What Do You Need To Do To Maintain Passion In A Relationship?

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What Do You Need To Do To Maintain Passion In A Relationship?
What Do You Need To Do To Maintain Passion In A Relationship?

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Relationships and routine
Relationships and routine

Most relationships follow a well-trodden path. The behavior model comes down to the same scenario. At first, when people start dating, they are madly in love, want to spend hours in each other's company. But it won't always be that way. According to scientific data, the period of full sighing and hotness lasts for six months or a year.

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Then the amount of sex decreases and you become an "old married couple." While for some people this seems completely normal and inevitable, others do not want to put up with the routine, and are looking for ways to find this problem.

Expert advicei

Fortunately, the process of the extinction of passion is reversible, and it is possible and even necessary to bring it back to life! The authors of The Book of Love, Laughter and Romance, Barbara and Michael Jonas, have collected hundreds of tips from many happy couples in their book to help bring back fire and passion. But first you need to plunge into the particular production of hormones, which greatly affects the sexual sphere of human life.

Inside view2

There is a neurotransmitter, dopamine, which is directly related to emotions. When people fall in love, the level of this hormone rises several times. It makes the person feel energized, energized, and obsessed. All signs of falling in love come from dopamine concentration. Together with this hormone, testosterone is also produced, which is responsible for stimulating libido. And increased libido, as you know, is the hallmark of falling in love madly.

Unfortunately, this joy does not last long. Some studies, in which both newly-married couples and those who have been married for forty years took part, show that, on average, an increased level of dopamine is kept in the body for an average of about seven months, and then decreases, which indicates the end of a passionate and hot period.

How to diversify your relationship
How to diversify your relationship

But don't be upset. When this exciting period ends, it is replaced by a period of attachment. It is also due to hormonal changes - the concentration of oxytocin and vasopressin increases, which induces a feeling of security, trust and satisfaction in the partner in the long term.

The principle of novelty3

And that's great news! There is one more, no less good news - sexual passion can be restored by raising the level of dopamine in the body. How? It's very simple. All you need is to focus on each other, add novelty to the relationship, do something new that was previously unusual for you.

Dating is the key to passion and resurrection of the flame between partners. You must set the date on which this date will take place. In this case, one person takes responsibility for organizing the event, and the other decides exactly when to meet and what to wear.

Routine relationships
Routine relationships

Each of these dates should include three elements: togetherness, fun, and sex. This activity is exciting, and at the same time, it is eerily simple. After it, you will feel how your interest in intimacy with your partner increases - this is all the work of dopamine.

Display the romance of days gone by4

These dates recreate the days when you first started dating, and were intently focused only on each other. These meetings without words speak of a person's love, his affection. This invariably increases the level of happiness and enthusiasm. Even dating planning itself evokes the anticipation of something beautiful, fun and passionate. Again, this is a dopamine trick.

Plan when you have this date. Do them at least twice a month, scheduling them one at a time so that each partner feels like they are directly involved in renewing the old relationship. Planning is critical. When you first start dating someone, you focus on each other. But as dopamine decreases, this concentration also evaporates. Planning helps to renew this concentration on each other.

How to get rid of the routine
How to get rid of the routine

It is equally important that everyone take responsibility alternately. People take turns investing creative energy in relationships, focusing primarily on the pleasure of their partner. By his actions, a person shows how dear a partner is to him. Increased attention to each other and mutual fun, breathe life into your everyday life and turn it into an exciting journey.

Surprises are a common cure for boredom and predictability. Experts strongly recommend that you always find time for each other, presenting unexpected surprises. It is not necessarily something material. Enough new experiences. Physicians cannot explain the role of dopamine in all this, but novelty increases its level, which leads to increased interest in each other. Maybe that's why, when people fall in love, they often say: "There is an inexplicable chemistry between us."

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