed will not attract. Especially a woman, because she is more sensitive to these nuances.

For more information on why girls do not want to give, we read in our article further on the link.

Intimophobia or something that is difficult for you to influence3

The aggravation of these processes is already painful in nature under the name of intimophobia. According to psychologists, this is especially acute for the generation born in the 90s.

Girl refusal to get close
Girl refusal to get close

That is, loneliness is there, but intimacy is so scary that a person avoids relationships. Here is the denial: soulfulness for fear of being betrayed and misunderstood; rapprochement due to fear of responsibility, joint housekeeping, children.

The reasons for this behavior come from a family where there was an overly authoritarian mother and a weak father or his absence. You can only overcome it with the help of a specialist, because children's problems are the hardest to fix.

Why a girl doesn't want intimacy is an individual question and it must be solved in the same order, using intuition, willpower and observation.

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